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Dalby Family , Leicestershire England

Dalby Family , Leicestershire England

jim dalby (View posts)
Posted: 954323665000
I am trying to find information on a John Dalby born 1872 who married Eliza Taylor - this is my ggrandfather... gfather is John Dalby(1899). we know my gfather's info but are lost at my ggrandfather... I think I'm waiting for info from the registrar about him... anyone know anything ??? any info appreciated... thx JD


Pam Goodson (View posts)
Posted: 960149474000
Mr, Dalby,
I saw your post on and I don't know if by chance we will be of any assistance to each other, but I figure it is worth a try!
I am helping a dear friend to search for information on his mother who was a Dalby
from Nottingham or Leicester.
He unfortunately knows very little about her, for she died in child birth having him Sept 18th 1932. His father spoke rarely about her, but he knows she was originally a
Dalby, and was either called Edith or Edna.
She married a Dean. It is known that she was an accomplished harpist and opera singer, who performed in large venues, but it is not known if she was famous.
My friend grew up in Leicester, but mentioned that it might be helpful to check Nottingham.
I don't know if you can help, or if any of this is help to you. I would greatly appreciate any information you might know.
Thank You!
Pam Goodson

dalby name

jimdalby (View posts)
Posted: 960192108000
unfortunately I only have Dalby information back to 1872(my GGrandfather). I need to write to the registrar to get his information as I know nothing of the rest of his family, just his wife. If I find more info I will be posting as soon as I get it.. I have 1000 names in my Ged ,and only about 30 of them are Dalby.

thx JD

Jim Dalby

Steve Dalby (View posts)
Posted: 961834150000
Hi there. I just had to ask if this Jim Dalby is my Uncle Jim? Either way, please let me know. Thanks, Steve.

not your uncle

Posted: 961961029000
Edited: 1009509500000
sorry steve .. I have no nephews by the name of Steve . My family is based in Oshawa Ont and came from England 2 generations ago from Leicestershire(but that's all I know so far)

OK dalby

jonelle (View posts)
Posted: 963237922000
Steve, have you ever encountered an ETTA DALBY. this would have been a married name. She married my gr uncle during ww2 and was from OK. its a longshot.

Etta Dalby

Steve Dalby (View posts)
Posted: 963282720000
Hi there and thank you for the note. I do not know of an Etta Dalby in our side of the family, eventhough I can't imagine that there are "that many" different lines of Dalby's in the state of Oklahoma. The name Dalby is just not "that" common of a name.
I have got to find a report that I had been given - back in the early 1980's (probably 1980) that confirms who we are and where we came from. The report is "safely" hidden in my garage - hadn't looked at it in ~15 years - but I need to locate it so I can add some real substance to this website's endevor.... as far as where I came from.
Good luck in your search - sorry I wasn't much help - please keep in touch,

edith dalby

jim dalby (View posts)
Posted: 965030961000
now that I am up and running again.. the only Edith Dalby I have would have been born before 1895, so not knowing the age of your friend it would be hard to say... I don't have dates on this person listed in my ged, but I thought I had something on paper that Ill have to search for.

Dalby Surname

Jim Dalby (View posts)
Posted: 965058059000
Thank you for the information Mr. Dalby.
I got frustrated enough with my search to consult an expert, Mr. Ian Rose from England.
I now have a copy of my friends mother's death certificate. I don't know if her information will do you any good, but I am glad to tell it.
It turns out her name was Edna Mabel Dalby.
She married Edward Leslie Dean.
My friend had been told she died in child birth having him, but she actually died a week later. The son was Edward Benard Dean,
goes by Ted, and he is alive and is 67, born Sept. 18,1932. She died Sept. 27 1932, at Royal Infirmary, U.D.
They lived in Leicester.
As I believe I said before, she was supposed
to be a harpist, and an opera singer,in Nottingham, and possibly Leicester, although she was not necessarily famous.
Edward Benard(Ted), was an only child.
I would love to find out more about his mother for him, and I have begun to try with the more detailed information I have.
I hope this will be of some use!

Dalby post= 7/31/00 not posted by Jim Dalby!!

Pam Goodson (View posts)
Posted: 965058284000
My apologies! Mr. Jim Dalby did not post the message about Edna Dalby!
My intent was to reply to a message he had posted in response to questions i had about the Dalby surname!
Sorry for the error!
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