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My Grandmother!!!

My Grandmother!!!

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Carol, My grandmother was Antonia Minella from Felitto. She married August Carota and came here around 1911 because my uncle Henry was born in 1912.I have been searching all this time for Carota and coul not find anything(very new at this)just thought I would type in grandma's name and here I am! Can not express how excited I am!!!Please anyone tell me all!Thanks,Nancy

Minella / Florimonte / Carota

Jeff Florimonte (View posts)
Posted: 977006633000
hello - my grandmother was Rose Minella who married Joe Florimonte in 1921- Joe's dad was Michele - Rose's parents were Angelo Minella Louise Cherva

I'm from the Ohio clan of Florimonte's -
I'm trying to do a family tree - and would like some help.

We just had a family X-mas party and I'm pretty sure there were some Carota's there too.

Minella Grandmothers

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Hi Jeff, I hope you have more info than I do,I can not find Carota anywhere. The few things I do have did not list Angelo. The ONLY thing I have is: Antonia Minella to Augustino Carota Antonia born 1-17-1884 death 4-6-58 left Italy around 1911 from Felitto.Her mother-in-law Rosa Rota. her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law Elena(Helen) Giuseppe Pasqule,Agostino(her husband)Rosa Passarella and Maria. I have nothing on her side. All I know is she supposedly came from Northern Italy down to Felitto and her maiden name was Minella she had a sister named Rosa and thtis all I have. Sorry I can't help you,if you have any better info. please let me know.You can reach me at Thanks, Nancy

Jeff, there were Carota's there...

Paul Sprecker, Cincinnati Ohio (View posts)
Posted: 978213512000
There were Carota's at the Christmas Party, usually are. What was our Cousin Reek Carota's real first name, Ricco? Anyway, for anyone who doesn't know, I am Jeff's cousin Paul(we've known each other all our lives as our family/clan is tight); my mom, Annamaria Florimonte(Annamarie is what she is called- and yes Annamaria is one word.) is Jeff's Dad's (Angelo) baby sister. Way to go on the family tree project Jeff.


Joyce Carota (View posts)
Posted: 988994781000
Hi, Nancy. Read your message for Carol. The Carotas I know are in/from Cincinnati, OH. Antonia Minella was my great-grandmother, married to Augusto. I know Uncle Henry was the eldest of 5(?) brothers (Rick, Anthony [my grandfather] - can't remember the others) and 2(?) sisters (Aunt Helen [daughter is Toni Anne] and Aunt Anne). All of the brothers served in WWII and all came back alive. Uncle Henry was married to Aunt Ruby (they adopted Ruby Lynn). Let's chat.

Carota Minella

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Hello Joyce. You must be one of the twins daughter???? Yes??? Well I am their cousin, you may have been to my house when we had a surprise birthday for my dad.Joseph is his name he is the baby,there was uncle Henry uncle Reek, uncle julie, uncle Herp,uncle Henry ad uncle Mish. The only ones still here are my da and uncle Mish the two girls are Nu Nu (Helen) and Ne Ne(Annie) I have asked around the family but no one seems to have much on grandpa I know his name was spelled Agostino. When they opened the Ellis Island files on line I fond the ship grandma and grandpa came over on they came about 6 months apart. Grandpa came in 6-6-1910 on the Venezuela from Naples Grandma the ship Calabria in 12-6-1910. That is about all I know right now If you would like copies I will send them to you. Let me know your e-mail address and I will send what I have found on the net. Love Nancy


Joyce Carota (View posts)
Posted: 990102062000
Not the twins. I come from the interesting side of the family - I'll tell you all about it. My e-mail address is I live in L.A. and there's another Carota who got in touch with me here although their side of the family came from Ofena, east of Italy, Abruzzi region. Ever heard of them?

Re: Carota Minella

Jeff Florimonte (View posts)
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Hey, I knew Reek & Mish, they are my dad's cousins (Angelo Florimonte) . Nu Nu - (Helen) still comes over to my dad & aunt's house (Helen Cercio, Babe Odenbach)

I am working on the family tree, I'd like to see whatever you might have.

I live in Harrison Oh - my dad still lives at the same house in Price Hill (35 years)

Re: Maria Minella

Margaret Grieco (View posts)
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Surnames: Minella, Pagnotto
Did your Maria Minella marry Pasquale Pagnotto and live in Lycoming Co., PA?

Re: Minella Grandmothers

Margaret Grieco (View posts)
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Surnames: Passarelli, Greco, Ventre
I have Donato Ciriaco Passarelli who married Elena Greco; their daughter was Rosina, born in 1913. Elena was a half-sister to my husband's father, Francesco Greco. Elena's parents were Gaetano Greco and Luigia Palmieri. Francesco's parents were Gaetano Greco and Angela Ventre. Does any of this connect?
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