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Redner Family, Tompkins Cove, NY

Redner Family, Tompkins Cove, NY

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I'am looking for decendents of my great grandfather Robert Delano Redner, DOB Approx. 1880, married Maryellen Teneck (Not sure if thats the correct spelling). One daughter born in 1903, Hester Adelia, who married George Adolph Lillman, after having sixteen children, eleven whom lived relocated to Paterson, NJ. Children as follows, Elsie Perini, Edith Conklin, Amy Lunn Burger, Georgeina Clark Rotenberg, George Lillman, Walter Lillman, Hester Lillman Conklin, Joan Lillman Barney, Gloria Lillman Kubisky and Edward Lillman.


joyce wiertz (View posts)
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i am looking for any information on my great grand mother. her married name was hester lillman. She from what i was told was a full blooded indian. She belonged to the tuscarora indian tribe. She married my great grandfather george lillman. My grandfather was john lillman and he married a woman named gloria smith. They had 7 children peggy lillman, lester lillman, gloria lillman, hester lillman (who was supposed to have been named after my great grand mother) john lillman jr, janet lillman, and my mother susan lillman.
any and all information that you have concerning my ancesters would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time

joyce wiertz

There is a little bit of a correction

loretta wiertz (View posts)
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Hester Adelia Redner Lillman who was my great grandmother had a total of 18 children and only 16 of them survived. Of what I have seen all is correct but the number of children. One of the children that Hester had was my grandfather John Adolph Lillman. I am looking to find out for sure if Hester Adelia Redner Lillman was a full blooded native american or not. I do think also that you have my grandfathers wife listed as one of Hester Adelia Redner Lillmans children. I also have to admitt that I do not know if Maryellens last name is spelled correct or not. I would appreciate any information that you could give me. Thank you for your time and all the work you have done so far. I would like to see what information you have on the Redner liniage if possable.

Lillman family

Mary Lillman (View posts)
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Hi, I stumbled upon your message board. Edward Lillman is my father-in-law. His youngest child, Henry, is my husband. Some of the other siblings you have listed are relatives that I know of.

Re: lillman

lillman (View posts)
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I am a cousin of yours.My father is edward lillman which is the brother of your grandfather john. George is my Grandfather , Hester is or was my grandmother who passed away before i was born and i am 32 years old.

Re: There is a little bit of a correction

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Dear Lorretta,
There is no correction needed I know exactly who your grandmother Gloria Smith is. I certainly would not mix her up with the original Lillman Family. Your grandmother had two brothers I think they called one ot them Junior. Robert Delano Redner was not an Indian Chief. I was fortunate enough to know him as a child. Your grandfather had 7 sisters Elsie, Amy Elizabeth, Edith, Georgeinna, Hester, Joan & Gloria and 3 brothers George, Walter, and Edward. John was the second youngest son and a good man. If there is any Indian in our family it would be on Grandpa Redner's side and that will be hard to prove. Grandma Lillman as I understand was an only child. I remember when all of your aunts and uncles were born including Lester. Sorry I can't help you to fame and fortune.

Re: Lillman family/Lillman

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To anyone who now comes across this line I once posted under the name Loretta Wiertz. I have since gotten married and my name is now Loretta Robbins. I have been doing more research on our family and am still looking into much. I hope to find more soon. To the person grass12, I am finally after all these years getting the information that you posted was very helpful. Stranger still to find someone whom remembers seeing me as such a young child and that knew both my mother and father. I would love to be able to contact you or touch bases with you should you still be around to find this post. If not anyone who might find this that is connected to you and knows of any of this please contact me. Thank you.

Re: Lillman family/Lillman

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Hey Loretta,

This is Ron Lillman son of Lester Lillman. I only got to speak to you on the phone sometime ago. I hope you are well.


Re: Redner Family, Tompkins Cove, NY

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I am Ron Lillman son of Lester Lillman. Hester and Gloria are my fathers sisters. I currently live in NJ.
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