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Thomas BEANE, f/o Henry b. 1745 PA > Wytheville VA m. Anna KRIEGER > Preble Co. OH

Thomas BEANE, f/o Henry b. 1745 PA > Wytheville VA m. Anna KRIEGER > Preble Co. OH

David Noyes (View posts)
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Surnames: Beane, Krieger
Am searching for information on Thomas Beane, father of Henry Beane who was born in Pennsylvania in 1745. Henry lived in Wytheville Va. where he marrried Anna Krieger. In the early 1800's they moved to Preble Co. Ohio.

Re: Thomas BEANE, f/o Henry b. 1745 PA > Wytheville VA m. Anna KRIEGER > Preble Co. OH

Kerrie Lynn Robinson White (View posts)
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Surnames: Bean, Beane, Robinson, Knight, McCoin, MacBean
I may have a clue to your question also from Bernie Bean's "The Life and Family of John Bean of Exeter." The problem is: I just realized pages 712 through 754 are missing, which cover the time in which you place your query. However, on page 711, Bernie Bean does note, "We have been unable to trace the family line of Thomas Bean. He d. at Brentwood 10-16-1756 and his wife d. there 7-11-1756." I am not sure whether this is the "Thomas Beane" to whom you have referred. I am not sure where my father, who gave me this small tome, got it, but I would be very happy to send to you a copy of the pages I do have if you would like. Plus, you may wish to contact my father's widow, Linda Lee Snyder Robinson, his second wife. She may have a more complete version of Bernie Bean's work. Also, my two half-brothers (John David Robinson and Dwight Keith Robinson) or gagillion raspy-voiced uncles may be of some help. Please let me know if you would like me to follow up further regarding this matter. It would be my priviledge.

I just discovered this site and am very excited about it. My great grandmother was Alice Bean, who married Isaac Robinson and helped settle Canada. They bore Franklin Isaac Robinson, who married Nora Knight (I believe in Tulsa, O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, sure, you remember the song) and sired many sons, one of whom was my father, George Arvin Robinson. From Dad's side of the family, I have one sister, one deceased brother, two half-brothers, three daughters with the last name Paul from my first marriage, and one three-year-old granddaughter. My father and brothers lived in Baton Rouge, LA, where we children from the first marriage visited every summer until Dad died. My sister and I pretty much have lived in Las Vegas, NV, since 1969 or 1970, after my mother, "Judy" Vera Marie McCoin, ran away from her abusive second husband in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My father was born in Tulsa, I believe. At least he lived, was reared, and was schooled there. Then he married Mom, and I and my deceased brother (Paul Kelly Robinson) were born there. After this, the family moved to Baton Rouge, where my sister (Dana Denise Robinson) was born, and Mom and Dad ended up divorcing. We first three children ended up in Tulsa during the winters and in Baton Rouge during the summers. Then Mom dragged us out here, which was great as long as Elvis was alive and peformin here. But we all know how that ended, and Las Vegas really has changed -- in my book, not for the better.

Dad achieved wonderful success in Africa during the last 20 years or so of his life. The bad thing, though, is that he died because of complications after finally contracting malaria -- after all those years. I miss him so much. Perhaps that it why I am thinking regularly on the geneology his direction.

Anyway, I hope to have communicated these two messages today in a correct manner. And it would be great if I have been able to give you some kind of lead in your search.

Whoever is in charge of this site: Please forgive me for any mistake in etiquette.

It will be so exciting to read all the messages when I get time. As mentioned, the MacBean part of my heritage has been teasing my thoughts for several months now.

Kerrie Lynn

Henry BEANE b. c1760-65 s/o Thomas BEANE, or John Smith BEAN

David Noyes (View posts)
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Surnames: Beane, Bean
Kerry, thank you for your reply and info. Since posting this query I have found Henry's birthdate to be anywhere from 1745 to 1776. The most probable seems to be between 1760 and 1765. Also there is some doubt as to whether Thomas is his father. John Smith Bean (who it appears was decended from King James II by way of his illegitimate daughter Mary Stuart) has been suggested as Henrys father however that has not been proved. From your msg. it would seem your branch of this large and mobile family came by way of New England or even Nova Scota. Other branchs settled all along the eastern seaboard as far south as Jamaca.

Re: Thomas BEANE, f/o Henry b. 1745 PA > Wytheville VA m. Anna KRIEGER > Preble Co. OH

David Noyes (View posts)
Posted: 1060094824000
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One very helpful resource is You can contact me at This is a very intresting family to be involved with. Thanks for the offer re. the book

Henry BEANE, son John Henry, grandson Thomas Jefferson BEANE

Steve Beane (View posts)
Posted: 1097360197000
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Surnames: Beane
Although I dont have info on Henry Beane, I do have a picture of (his son) John Henry of Va (b.1826), and John Henry's son Thomas Jefferson Beane (b 1858) of OH, if you're interested. I also have a picture of a tombstone for John Henry. my email is or
I also have attached an old photo that could be a beane (the 3rd one) but no one knows for sure. I see some family resemblances.

Re: Henry BEANE, son John Henry, grandson Thomas Jefferson BEANE

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Surnames: Beane, Camp
Henry Beane is my 5th GGrandfather. Is the photo of John Henry Beane the fellow who married Sally Camp? If so, and you have their children names, I would love to communicate with you and get that info. My email address is
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