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Litherland family tree/history

Litherland family tree/history

Dedra Litherland (View posts)
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This is my father-in-laws, Allyn Litherlands history of his father's family. He is now 88 years old and this goes back a long way. Would love to hear from any of you who fit on these family tree branches.


By Diane Ottaway - May 16, 2000


The name LITHERLAND originates from a town near Liverpool, England, established in ancient records during the 16th Century. These records also show several families having the name LITHERLAND.

Research by several members of the Litherland family in recent years found records showing three brothers with the name LITHERLAND, who came to the Eastern Shores of United States early in the 19th Century, presumably from Litherland, England.

The earliest ancestor of our family was named GEORGE (nmi) LITHERLAND, SR. His brothers names were: James (nmi) Litherland, Sr. and Elisha (nmi) Litherland. As far as can be determined, they all married in Eastern shore area, possibly Maryland, and then all of them migrated to Indiana, and then to WABASH COUNTY, IL where they all settled down and raised their families.
George Litherland, Sr. married Catherine Courter and records show they had three children: JOHN BUCHANON LITHERLAND, SR.; George (nmi) Litherland, Jr. and Elisha (nmi) Litherland.
George Litherland, Sr.
Born: 1773 England
Died: 1864 Wabash County, IL
Catherine Courter
Born: 1773 Maryland
Died: 1864 Wabash County, IL
Married: Early 1800's Maryland

JOHN BUCHANON LITHERLAND, SR. married ELIZABETH COURTER and the records show they had four children: JOHN BUCHANON LITHERLAND, JR.; Matthew Litherland; Charles Litherland and Martha Litherland (Saums).
John Buchanon Litherland, Sr.
Born: 1810 Wabash County, IL
Died: 1880 Wabash County, IL
Elizabeth Courter
Born: 1813 Wabash County, IL
Died: 1860 Wabash County, IL
Married: Early 1840's Wabash County, IL

JOHN BUCHANON LITHERLAND, JR. married MARY HAZELTON and the records show they had nine children: Two who died in infancy; Francis who died in early childhood; Laura Litherland (Beal); Mary Litherland (Pixley); William Litherland; Samuel Litherland; James Litherland and GEORGE DAVID LITHERLAND.
John Buchanon Litherland, Jr.
Born: 23 May 1841 Wabash County, IL
Died: 21 June 1923 Wabash County, IL
Mary Hazelton
Born: 1844 Wabash County, IL
Died: 21 April 1881 Wabash County, IL
Married: 4 February 1862 Wabash County, IL

GEORGE DAVID LITHERLAND married Myrtle Louise Dodge and the records show they had four children: John Spencer Litherland; ALLYN CAPRON LITHERLAND; Mary Dodge Litherland White (Renfro) and Myron Ernest Litherland.
George David Litherland
Born: 10 September 1878 Wabash County, IL
Died: 10 November 1957 Jax Naval Hospital, FL
Myrtle Louise Dodge
Born: 12 February 1886 Washington, DC
Died: 20 July 1972 PAFB Hospital, FL
Married: 5 November 1908 Washington, DC

ALLYN CAPRON LITHERLAND married REGINA THERESA KASKEY and they had six children: Diane Mary Litherland (Ottaway); Chris John Litherland; Barry George Litherland; Susan Alyce Litherland (Grebe); Wayne Allyn Litherland and Sally Ann Litherland.
Allyn Capron Litherland
Born: 19 October 1911 Washington. DC
Regina Theresa Kaskey
Born: l5 March 1918 Sugar Notch, PA
Married: 11 May 1942 Camp Wheeler, GA

Genealogy Information
Found in the Family Records of
Allyn C. Litherland

A Transcription By
Diane Litherland Ottaway
March 2000

Hello family member.

Brian Litherland (View posts)
Posted: 969396302000
Hello. My name is Brian Litherland and we are related. Your father-in-law, Allyn, had a brother by the name of John Spencer which is my grandfather. I am 19 and have spent the past 4 years searching for the origin of my family, but as I'm sure you've run into the same problem as I have, our family only held onto spoken history rather than written history. Please write me back. I am so happy to finally have found someone related to me who might know a little more than I do about our family. If you are as excited as I am and are as eager to share information, then you can even call me at; (860)589-1948.
Thank you so much. Your distant relative,

Hello Brian

Dedra (View posts)
Posted: 969568021000
Glad to get your message. Times a little tight right now so I'll just say "hi" and write more later. I'll pass your name around our family email so you might be hearing from some of you distant cousins. ---Dedra

Thank you.

Brian Litherland (View posts)
Posted: 969634965000
Thank you so much. I would really love to talk to Great-uncle Allyn and exchange information I've gathered so
far....unfortunately, it's about his brother John's wife's side, Mary Renfro's lineage, and My uncles and Aunts and immediate family. I've always had the dream of getting to know my distant relatives and learning who I am and where I come from. I live in Ct. and My grandfather lived in Liverpool, Ny...due to the distance, I didn't get to see him much, and when I did, he didn't talk much of his family. I'd love to hear stories about my great grandfather...I know he was in the military...just like everyone else in the family it seems. My grandfather was, my uncle was, my father, Edward, and my brother Dan are too so I can sort of see a theme here. I was thinking of calling Allyn, but you said he's 88 and I really don't know his current health condition so I don't want to call at 9 o'clock when I get of work and wake him up. Please e-mail me back

Talking with Dad Litherland

Dedra (View posts)
Posted: 969719918000

Please email me directly at so I can email you with specifics about reaching Allyn Litherland. Thanks ===Dedra

Re: Litherland family tree/history

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Surnames: Saums, Litherland
Dear Dedra,

I am researching the Saums name & have a little on Martha Litherland who married John Philip Saums.

My line is from Charles (#7) Saums, who would have been Martha's stepson. As far as I know she only had one child, Vada, who grew to adulthood. I have included everything I have.

Would you know Martha's complete birth and death dates or anything more on Vada? I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you!


John Philip Saums
b: 2 Dec 1836 Newport twp, Luzerne Co., PA
d: 28 Feb 1917 Lawrence Co., IL
res: Luzerne Co., PA to Lawrence Co, IL 1870

married third Martha Litherland
d/of John Buchanon & Elizabeth (Courter)
b: 1849 Wabash Co., IL
d: 1929 Lawrence Co. ,IL
m3: 6 Sep 1883

SAUMS CHILDREN: 1-5 born PA; 6-l0 born Lawrence Co., IL
(8-l0 from 3rd marriage)
1) George P. b: 21 Mar 1858
2) Alpheus b: 21 Jan 1860
3) John William b: 3 Jul 1862
4) Lizzie b: 19 Aug 1866
5) Anning J. b: 23 Nov 1869
6) Emma Jane b: 3 Jul 1874
7) Charles b: 5 Oct 1876
8) Vada b: 18 Oct 1885
9) David Philip b: 22 Oct 1887 d: 4 Dec 1909
10) Mary L b: 9 Oct 1889 d: 7 Mar 1895

Vada S. Saums married James Bardon
James: b: 29 Mar 1880; d: 1 Aug 1957

Re: Litherland family tree/history

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My name is Sara Klinges. Regina Kaskey-Litherland's paternal grandmother Anna and my great-grandmother were sisters. I have been researching that part of the family and came upon information about Regina on The only thing is that in by research, I have found her paternal grandmother's maiden name was Bombich not Jacobs, unless the records are wrong. I am looking for any information I can find about that part of the family.

Re: Litherland family tree/history

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I am Diane Ottaway's cousin Charlotte, daughter of Myron and Mavis(now deceased) , Myron is Allyn's brother. I remember Diane as a child at our grandfathers house in Gainesville. She played the piano. Aunt Jean is a nurse. I am a Nurse Anesthetist . This is so interesting. My parents were not good at family ties. My address is

Re: Litherland family tree/history

Mel Litherland Martin (View posts)
Posted: 1091406315000
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Hello, youngest daughter of Myron E. Litherland

Re: Litherland family tree/history

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My maiden name is Bombich. My father was Albin Bombich. His brother Joseph Bombich. Unfortunately, I know very little history. They grew up in Minnesota, my father moved to Milwaukee WI around 1945 for work. My grandfather was Josef or Joseph Bombich I believe and was the first to come to the states via Ellis Island I was told. At present I am trying to get some information from an aunt in Minnesota as to anything she can tell me about my father's side of the family. My grandmother died very young and the grandfather left and we don't know much about him, the children were raised by other people, broken up, so not much info was passed down.
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