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I am at pretty much the beginning of my family search. My great grandfather John, I believe was born in Luxemborg about 1855 and came to the United States (Wisconsin). Family stories tell that he or his family used to run or own a brewery (Funck Brewery) in Luxemborg. Any leads, especially on the brewery history, would be appreciated. Thanks.

FUNCK Family

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I'm a son of Marie-Marguerite FUNCK of Luxembourg. My great-parents, Gustave FUNCK-DITSCH of Luxembourg told me also that they were related to the FUNCK-BRICHER brewery of Luxembourg (Merged some 10 years ago with BOFFERDING brewery of Bascharage/Luxembourg).
The year 1764 was the beginning of this traditionnal brewery in Luxembourg. On 12 th March 1808 Henri FUNCK married Anne LINDEN from the LINDEN brewery. Her son Mathias FUNCK married Catherine BRICHER, and from that time on the brewery took the name FUNCK-BRICHER.
Henri FUNCK was born 19.10.1775. in Luxembourg, he died 11.12.1853.
Anna LINDEN was born on 11.09.1790., she died on 08.04.1881.
Mathias FUNCK was born on 11.09.1834., he died on 27.09.1915. and was married to Catharina BRICHER born on 26.08.1862.
I am in possession of the Family tree of the FUNCK-LINDEN Family. This tree does not mention a John (Jean) FUNCK as descendant, nor have I found any relation with my mother in this family tree. There was another brewery in Luxembourg, the Henri FUNCK brewery in Clausen/Luxembourg, closed some years ago. I do not know if there is a link with the FUNCK-BRICHER brewery.

Funk Brewery

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Thanks for your reply and info. I've notice your findings in my "researching." My Funks have no "c", and I have recently found out that the name of the brewery was Peter Funk Brewery. But you never know who's related to who. Thanks again!

FUNCK Brewery in Luxembourg

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As far as I know there never existed a "Peter FUNK brewery"in Luxembourg.

Re: FUNCK Family

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Does your research perhaps contain a Nicholai Funch and his wife Barbara Kramer d. 11/11/1891 in Fetschenhof, Luxembourg? Their eldest son, Michael (1851 - 1914) is reported to be only one of his line to emmigrate to the States. He also ran a brewery. Other children of Nicholai and Barbara Funck were:
2 Henry FUNCK d: in Luxembourg
....... +Caroline SCHAMBURGER
... 2 Anna FUNCK d: December 28, 1897 in Luxembourg
....... +Nicholas WIRTZ
... 2 Pierre FUNCK d: in Luxembourg
....... +Philomene DUMAL
... 2 Arthur FUNCK d: in Luxembourg
....... +Anna DITSCH
... 2 Joseph FUNCK

Re: FUNCK Family

Paul Funck (View posts)
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Good day to you.
Having looked through for my ancestors, I find the oldest record being Wendel Funck Born Circa 1575.
Sharing the same surname and seeing your name mentioned as a contact name, I take this opportunity to send you an e-mail.
I am resident in South Africa and having spoken to my father, it appears, as if, out of two brothers (resident in Kassel Germany mid to late 1800's) one brother went to America and the other to South Africa. The brother on our side was Heinrich Rudolf Funck Born 31/1/1874 in Kassel. He arrived in South Africa sometime in early 1890's, married as local woman (Edith Pauline Johanna Subella Wichura) in Newlands (Cape Town) magistrates court on 26 November 1894. Apparently they had 5 children. Of the five children one is still alive. My Grand Father (1 of 5) Henry Funck was born on the Cape in 1894. He had two sons. The two sons married two sisters (Nee Duncan) after the 2nd World War. Both couples had three children each. On my side three boys and on the other side two boys and one girl. On my side the are four children between the three brothers and on the cousins side there are three children.
Old man Heinrich died some years ago in Bloemfontein (South Africa).
I am able to get more detailed information, if it would be of may use to you.
According to the last surviving daughter of 5 Heinrich's only brother emigrated to the USA at around the same time.


Paul Funck
+27 11 899 2334 (w)

Re: Funck

Funck - Bofferding (View posts)
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Surnames: Bofferding
there is a relation between Henri Funck ( brewery ) in Luxembourg - Neudorf and Funck - Bricher ( brewery ) in Luxembourg - Grund .

Funck - Bricher brewery and Bofferding brewery merged in 1975 . please contact for further informations.

Re: Funck

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Surnames: Funk, Funck
Where in Wisconsin did your funk family live? i just found out my G-G-G-Grandfather's name was John Funk. He also had two sons named John.In1860 they lived in Fon du lac county Wisconsin.In 1880 they were living in Calumet county, at that time they were listed as Funck. i would love to here from you, or anyone else who might be related.My John was also from Luxemburg.

Re: Funck

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Hi Bobbi - From what information I have, which are mostly rembrances from relatives, a lot of my Fun(c)k family lived in the Milwaukee/Racine, and I think the Shawano or Antigo areas. My g-gf John, Sr. was born in about 1855, d. 1931 in Milwaukee (Shorewood). John, Sr.He was from Luxembourg . His second wife's name (my ggm) was Johanna Kuenstle, from Baden. The married about 1893 and together had one child, Gertrude. John Sr.'s children from his first marriage were John Jr. (b. about 1881-84), Morris (Maurice), Louise, Annella (Nellie), Alma, and another child who died as a baby. None of this is verified, just my Aunt's recollections.

Maybe we should talk?


Re: FUNCK Brewery in Luxembourg

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My great, great uncle Frederick Schimper was the Brewmaster with the Michael Funck Brewery in Luxembourg. He was quite a respected and distinguished Brewmaser for the famous Hudson County Daniel Bermes Boulevard Brewery for over 30 years.
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