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Thomas E. Buster of Omaha, Nebraska

Thomas E. Buster of Omaha, Nebraska

Posted: 974598392000
This is Maxine Buster Britton asking for help with the Buster
Family of Nebraska. I've sent a message out before and didn't
get a reply. So, I decided to post another one. If anyone out
there knows about the Busters of Omaha,Neb. Plese e-mail me
I am working on the family tree for my 5 children. Maxine Buster Britton

Nebraska Busters

Jack Buster (View posts)
Posted: 975085616000

Please tell me what you know about your family and I'll try to help you get started.

Jack Buster

Neb. Buster

Maxine Briiton (View posts)
Posted: 975129820000
Hello Jack: My fathers family are from Omaha
Neb. My father died when I was 9 years old. I
don't know my grandparents first names.I do know
My aunt because Iam named after her which is Maxine
Norman she lives in Oakland, Calif last I heard from
one of my brothers. I know there were another sister
and a brother, but I don't know thier names.
My father was in prison when he died, that is what I was told.
His family did contact my mothers family after he died, but they
told us they just wanted money. You see my mother was dead also. She
died a month before my father of the same year. So, my grandparents
had to go to court to get custody over the five children. This is how I know
about the other sister. She was a lawyer. Well, this is all I have
knowledge of the family. With the exception of
My Aunt Maxine I have spoken with her before but lost the
phone number and she move around alot. I don't know if she
is still alive. Maxine Buster Britton

Nebraska Busters

Jack Buster (View posts)
Posted: 975138008000
Good morning Maxine:

I'm trying to piece together the members of your family from the various messages you've posted, but am having some trouble. So far I've learned that your father's name is Thomas E. Buster and he died in prison in 1968. Do you know anything else about him such as date and/or place of birth, parents, brothers, sisters, etc.? Was he incarcerated in a federal or a state prison and do you know where? Prisons keep records and can perhaps supply personal information on their inmates.

From another message to someone else I learned that your mother's name is Jessie Ruth Carter and that she also died in 1968. Was Carter her maiden name? Do you know if and when she and your father were married? Do you know or can you guess what state or county might have the marriage record?

Who are the Osteens? You went on at some length about them, but I was not able to determine how you might be related to them. I take it they come in on your mother's side of the family, but it's unclear to me just how.

Where were you born? States and counties maintain birth records which can supply the dates and places of birth of the parents. These are generally public records and more and more of them are becoming available on line.

The principal line of Nebraska Busters are part of the main stream of Busters in this country. That is, those descended originally from William Bustard and wife Elizabeth of Albemarle Co., Virginia. The progenitor of the main Nebraska branch is Samuel Henderson Buster, born 1832 in Greene Co., TN, died 1906 in Franklin, Nebraska. He had two sons, Edgar and William both of whom lived out their lives in Franklin County probably in or near Uplane, Nebraska. It's possible these might be some of your close relatives.

There is a secondary group of Busters that may have also settled partially in Nebraska. These are the ones descended from Phillip Buster of Germany who settled originally in Ohio. This group migrated to and flourished in Louisa County, Iowa and some may have also drifted into Nebraska. So it's also possible you are related to this group although it's more likely that you're descended from the Virginia Busters. We won't know unless and until we can find more information about the closer members of your family.

The direct EMail here is My Buster Central website is

Go to the Unlinked section and hit the Nebraska page. There may be some names there that you recognize.

Jack Buster

Neb. Buster

Maxine (View posts)
Posted: 975174364000
Hello Jack:
My Fathers' name was Thomas Elliot Buster,born in
Omaha, Neb. in 1934 I beleive he was 34 when he died.
He was in prison for stealing. So, this probably was a state
prison,but I don't know for sure. I was also told he had a
20 year sentence. I don't know his parents names. Only a sister
Maxine Buster Norman simply because I was named after her. The sister
thats a lawyer. A brother because I remember as a little
girl him visting us,but I don't remember his name. I'm thinking Chris,but I don't
know this for sure. They were married in Las Vegas, Nev.
He was also in the Air Force,because there are five children
we were all born in different states. I was born in San Fransico, Calif
My parents were divorced when he was in prison this is the reason I know
very little about him. They divorced when I was about 5 years old.

The Osteen are my mothers grandparents. I know more about them because they raised me.
My grandmother maiden name was Osteen. She married a Carter, So that is my mothers maiden name
Her name was Jessie Ruth Carter Buster,she also died the same
year my father died it was a month apart. She died in Sept of 1968 and he died in Oct of 1968.
The story goes when he heard she had died he wanted to come to the funeral,but by being in prison
he was'nt allowed. So they said "he died of a massive coronary that night in his sleep. Another thing
you need to know is we are of African decent.
Thanks for all your help
Maxine Buster Britton

Thomas Elliot Buster

Jack Buster (View posts)
Posted: 975534990000

Forgive my tardiness in answering your latest message. IÂ’ve had computer problems for the past week so have not had much time to tend to genealogy.

There is a relatively small, yet significant, contingent of African American Busters. IÂ’ve tried to provide some special emphasis on this group on my website because their genealogy is so clouded. There are also several instances of blood lines crossing color lines; rather unremarkable today, but somewhat more unusual in times past.

One significant group of African American Busters reside in Connecticut. IÂ’ve found many references to Busters there, but have not made any headway in getting contacts.

Somewhat closer to home is the undocumented story of General Joshua A. Buster who lived in Kentucky from 1793 to 1861. The general celebrated three marriages first to Julia "Kitty" Gholson Hayden in 1817 who bore him 6 children, second to Julia Chrisman in 1830 and finally to Lauretta Henderson in 1833 with whom he had a daughter.

Taking a page from Thomas JeffersonÂ’s book, the good general also produced at least one son with a slave named Jenny.

The son was named Jim and he had a son named Garrett. I donÂ’t know GarrettÂ’s motherÂ’s name. Garrett married Sophie Hodson or Hudson in 1835 and had at least four children; Green Berry, Elizabeth, Lewis, and James. I have no information on Elizabeth, Lewis or James, but Green Berry married Mildred Johnson and had at least 12 children; William, Garrett, Elizabeth, Charles, Paul, Rufus, Emma, Lewis, Squire, Green, Sadie, and Ivie. Charles married Rae Bryant and had the following children: Charles, Charlene, Emma, Janice, Harry, Marian, Mildred, and Jack.

ThatÂ’s all I know about this line and the whole of the information has to be regarded more as story than as fact. I got the information from a lady who is descended from this line and who regards herself as African American. Sadly, IÂ’ve lost contact with her and so canÂ’t follow up or provide you with contact information.

All that notwithstanding, this may be your line. There were enough sons produced to carry the Buster line to today and may explain the relatively high concentration of African American Busters that reside in Kentucky.

If I can find that ladyÂ’s name and Email IÂ’ll forward it to you as your may find the contact interesting.

Jack Buster

Thank You

Maxine (View posts)
Posted: 975654273000
Thank you Jack, for the information you provided me with,I will
truly follow up on this. How is it you were able to find all this
out about the Buster genelogy?
Thank You and God Bless You

Thomas Elliot Buster

Jack Buster (View posts)
Posted: 975655413000
Oh, I just work late. :)

Good hunting.


General Joshua A. Buster

Rosemary Shields (View posts)
Posted: 977019010000
General Joshua A. Buster was not the father of any children of his slave Jenny. It was the custom in Wayne Co, KY for slaves to take the name of their masters. I have a record of when Joshua gave his house slave his freedom after many years of faithful service. This man also had the last name of Buster, but he was not his son. If you check the available early birth records of Wayne you will see the slaves births giving them the last name of the owner. This did not mean there was any blood relationship between them.

Rosemary Shields

Re: General Joshua A. Buster

Posted: 998011055000
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Dear Ms. Shields:

How much do you know about the Busters of Wayne Co.,
KY? It appears my 3greatgrandmother, Mahala Buster,
married William Conwell there in 1820. I wish to discover
her parentage.

Gary Conwell
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