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180 male prisoner & prostitute chained couples to c1720 New Orleans?

Female prisoners in early LA

Morris Simon (View posts)
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The Penicault Narrative (translated as Fleur de Lys and Calumet) lists seven ships arriving from France in early 1720: La Gironde, L'Elephant, La Loire, La Seine, Le Dromadaire, Le Traversier and La Venus, all arriving at Isle-aux-Vaisseaux. The author estimates that more than 4,000 new colonists arrived on these ships, and that at least 60 of them were female prisoners from the Hopital-General (house of detention & correction) of Paris.

In a footnote to this passage, Richebourg McWilliams says that "Statistics of the Company of the Indies and police records show that of the 1,215 women put aboard ships for Louisiana between October, 1717, and May, 1721, more than half were prostitutes." [fn, page 240]

Most of them were absorbed by the many large concessions that were established throughout the Colony during the early 1720's. Reminds me of Botany Bay & Australia.


MJ (View posts)
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Glenn Conrad is author of First Families of Louisiana, which
lists the ships lists from that time period. You might check the link for BOOKS on the Colonial Louisiana page. Perhaps it is availble through USL.

180 male prisoner & prostitute chained couples to c1720 New Orleans?

J.A.L.Miller, Jr. (View posts)
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Page 100 of the book "Around & About Paris", Vol. I, by Thirza Vallois, 1995,ISBN:0 9525378 0 X, says: "At the time of Louis XIV, prostitutes captured on the neighbouring streets were kept here to await deportation to New Orleans. In September 1719. 180 male prisoners were brought from the prison of Bicetre in the 13th arrondissement, to be married to 180 women. The couples were then chained to one another and marched to La Rochelle on the Atlantic shores, from where they embarked for Louisiana. Did they arrive? On what ship? Does a roster exist of these 360 New Orlean's pioneers? Jim, Charlotte, N.C.

Louisiana Ladies From France

J.A.L.Miller, Jr (View posts)
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Great answer, thanks. Do ship's rosters of these prisoner and prostitute pioneers exist? Yes, the Ausies are proud of their prisoner pioneer ancestors. Jim

Female prisoners in early LA,

mike LeConey (View posts)
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Whoa! My mothers' family arrived on the LaLoire. It is unimportant(at least today)but he was a titled French Nobleman. My family has been attempting to force the French Courts to recognize our claim to his title since the 1920s'(wish us luck). My point is only that it is important that people studying La.history know the facts about the people that settled and created French America. Historical data overwhelming suggests that EVERYONE (no matter what their background), came to the "New World" to find a "new life". That certainly was the case with Sr.Jean LaBedoyere Huchet deKernion. His father told him that under then existing French Tradition he had to become a Priest. He effectively said "No Thanks" and left for La. Regards,mml

Passenger Lists

Judy Riffel (View posts)
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To elaborate on MJ's response of July 23rd, some of the passenger lists for the period 1717-1724 have been published in volume I of Glenn Conrad's First Families of Louisiana. Additionally, you will find some listed in an article entitled "The Balene Brides: A Missing Ship's Roll for Louisiana, 1721" in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Dec. 1987, vol. 75, #4, pp. 303-305.

LA in the 1720s

Sylvia Bisnar (View posts)
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The 1721 Census of New Orleans lists my ancestor HENRY BUQUOIS as a miller. He was aka PLAISANCE. The 1727 Census lists him with a wife and child.
He married CHARLOTTE TEVENARD Before Nov 24, 1721 in New Orleans. She was from La Rochelle and at age 21 was in the poorhouse since age 10. She arrive in LA aboard the MARECHAL DE VILLARS.
I am searching for how, when and from where HENRY BUQUOIS arrive in Louisiana.

orders from the king

j. craven (View posts)
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on may 27,1719 by orders from the king the ship marie commanded by m. japye set sail from la rochelle to louisiana on board were all of your thieves and smugglers . in the ladner book they say tht christian ladner came to u.s. and that pass christian was named after him .but the reason he came was by order from the king. at age 20 he was arrested for being a tobacco smuggler and sent to la. on that ship. who says crime does not pay.

Ship Research Sources

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Will someone advise the sources where I may find the names of ships/passenger lists arriving in Louisiana in the 1720s. I am trying to determine when the HUET family came from France. Guillame HUET, wife and 4 children show up on a census dated July 1721 over on Dauphin Island in Mobile County. I believe HUET may have been involved with the Company of the Indies and brought his family to New Orleans first, then later going over to Mobile in 1721. I have found two sources - The First Families of Louisiana, Volumes I and II, by Glenn Conrad; however, HUET is not in either of these volumes. If there are other sources that contain the names of ships and passengers arriving in New Orleans between 1715-1721, please advise. Thank you.

Re: LA in the 1720s

gloria lazard (View posts)
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Plaisance was (is a place in the dominican republic) Haiti. My ancestors were french planters who had a plantation there and one eventually had a plantation in central la. called Plaisance. I believe it means pleasant.
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