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Meyka Immigrant

Meyka Immigrant

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Hello, I'm looking for information on my g-g-grandfather, Thomas Meyka maybe spelled different: (Tomas Moyka) very similiar...Not sure? My understanding is that he was about 24 yrs old when he arrived in the US, and that he was from Germany. I can't find him on "any" US census records. Help? I did find a copy of a marriage license where he married Miss Zulah Read in 1900, Tyler County, Texas. I would love to know more about his trip from Germany, if thats where he is truly from. Thank you!

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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I guess Zula remarried - to a Richard H. Davis in Texas

From a 1910 census record... under the name "Mezka"

Looks like she had 2 daughters from a previous marriage, (assuming these are Tom's daughters) Bonita Mezka (age 8) and Tammie (age 7)... and then Kate (age 3) from the second marriage....

Does this sound like the right family?

Look forward to your reply.

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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Just to clarify...

Ancestry has Tommie listed as a step-daughter ... ?

It does look like Tommie on the census record... but then they also have the child listed as "female"...

Well.. you know census records!

1910 United States Federal Census
about Zula Davis

Name: Zula Davis
Age in 1910: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birth Place: Georgia
Mother's Birth Place: Georgia
Spouse's Name: Richard H
Home in 1910: Justice Precinct 3, Houston, Texas
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Female

Household Members:
Name Age
Richard H Davis 49
Zula Davis 34
Kate R Davis 3/12
Bonita Mezka 8
Tommie Mezka 7

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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Thank you for your reply. You have been very helpful.
Yes, this is the correct family. Zula was my g-grandmother.

Zula's first marriage was to Thomas Meyka (1900) they had (3) children: Don Enloe Meyka, Tommie Meyka and Bonita Meyka. (I have found very little information on Don E. Meyka..(his earlier birth years, prior to his marriage to Viola Cain). I did find where he was in WWI. Darn those men!! LOL

Zula and Richard Davis had (2) girls: Kate and Sarah.

I'm thinking that the surname: "Meyka" maybe have been spelled different?? Thanks again!!!

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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One thing that will help greatly is boning up on central and eastern Europe prior to the end of WW I.

The manifest you pointed on for Tomas MOJKA in your other posts lists him as coming from Austria. BUT at that time Austria incl all or parts of the modern countries of that made up the Austro-Hungarian Empire which are today, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. That old empire was very multi-ethnic with at least 12 official languages. Also Germans were one of the most widespread ethnic groups in Europe... they lived as far east as Russia and as far south as Serbia and Romania and as far north as Poland.

Knowing that Texas saw a substantial immigration of people from Bohemia and Moravia which until the end of WW I were part of old Austria... my first suspicion is that he was Bohemian. The town in the last column on that manifest gives his former residence... which begins with Franz????? there are several places in present day Czech Republic and also in Austria beginning with Franz....

Another issue is how letters sound in other languages, in most languages in that part of the world, both German and Slavic languages the letter J has a sound like Y. Also endings may be KO or KA

Do you know what language he spoke? Do you know what his religion was? Those are key to your search.

Robert Jerin

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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Thank you for your reply.

So it was Tommie and not Tammie! The census was confusing since it lists him as a step-daughter.

The name could Meyka have been different. Hope we can find his immigration record.

As for Thomas, can you estimate his YOB?

Was Zulu widowed? Just trying to figure out what happened to Thomas.

If she wasn't widowed, maybe Don was with his father? Just seems odd that Don wasn't with Zula on the Census. ??

I do know that Don was born in Tyler County (as listed on his daughter Daisey's death record)...

Look forward to your reply!

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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Yes it was "Tommie". The census is very confusing at times,
you really have to be careful, due to the spelling of names and dates...
you could end up with the wrong family info.

As for my g-grandfather Thomas: The only thing that I have found is a marriage license for him and Zula "Read", dated Mar. 21st 1900 in Tyler County. I have no idea when he was born. My father was younger when Thomas and Zula split up.
No one seems to know. I guess thats common. No divorce records were found.

My g-grandmother: Zula Read remarried Richard H. Davis.
I dont get the census??...It shows that Zula was claiming 4 children, (3) living and (1)??? (Bonita, Tommie, Sarah and Don). I have found where the girls where living with her, but not Don? Maybe he did live with his father in his younger years. Maybe they left Tyler Co. for awhile??
Don lived the rest of his life in Tyler Co., he married Viola Cain, they had (15) kids!! whooo I have the majority of the family history on the kids.

Just trying to figure out where Don was during his younger years...and something about his father Thomas. Any info.
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Debbie

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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Thank you for your reply Robert!

I really dont know that much about him, but I'm hoping to learn all that I can.

I did find a marriage license for a Thomas "Meyka" and Miss
Zula "Read" dated Mar. 21st 1900 in Tyler Co.(This was correct, Zula Read was my g-grandmother).
My father was younger when Thomas and Zula split up. None of the living family members seems to have any info.
I guess this was pretty common for that time era.

During my research on the "Read" side of the family, I found that the name was spelled differently.
They have spelled as "Meykadlaras". The search continues....

Thank you again for the has been very helpful and very appreciated!


Re: Meyka Immigrant

Posted: 1248379251000
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Hi Debbie,
Thank you for your reply...

That is an odd census record... (4 children - 3 living)... since Don Enloe was really alive (15 kids.. !!) and not included on the census.

I am hoping that Thomas was still alive in 1910...

Could you estimate his year of birth?

I did see the ship record of the Austrian passenger on your other post, a good find I would say...

Look forward to your reply.

Re: Meyka Immigrant

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The Tomas "Moyka" that I found in the ellis island passenger list states that he was 22 y.o. in 1892 when the "Darmstadt" arrived in New York.

While seacrhing for Thomas/Don Meyka on the One World Tree site under Zulah (Read) I also found a different spelling of the surname, but no information. (Meykadlaras)

Over the weekend I'm going to visit family...hopefully I will find more tidbits of info. And the search continues!
Thanks again for all your help!!!

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