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George Finn

George Finn

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Im hoping someone out there can help me..i need to find out if george finn born around 1628 in Egerton, England and who married a Ann page around 1656 is in fact George fane. Son of Sir Francis Fane.. i can not find any document or information whether george changed his last name. If he did not..i have then once again hit a dead anyone with any info would be great...

Re: George Finn

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Hi Dana,

Using family tree hints, I also seem to go back to George Fane and Sir Francis Fane. suggests that George Fane was the son of Sir Francis Fane.

You might want to take a look at my tree to see if we share any common ancestors.

However, I'm not sure if George Finn/Sir Frances Fane are are actually ancestors of mine. I think I've gone wrong somewhere, and will need to look at source documents. I'm fairly confident in my line until around 1820 in the Chilham/Canterbury, Kent area of England.

The story I've heard and seen in a number of diaries is that those Finns moved from Northern Ireland to Kent suddenly, and it must be within the living memory of a few generations so I wouldn't think that story would be older than the 19th century. The Finns in my tree had been horse trainers in Northern Ireland. They were originally from Finland, and continued to trade with Finland after moving to Northern Ireland. They changed their name from Godolphus to Finn in Northern Ireland, and later moved to Chilham, Kent (around the Canterbury area). However, it's early days yet! None of this has been confirmed, but let me know if you have anything similar in your tree.

So while is telling me that George Fane and Sir Francis Fane are ancestors of mine as well, I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

Re: George Finn

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Hi, I am a direct descendent of George Finn and Ann Page. As far as I know, George was born in 1620 in Chilham Kent and Ann was born in 1621, also in Chilham. I have just come across the "connection" between George Finn and Sir Francis Fane also, and find it a large leap between aristocracy in one generation to the Finns in Chilham. Would be much easier to research if it is true. I have been able to find that Sir Francis had a son George....Col the hon George Fane...but he was married to a Dorothy, not Ann Page. It is a popular straw being clutched by many people as it seems, going by the number of matches I have found on My Heritage, but I really think it may be little more than wishful thinking.
Good luck with your searching.

Re: George Finn

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Hi Rae,

I agree, and just last night I saw a potential problem with the tree leading back to Sir Francis Fane which so many people have taken as correct.

George Finn, who we are looking for and who we think is our common ancestor (1610 or 1620-1653) is supposed to be the son of Sir Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland (1579/1580-1628). If one looks at various trees, George Finn is part of the first generation to change the surname from Fane to Finn (and in some trees, the only one of his siblings to do so).

When I looked at a different source (, Sir Francis Fane (1579/1580-1628) had the following children:
1. Mildmay Fane, the second Earl, poet and a Member of Parliament.
2. Thomas died in infancy
3. Sir Francis Fane of Fulbeck (third but second surviving son), Royalist governor of Doncaster, and afterwards of Lincoln Castle.
4. Anthony (1613-1643) officer in the Parliamentary army, was killed at taking of Farnham Castle.
5. Colonel the hon. George Fane (fifth but fourth surviving son), Royalist officer and later Member of Parliament.
6. William

and daughters Grace, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachael, Frances and Catherine.

Sir Francis Fane (1579/1580-1628 also apparently had a son named Francis Fane, and I have tried tracing him just to doublecheck if there was a problem arising from similarly named father and son, but I cannot find a George Fane or Finn in his descendants.

So I have done a small amount of research into Colonel George Fane (1616-1663), who most closely matches the ancestor in question.

Colonel George Fane's (1616-1663) only child was Sir Henry Fane (, but suggests that he also fathered William Finn (b. 1658). William Finn is our common ancestor.

It can also be seen that Colonel George Fane's name remains the same (Fane) and his birth and death years are marginally different.

So in short, I think there's been some confusion between George Finn (1610/1620 to 1653) with Colonel George Fane (1616-1663), as it appears that Colonel George Finn did not have a son named William (who is our ancestor).

I will continue looking into this to try to find even better sources - any ideas, anyone?

I don’t think the version I have heard (that the Finns originally came from Finland via Northern Ireland after a name change from Godolphus) is correct, just to update on my earlier post above.

Re: George Finn

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Sadly, it seems the trail for the Finn family is unreadable before George and Ann. The fact that the Finns were labourers, or at least the younger Nathaniel seemed to be, given the way he met his end, tends to put paid to the connection between them and the Fane family. This may necessitate a trip to England and a stroll through the Chilham and surrounding cemetaries to see if I can pick up some more threads. The trail here in Australia is so much easier, albeit fresher so to speak, and much easier to access.

Re: George Finn

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Surnames: Finn, Fynne, Page, Osmire
Hello all,
I don't think the ancestry of George Finn and his wife Ann Page is unreadable. I have been searching through the American website, (the Mormon church), which includes a record for the birth of George Fynne, baptised in 1614 in Egerton, Kent, a son of Thomas Fynne. I have been trying to ascertain whether this Egerton George is the same as our Chilham George. Also, Ann Page was almost certainly the daughter of John Page of Chilham, baptised in 1621. John Page, in turn, was probably the son (baptised in Chilham 1587) of John Page, Sr. and Elizabeth Maxted. If anyone wants to contact me about this family, my email is

I am a descendant of George and Ann's son John Finn, who married Ann Osmire. Their son John and their daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Hoare are both my ancestors.

Jim Baker+

Re: George Finn

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On William Finn's original Baptism papers, both William and George are listed as Finne. In the translation, when the records were transcribed, it changes to Finnis ... All the dates match our George and William, and it is from the Chilham Parish. This may be how things have gotten a little hazy. I have tried adding Elizabeth Maxted to my tree to see if it opened any doors. She is listed as being married to umpteen different Johns, all with different surnames. The John Page on her list of spouses does not have a son John with Elizabeth...which of course may mean nothing as she could have been married previously, had a son John and he took the name Page.

Re: George Finn

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Surnames: Finn, Finne, Maxted
Sorry I haven't checked in a couple of months! Thank you for delving into this tangle. I have found 19 people given as children of John or "Jhon" Page, all christened in Chilham, Kent. Given the dates, I had assumed the older ones must be children of the elder John Page and Elizabeth Maxted (m.1585, the only John Page marriage I could find in the time frame). Similarly, I assumed the younger ones were probably the children of the younger John (b.1587/88). Where the separation is, I'm not sure -- probably around 1607/08, when another John is born, and Elizabeth and Robert Page are christened within 2 months of each other (Robert being elder John's last child, Elizabeth being younger John's first child)? Of course, there is also a good chance that there may have been more than one John Page in each generation.

John Page -- ch.1 Jan 1588
Anne Page -- ch.14 Jun 1590
Thomas Page -- ch.9 Jul 1592
Henrye Page -- b. or ch. 1 Apr 1594, d. or bur. 13 Jul 1594 (same as: Henry Page -- ch.1 May 1594; unknown which date is correct)
William Page -- ch.30 Jan 1598
Mary Page -- ch.14 Jan 1599
Moses Page -- ch.1 Jun 1600, bur.16 Mar 1602
Edmond Page -- ch.24 May 1601
Mathewe Page -- ch.24 or 29 Apr 1603
Sara Page -- ch.27 Aug 1604
Francis Page -- ch.17 Mar 1605
Jhon [sic] Page -- ch.24 Mar 1607
Elizabeth Page -- ch.24 Apr 1608
Robert Page -- ch.26 Jun 1608
Margaret Page -- ch.16 Sep 1610
Susan Page -- ch.19 Feb 1615
Robert Page -- ch.14 Mar 1619
Ann Page -- ch.12 Aug 1621
Mildred Page -- ch.21 Nov 1624

You're right, it is very hazy. I am very interested in your "list of spouses" for Elizabeth Maxted. Who are they, and how did you find them?

Again, sorry for taking so long to reply. Feel free to email directly if you want.
Jim Baker+
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