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Jantti homeland

Jantti homeland

Harri Oittinen (View posts)
Posted: 976709608000

I was reading messages on this message board and many names mentioned there were very familiar to me. My grandmam was Eva Jäntti (I don't know how do you see that funny character there called Scandinavian. It's like A with two dots on it and sounds like english A in word apply. Or maybe you have been in Finland and know these things) Indeed I was just searching information about her sister Hanna Jantti (It would be better idea to use your way write that name) who moved to Canada before the World War II. She got married there and I only remember the first name of her husband (Aulis, doing something with minery, finish too).

My grandmom was born 1889 and died 1987 in Vesanto, a little village in district of Kuopio geographically located between towns Kuopio and Jyvaskyla having a distance of about 100 kilometers to both. I have born in Vesanto too (or in reality in Kuopio University Hospital as all kids in district of Kuopio do nowadays :-) 1968. I think that my grandmom's father was Abel Jantti too, but not the same man you are talking about because he lived all his life and died here in Finland. But the name Lapinlahti was very familiar. If I remember right this Abel Jantti (and my grandmom too when she was kid) did live in Lapinlahti in big house (my words may not be very right ones but I hope you understand me) called Janttila. So I think that Abel Jantti I'm talking about is relative to that one you are talkin about.


Tuuli Pynnönen (View posts)
Posted: 977919106000
To Harri Oittinen
Hi! Eli tervehdys!

I'm looking for information about Abel Jantti who was my grandmother´s uncle (fathers brother). I'm searching his birthdate in Finland, from Vesanto, Kerkonkoski, Karttula and so on..
One of the names which I have found has been Hanna Jantti. You can e-mail me to , probably it would be easier to use finnish to communicate.

Olen etsinyt Abel Jänttiä koskevia tietoja. Kyseessä on mummoni setä, ja olen parhaillaan selvittämässä hänen syntymäaikaansa, Vesannolta jne.jne. Kirkonkirjoja on siirretty Joensuuhun, joten etsintä on hieman hankalaa. Kuitenkin olen löytänyt myös Hanna Jäntti nimisen henkilön, (mummoni täti).
Sähköpostiosoitteeni on yllä ja siihen saa kirjoittaa myös suomeksi..

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