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Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Posted: 1325106825000
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I've created a Family Tree and I want to merge it with another. Both Trees view fine in MacFamilyTree (MFT) but when I merge I get "ghosts" and wrong links across families and generations, families drop out to individuals etc etc. I went back to each tree and exported GEDcom files for each and re-opening in MFT one views fine but the other has ghosts and bad links. I don't know why it looks great in MFT but after exporting to GEDcom and reopening alot of the linking is completely wrong. The Makers of MFT are taking their time replying. Are there any vaildators/verifyers that can check code for errors. I've looked at it in BBEdit (a text editor) and can't see any problems, but obviously there's something wrong somewhere. I'd really hate to have to retype all these records!! Any advice? Thanks!! Jim

Re: Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Posted: 1325120317000
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When you merged the two GEDCOMs did you check to see if the XREF fields for the individuals, families and sources had any duplicates?

Normally you can't just append the two GEDCOM files together and get one working GEDCOM.

See if you can find two:

0 @I1@ INDI record in the file.

A GEDCOM validator may not catch duplicate XREF data.

Re: Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Posted: 1325124652000
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thanks kj_norway, I did make the assumption that MFT would make the necessary database changes itself, but as the Merge was failing I did make sure the imported GED had all unique identifiers across the board - still got exactly the same result: "ghosts" and inter-family, inter generation "random" linkage...

Re: Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Posted: 1325134902000
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I am not familiar with Mac Family Tree Maker(MFT)but in GEDCOMs the XREF of an individual is found in the FAM record and the XREF for the family is found in the INDI.


0 @I1@ INDI
1 FAMC @F2@ <= Family where individual #1 acts as a child.
1 FAMS @F1@ <= Family where individual #1 acts as a spouse.

0 @F1@ FAM
1 HUSB @I1@

0 @F2@ FAM
1 CHIL @I1@

I only say this so that you are sure that you set it up correctly. I am told that a program called GEDCOMit may be of help to MAC users. It only works on MAC, I'm a PC :-D

Re: Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

Posted: 1325172259000
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Thanks again.
Yes all the records are set-up correctly - before I started using MFT I hand coded all my Gedcoms, which is why it's so frustrating - I can see perfectly good code in a text editor, and each separate gedcom loads perfectly but merging them creates havoc - I guess I'll need to do a manual merge and see what results I get.
(I googled GEDCOMit and didn't turn up any (useful) links to software - do you know who makes it?)
Thanks again!

Re: Validating/Verifying GEDComs?

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