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Knittel surname

Knittel surname

Billie (View posts)
Posted: 986892503000
William Andrew Theobaldt Knittel, my dad, is the son of Wilhelm Knittel (born in Crimea, Russia. If your lineage comes from there you should contact Robert Schamber. I just received my copy of his book about the Knittels "The Knittel Family, A 300 year Journey through Germany, Crimea, and America". There was another group of Knittels who it seems arrived earlier.
Some of my relatives ended up in Canada. Other Knittel's ended up in Australia.


S.M. Fry (View posts)
Posted: 986931760000
I am interested in this book. I am researching Knittle. Is this name in the book as well? It seems the spelling changed often especially after they came to America from Germany. I am back as far as 1753.

Knittel/Knittle Book

Billie (View posts)
Posted: 986972269000
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Surnames: Knittel, Knittle
The author of the Book, Robert Schamber may be reached at 111 McCormick Court, Folsom, CA 95630. or by e-mail at The book is $30.00 including mailing. It is a softcover, spiral bound and has nearly 400 pages. it includes ships lists (even copies of pictures of the ships the relatives arrived on to the USA. Copies of vital records, etc.
As for the spelling. I believe it was George Knittel's branch that change the spelling to le rather than el as there were so many Knittels (and each family seemed to use the same first names as each other family - perhaps he thought it would be less confusing.
I was really impressed with the extent of Schambers work. It co-incides with all the evidence I have found. A few errors occur in the list of recent relatives (my ex-husbands first name is mis spelled, etc.,) because most of that is based on what had been learned from living relatives rather than records. However, all the dates (in my estimate) and names from Germany to and including Crimea and into the early years in the USA are quite accurate.


S.M. Fry (View posts)
Posted: 987015040000
Thank you Billie. Which branch of the family are you from? My branch comes from Joseph Knittle who came to America from Germany in 1753 on the ship Patience.

Knittel branch

Billie (View posts)
Posted: 987063549000
One son of Johann Andreas Knittel 1720, Ohringen was Georg Andreas 9 JUL 1756 who went to Crimea in 1805. Georg had a son, Johann born in Ohringen who went with his dad and 2 other brothers to Crimea. Johann (1791, Ludwigsberg) had, among other children, Jakob (1827, Friedenthal, Crimea), a blacksmith that emigrated to the USA on 30 Oct 1885 aboard the Rhaetia. Jacob and his second wife Margaretha Classen were the parents of my grandfather, Wilhelm Knittel (4 JUL 1871 Friedenthal - 13 APR 1948 Lodi, CA). He had two surviving boys, one of which was my dad William Andrea Theobald (31 Jan 1916, Hosmer, So. Dakota). Let me check Schambers book on the Knittels and see if I can find your family. There was another branch that came to the USA before mine.

Joseph Knittel

Billie (View posts)
Posted: 987063768000
Schamber lists 2 Joseph Knittel's none of which fit your parameters. Could you provide more info? Parents? Religion? What town and area they were in before emigrating to USA?

Joseph Knittel

S.M. Fry (View posts)
Posted: 987086899000
My Joseph Knittel came from Oberesslingen, Germany. He was married to Magdalena Regina Fueglin. They had two sons that I know of:
Michael Joseph Knittle b. 1733 Germany and Johann Georg Knittle b. Oct. 9, 1740, Ludwigsburg, Germany. They all came to America on Sept.15, 1753 on the Ship "Patience" (I have a copy of the ship listing). They lived in the Berks County area to begin with. I do not know Joseph's parents names. I wish I did. Thanks for checking the book for me. If they are in there, I will purchase a copy.

Johann of Ludwigsberg

Billie (View posts)
Posted: 987150448000
Can't find anything in Schambers book, but it doesn't go back before 1720 (Johann Andreas Knittel), but interestingly enough Johann Knittel was born in 1791 in Ludwigsberg. Perhaps Johann Andreas was a son of one of your relatives. My branch were mainly from the following villages and areas, Pfalbach, Loeschenhirschback, Eckhartsweiler, Ludwigsberg, Oehringen District.
Schamber does mention 2 other families (one of which I have had contact with)- one was the Family a Georg Adam Knittel , a Swabian Separatist and toy maker who had moved to Russia and then returned to Metzingen Wuerttemberg he was born 16 Oct 1783 and died 16 APR 1845 in Metzingen. He was the son of Georg Adam Knittel and Anna Barbara Stoll. The children included Johann Jakob 21 Feb 1811 who died at 6 years of age and Johannes 17 APR 1817 married 12 Oct 1845 to Anna Floriana Klett and died 4 Jan 1874. The second family lived in Ohrnberg parish, near Pfahlbach (my line lived there in the 1750's). They were judges and council members. Johann Jakob 1726 to 29 APR 1749, Ohrnberg was married in 1736 to Maria Eurich. He was the son of Philipp Knittel. Johann and and Maria had 5 children that we know of: Jakob Thomas born 21 Dec 1736 - no further info., Joerg Jakob 25 Jul 1738 - 8 Mar 1747, Johann Jakob 7 Mar 1750 - 17 May 1750 and 2 girls. No further information is given about this family. Maybe they did emigrate to USA. Hope this helps. There is a record in the LDS microfilms and probably on line at the St. Petersberg site that lists the names of people leaving Germany for other countries. Have you checked that? If you need the web address, let me know.

Family book

S.M. Fry (View posts)
Posted: 987160701000
I do not have the Petersburg address. Thanks for checking the book for me. Your theory could be correct. You can e-mail me directly at

web site for St. Petersburg Records

billie (View posts)
Posted: 987406056000
The web site to locate the records filed in St. Petersburg (includes the Russian colonies and emigration lists among lots of other stuff) is
This should get you to the Odessa Library. A full-text search is available at that site.
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