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Cemeteries in Manila, AR

Cemeteries in Manila, AR

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Surnames: HATLEY
I recently found out from a Bible record that my grandmother, Laura Patterson HATLEY was buried in Manila, AR, grave #4.64 in Jan of 1911. I would like to know the name of the cemeteries and funeral homes in Manila, Mississippi, AR so that I may find out where that grave is. This was a surprise to me since the last known residence I had for her was in Braggadocio, MO and felt like she had been buried there. Any information about known cemeteries in the Manila AR area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Cemetery in Manila AR

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Surnames: Hatley
Thanks for trying to help me out. I talked to a very nice gentleman at the Howard Funeral Home in Manila AR yesterday and he referred me to Mr. Clell Castleman, of the Cemetery Association. I spoke to Mr. Castleman and he informed me that if my grandmother was buried in the Manila Cemetery in 1911, it would have been in the older part of the cemetery and that the records for that part have been burned. He checked a book with gravestone inscriptions from that cemetery and her name was not on it. I really do appreciate everyone's assistance. I only wish it could have turned out better. But, I still feel she is buried there.

Cemeteries and Funeral homes in/near Manila, AR

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Surnames: HATLEY
You can find the links to the lists of cemeteries and funeral homes in Mississippi County on the main page of the Mississippi County site. The list of cemeteries is linked on the main page near the graphic of the church, or you can cut and paste the following link into your browser:

The list of funeral homes is at the Research Information link on the main page. Here are the funeral homes:

Cobb Funeral Home 603 W Main Blytheville, AR 72315 (870) 763-4431

Roller-Swift Funeral Home Osceola, AR (870) 563-6578

Wilson Funeral Home Osceola, AR (870) 563-2877

Good luck in your quest,
Cheryl Cummings
Mississippi County Coordinator

Re: Cemeteries and Funeral homes in/near Manila, AR

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The name of the Cemetery your looking for is Manila Cemetery and the funeral home they have there is Howards
Funeral home the main office is in Leachville, the records
for the Manila Cemetery got burnt in a fire in the late 1950's
they have some they saved but they have a cemetery book out now that a newspaper reporter and serveral other people
walked the grounds of the cemetery and got the names of
the people and put them in order and there is some with
missing stones or some that can not be read. I hope you
fine what your looking for you maybe able to still buy
that book if you call the towncrier at 1-870-561-4694 i think
that is the same number. Happy hunting.
BettyParsleyByrd oh yeah i am from Manila, but i live in Ok.

Re: Cemeteries and Funeral homes in/near Manila, AR

Jean Pizarro (View posts)
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Surnames: Hatley
Thank you so much for taking time to reply to this message. I will contact the towncrier and see if the book is available. My husband and I did pass through Manila several years ago and saw the cemetery and walked around it but did not find the grave I was looking for. Perhaps we overlooked it. I will keep searching. thanks again

Re: Cemeteries and Funeral homes in/near Manila, AR

BettyParsleyByrd (View posts)
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Surnames: Hatley
Jean, I have the Manila Cemetery Book, and i looked in there
and there was a Hatley in there but it was not your Hatley,
but like i said the building they kept the maps of the graves
got burnt or most of them did in the late 1950's. And there
are many broken stones there that the graveyard maintence
men have piled up againest trees cause they do not know where they belong. I know they had several people tear up
some headstone in the late 1990's one of them was my gggreatgrandmothers. I know that Manila does not take good
care of there cemetery like they should. I for one thing they
need to put a fence around it the little city of Leachville, has
one around theirs and if they can then i know Manila can
they are bigger than Leachville. There is even a name in
the book on an infant Parsley which is my familyline and we
can not fine his stone but they did and we walked that graveyard over twice and did not fine it. but anyway i hope i gave you the right phone number for the newspaper i know the lady is Nan Snider that done the book let me see if i can
fine the right number for you i have a Manila phone book the
number will be 1-870-561-4634 i should have known that number i worked for them at one time. The funeral home number is 1-870-539-6357.
Good luck in your quest. the person i found was this name
Troy Hatley born 01-04-1911 passed away March 25,1913
i do not think this is who you are looking for. Now in there
was some Hatley's in Manila when i left there in 1998 but
i think the mother died and one of the kids died after that.
the daughter was into drugs so i guess that is why she passed away but the mom i have no idea i do remember a
Kathy Hatley that was always in trouble with the law for
drinking and doing drugs so that maybe the girl that died.
I am not saying they are your Hatley's but those are the one's
i know about in Manila they lived on Baker Street just off
Olphmia in Manila.
Well i know i have said alot but i hope you luck in fining her.


Re: Cemeteries and Funeral homes in/near Manila, AR

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The Hatley you was talking about lived right across the street from me. I knew Cathy Hatley, and the mother and Kathy had a daughter named Shirley and a son but i cant remember what his name was. They are both gone from here now since miss hatley passed.
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