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New information

New information

Shad Walkinshaw (View posts)
Posted: 940519515000
Here is the info I promised. I found out a lot since I last posted.
My Great Great Grandfather was Glascow Walkinshaw from Scotland. He married Mary Scott from Ireland. They had around 7 to 8 children and came to America to Nebraska (?).
The 2 youngest were my Great Grandfather James Henry Walkinshaw and Mary Walkinshaw. Mary Scott Walkinshaw died shortly giving birth to Mary of dyptheria. Since the family was big,Glascow gave away James and Mary to 2 local families. The only other brothers and sisters that I could find information on were, Samuel and Lameul (twins), and Maude Blackwell. The twins lived in California and Washington. Maude lived in Kansas. All of the other's I have no info on, they all departed to differn't states.
James Henry Walkinshaw married Faith Rosina Burnett. They had 5 children Katherine Schwinger, "Bud" Burnett Walkinshaw, Steven Author Walkinshaw, Scott Eugene Walkinshaw, and my Grandfather, James Kermit Walkinshaw. They are all deceased except for, Scott (Kansas) and Steven (oregon). Katherine lived in Kansas and James Kermit and Bud lived in Colorado.
Besides the imediate family that is all the information I have on the Walkinshaw family. If any of this info is close to anybody elses, please e-mail me. The following information is a family crest that was researched in England from the General Armory page, 1066 AD. It is a brief discription of the meaning of the crest, I wish I could put a picture on, but guess we have to use our imaginations.

Walkinshaw Family Crest
Ilk, County
Renfrew, Scotland

We were hereditary foresters to the high stewards for the Barony of Renfrew, hence their armorial supporters," Two foresters in long gowns", From the lands of the same name in Renfrewshire
Circa 1235 (official discription)

My Discription

Two foresters in long gowns holding axes on each side of a shield. The shield has a forest painted on it and above the shield is a helmet of armor with a black and white bird sitting on top. Below the shield is a gold ribbon with our family moto, "In Season".

I hope this information was helpful to someone out there. Again if you have any more info on this family, please e-mail me.
Thank You, Shad Dean Walkinshaw

JoAnn Walkinshaw

Terri Gockley (View posts)
Posted: 958293319000
Hi I am looking for JoAnn Walkinshaw. She grew up in Troy NY in the 50's. Any information you might have as to her whereabouts would be very useful. Thanks

Glasgow Walkinshaw

Posted: 976718407000
Edited: 1136239729000
"Uncle Glas" was my Grandfather's uncle. If you still want info about him, write me.


shad walkinshaw (View posts)
Posted: 982066804000
Sorry for the delay in reply.... I am not sure that the info I gave is correct. All I know is that he had brothers who all went their seperate ways. I am related to one of his sons, James Kermit Walkinshaw (grandfather), who married Emogene Showers. They lived in SE Colorado most of their lives. I know that most of the brothers moved to western United States. Any info would be great..Thank you, Shad

Walkinshaw Family

Lana (View posts)
Posted: 991446207000
I am the Great Grand daughter of Arthur Glasgow Walkinshaw. Looking for family info and have some to share on the members who came to Oregon.

Re: New information

Sue Walkingshaw (View posts)
Posted: 1035231921000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Walkingshaw
Hi Shad-I am Sue Walkingshaw, married to David Walkingshaw whose father is William Walkingshaw and late Grandfather was Willam Blackwell Walkingshaw and late Grandmother was Elizabeth Walkingshaw. Though Dave's grandparents were Irish his Grandad always maintained that they were a scottish family. Just wondering if we have any connection. I don't know too much about the wider family as obviously I married into it but just the Blackwell bit struck a chord!


Re: New information

Posted: 1048280565000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Walkenshaw, Walkinshaw, Walkingshaw
I din'y have information on your specific family bu I am a walkenshaw. My Great grandfather, his brothers and their mother immigrated to the USaround the time of the civil war or later.Their father had died in a coal mine in Galsgow. They settled in Pennsylvania and my grandfather and aunt were born in Imperial PA just outside Pittsburg. My grandfather often spoke of his grandmother speaking a language diificult to understand,i.e."I denna Can": I do no know. I am interested in how to trace their journey back to Scotland through steamship records and linking up to the rest of the family in Scotlnad. I believe that our name may have been changed in spelling when the family entered the US Any ideas on how I could dothis?

Re: New information

Posted: 1312824727000
Classification: Query
Have you had any luck getting a picture of the
family crest.
If so, it can be scanned and posted.
In that I am a Walkinshaw descendant, I would be most interested in a copy.
If you do not have one, can you share some contacts that might?

Re: Family crest information

Posted: 1312825096000
Classification: Query
Have you had any luck getting a picture of the
family crest.
If so, it can be scanned and posted.
In that I am a Walkinshaw descendant, I would be most interested in a copy.
If you do not have one, can you share some contacts that might?

Re: Walkinshaw Family

Posted: 1328801432000
Classification: Query
Good day. I noticed a post of yours on Ancestry.UK.. I have a John Walkingshaw, born c. 1781 Ireland (likely near Derry) who married a great aunt of mine (Margaret Glasgow, dau. John Glasgow & Mary Arthur).

I'm wondering whether this Walkingshaw ties into yours? His parents may have been John Walkingshaw & Mary Henry. I also wonder whether his family was from the same John Walkingshaw of Glasgow, the Jacobite?

I have been trying to take my Glasgow's back without luck for many years. Perhaps pursuing the periphery will help!

Robert Arthur Glasgow IV
Fredericksburg, VA
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