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Dianne Teague (View posts)
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I am seeking information on HENRY TURNIPSEED who married ELIZABETH DEEDS in August Co., VA on Dec. 9, 1811. They moved to Ohio and had four children (that I know of) and utlimately moved to Indiana. I would also like the death info on HENRY HARRISON TURNIPSEED who married HESTER SOPHIA MIDDLEKAUFF in Miami Co., IN on May 4, 1863.

Turnipseed marriage

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Did you find any other Turnipseed marriages in Augusta Co. (or elsewhere)? I am looking for the marriage of Eva Ann/Anna Eva Turnipseed/Reibsamen to Henry Keister sometime before 1814. They lived by then in Columbiana Co. OH. She was the daughter of Adam Reibsamen/Turnipseed, a Hessian soldier who stayed and married a Maryland girl.


Dianne (View posts)
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I have not been able to move past the Turnipseed, Henry that married in Virginia. I can't seem to find his parents although there was a cluster of them in Ohio that I am trying to connect. I am sure that they were related since they lived so close together, but putting the relationships together is not easy. I will keep you posted on any updates that I come up with.


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Diane - If Henry is the one who married in VA and d. Carroll Co. OH, e-mail me with details you have on him. I think I have the connection to the others in my messy files.

Henry Turnipseed

Dianne Teague (View posts)
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Sorry that it has taken me this long to get back with you. I go in spurts on working on my line since I work outside the home. Anyway, this is the information that I have on Henry.

The information that I have is that he married Elizabeth Deeds in Augusta Co., Va. They never showed up on any census records in Va., but in Ohio there was a Henry Turnipseed in Fayette Co. on two census. Also, a Henry Turnipseed's widow had court records in the same county in 1831 (I believe that he died that year or 1830) having four children. These same people showed up in Indiana and are my direct line. What I am needing to know is who was Henry's father? I can't seem to find any information to date with where he came from other than Virginia. There was a Daniel Turnipseed married in the same county 2 years later so I am assuming that he was a brother, but no other names show up which reflect parents. If you do have info, I would appreciate it.

Henry Turnipseed

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Dianne - This seems to be a different Henry Turnipseed than I have data on. Yours may have come from the South Carolina ones. I will check through my file further.
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I see that you have info on Turnipseeds in Va Oh. I am interested in those too. My husband's Grgrandmother was Casandra Turnipseed b. April 9,1826 in Va (Augusta Co) and she married Wm Patton (also from augusta co Va in Fayette Co Oh She had a sister Frances who also married John Patton a br of Wm. We are trying to find her parents. we are pretty sure she had a sister Jenetta who also married a Patton And a Margaret who also married a Patton. Can you give us any help? Thanks


Dianne Turnipseed Teague (View posts)
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Mrs. Pulley,
This may be a duplicate as I got cut off!!! Anyway I will start again. What I have found to date on the Va. and Ohio Turnipseeds is as follows: Henry Turnipseed (I believe to be my line) married an Elizabeth Deeds in Augusta Co., VA in 1811. I believe that they moved to Ohio (then the Virginia Military Territory) and ultimately Elizabeth (I believe that this Henry died around 1830 to 1831 in Fayette Co., Ohio) and her children moved to Indiana where they were the first Turnipseed family there. My Great Grandfather moved to Arkansas from there and my Grandfather to Oklahoma where I reside. As for Daniel, I found that he married a Catharine Peters on November 1, 1816 in Augusta Co. On the Muster Rolls of the War of 1812, Daniel is listed in the Battalion of Art'y (1813-14), Virginia Mil. as a Private. I also found a Daniel Turnipseed on the 1830 census in Augusta Co., VA. I think that there was a Daniel Turnipseed in Ohio also, but I am not sure if he is the same one. I am not finding the information that I am wanting regarding that. I have checked the census info that I have for Ohio, and I am not finding a Daniel listed, but I have read where that name was listed in Ohio.
I would love to find out if Henry and Daniel were related. I think that they may have been brothers, but can't confirm that. I am really wanting to find out Henry's parents as this would put me closer to those who came over from Austria/Switzerland. This is only one to two generations away from that.
I have also found info that you may already have regarding two of the Patton/Turnipseed marriages. I will include it just in case you don't have it.
George Patton/Janetta Turnipseed married October 22, 1835 in Augusta Co., VA.
Thomas J. Patton/Margaret Turnipseed married September 26, 1839 in Augusta Co, VA.
If you find out more, please let me know and I will do the same. Happy searching!!

Henry Elizabeth (Deeds) Turnipseed

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I have six pages on them and their children in OH and IN (census, deeds, marriages, etc.) from MEHR SAMEN by Merle Turnipseed. No ancestor of Henry given. You may already have this data, but I could copy and snail-mail it to you, if you want.

Henry Elizabeth

Dianne Teague (View posts)
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Theresa Rost, another reseacher, just sent me a copy of Merle Turnipseed's book. I have scanned it and did find the information that you were referring to. I already had most of it from my on personal research--his book would have saved me a lot of time, but not the intrigue! I do appreciate your time in looking this up for me though. Henry is where I am stuck as I cannot find his parents. I am believing for a breakthrough and am having fun meeting new people also in the search. Thanks for working on this for me and if I can be of help to you, let me know.
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