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Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

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Surnames: Davidson, Thomson, Thompson, Kinnerly, Baker
The 1778 Rockbridge Co., VA tithe list shows Edward, John (with 4 tithes), another John, Joseph and William Thompson. In 1787, John Davidson (born 1757 in Augusta Co., VA) married a Mary Thompson, and the marriage record showed Mary's father as a Joseph Thompson. The above tithe list is the first time that I have seen a Joseph Thompson who was a valid possibility to have been Mary's father. Does anyone have any information on these Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons? Were they related to Reverend John Thomson and his wife Margaret (possibly/probably Margaret Osborne)?

In addition, an Alexander Thompson left a will at a fairly young age in Augusta Co., VA around 1824 (as I recall). He mentioned several nieces and nephews, including a Mary Davidson. I suspect that she was the Mary (Thompson) Davidson referenced above, but I have no proof of that. This particular Alexander Thompson is said in one Internet post to have never married and to have had TB. Alexander also mentioned a Shields family in his will, and I know that Rev. John Thomson had descendants who married into a Shields family. Does anyone have any info on this Alexander Thompson and his lineage?

Finally, a William Davidson of Buckingham Co., VA married Martha Baker of Prince Edward Co., VA. Martha's parents were Douglas Baker and Jane Thompson, a daughter of Rev. John Thomson and his wife Margaret. William and Martha (Baker) Davidson moved to Botetourt Co., VA around 1774, and in 1778, that land became part of the newly created Rockbridge Co., VA. In 1781, William and Martha (Baker) Davidson sold their home in Rockbridge, and it was purchased over a several-year period by three different Thompsons. These were John, Thomas and Dorothy Thompson (who married Samuel Kinnerly). Dorothy and Samuel eventually sold the home to Rev. Andrew Baker Davidson, a son of William and Martha (Baker) Davidson. Does anyone know if these three Thompsons were relatives of Rev. John Thomson, and hence, relatives of Martha (Baker) Davidson? Thanks!

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

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It turns out that Alexander Thompson was NOT young when he died in 1824 (unless there were two of them who died then). He is buried at Tinkling Springs Church in Augusta Co., VA, and the headstone shows that he was 92 years old when he died. As such, I assume that he was the Alexander Thompson who was on several records in the county in the mid-late 1700s. I believe that he was the son of a William Thompson. Some folks apparently believe that William Thompson of Beverley Manor in Augusta was likely a relative (maybe a brother) of Reverend John Thomson back in Prince Edward Co., VA (and later NC where the Reverend died). Alexander Thompson is buried near Catherine Long and others in her family, as well as near Nancy Shields. I assume that Nancy Shields was a Thompson who married a Shields (ditto Rachel Shields). Nancy and Rachel Shields, as well as Catherine Long, were mentioned in Alexander Thompson's 1824 will.

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

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I am researching John Thompson (b) 5-17-1775 born in Iredell Co., N. Carolina (m) Rebecca Boyd (b) 3-22-1770. An old inquiry indicated that they he was a grandson of Rev. John Thompson that planted churches in Iredell Co., N. Carolina.

John came to Ohio after 1804 for about 12 years and then moved to Wayne Co., Indiana. He died in 1849.

Would appreciate any information that you may have on this Thompson family.

Carol Schumaker

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Bill Davidson (View posts)
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Reverend John Thom(p)son had three sons, John Thompson, Senior, Abraham Thompson and Roger Thompson.

John Thompson, Senior apparently moved from Amelia/PECo to Campbell Co., VA with his wife, Margaret Phair. They had several children, including a son named John (wife unknown by me, but I may have something in my files)

Abraham Thompson apparently married a Martha LNU (Last name unknown). They had several children, including a son named John who apprently married Mary Ann McGehee.

Roger Thompson apparently married Ann Ferguson. A Josiah Thompson MAY have been their son.

I have no information on anyone in the family being born in Iredell, NC, but I have traced only some of the family members. I have received some info from other researchers, I will look through that and post again if I find anything to help you. The Rev. went to NC simply because (apparently) a married daughter lived there.

There were two other Thompson families in VA that some believe were probably closely related to the Reverend. Both were headed by William Thompsons, and strangely, both had wives named Jane (and one is known to have been Jane Caldwell). One William lived in Amelia, Lunenburg and Bedford Co., VA (at a minimum; was in different counties, depending on the time-frame) and the other William lived in the Beverly Manor portion of Augusta Co., VA. I have tracked some of the members of these two families, but again, I have nothing on anyone being born in Iredell, NC. I will check my larger Thompson file and let you know if I see anything of interest.

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Carol Schumaker (View posts)
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Thanks so much for answering my E-mail on John Thompson.

On Ohio and Indiana Census records for my John Thompson (b) 1775 indicates that he was born in N. Carolina. About a year ago I came across a small inquiry sent to a Chicago paper in about 1934 from a person researcing John Thompson married to Rebecca Boyd. She indicated that he was born in Iredell County, N. Carolina.

I cannot locate any John Thompson in N. Carolina that married Rebecca Boyd, however when he sold his land in Ohio and purchased land in Indiana there was a notice of the land transfer which included his wife's name Rebecca.

My great aunt, now deceased had a record of John Thompson (m) to Rebecca Boyd also. I have checked Virginia, N. Carolina and Kentucky for a noticeof marriage. They had a son in N. Carolina called Robert Fielding Thompson (b) 9-18-1801. His son, Levi L. was born 1813 in Ohio. He purchased land in Preble County, Ohio in 1815. There probaly were other children born in N. Carolina and Ohio between these years.

There are a number of John Thompsons in Iredell County and also a number of Boyd families but caanot find any children with the name Rebecca.

Thank you for looking up the information that you sent and if you find any other possible leads I would very much appreciate it. Thanks so much for all you help.


Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

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Surnames: Thompson
Bill, I am researching William Thompson (born abt 1688) and his descendants, William was married to Jane. William is supposed to have died 1781 in Augusta Co, Va, was from Ireland and is mentioned in Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom, 1971, published by the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church. He may have came to America 24 Jul 1740.

The line I am most concerned with is John Thompson (abt 1720) died Nov 1758 in Augusta Co, Va

His son James Thompson (abt 1737) married Rebecca Gay in Rockbridge Co., VA circa 1770. He may be the Captain James Thompson of Lord Dunmore's War. He died 1790 in Lincoln Co, Ky

1774-1775 Indian Attacks and Frontier Militia Defense
Dunmore’s War – Battle of Point Pleasant
From the Perspective of Reedy Creek and Kings Fort

Fincastle County Militia of Captain James Thompson, who was paid for 94 days of service, dates not known. His company of 125+ men
Early Settlers of Washington County, Virginia
These families were in the county previous to 1772
James Thompson
Land sales 16 SEP 1773 to Zachariah Johnston, paid them 225 pounds in Augusta Co. VA
Battle of Kings Mountain Patriot Roster - October 7, 1780
Thompson, James, Captain

1782 Washington County, Virginia
Personal Property Tax List
Major Dysart's Precinct
Name Tithes Horses Cattle Slaves
Thompson, James, Capt. 1 35 90 16
Children of James Thompson and Rebecca Gay
John THOMPSON b: AFT. 1770 in Augusta Co. VA
Margaret THOMPSON b: AFT. 1770 in Augusta Co. VA
Henry THOMPSON b: AFT. 1775 in Augusta Co. VA
Sarah THOMPSON b: 1780 in Augusta Co. VA
Alexander THOMPSON b: 1782 in Augusta Co. VA
James THOMPSON b: ABT. 1784

Any information to prove or disprove this line would be most helpful. Feel free to email me.

David Lester

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Bill Davidson (View posts)
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Surnames: Thompson, Davidson, Caldwell, Ritchie, Gay, Allison, Rootes, Houston, Patton, Osborne, Baker
As you may know, there were several "separate" Thompson families in VA in the 1700s. Based just on available documentation, it can be tough to prove exactly which ones were actually related to each other. DNA testing on descendants, however, may someday help to sort at least some of this out.

In the Orange/Augusta Co., VA area, there seems to have been at least three of these "potentially separate" Thompson families (though they very well may have been branches of the same overall family):

1. A Mathew Thompson (who was married to a Margaret) died there in 1753, and he had sons named Mathew, William and John, and he had a daughter who was also named Margaret.

2. A Moses Thompson and an apparently related Adam Thompson were also there. They apparently were also in SC for a while. There were also some other Thompson names who seemed to be associated with these guys.

3. William and Jane Thompson, of whom you spoke, were probably the best-researched group in Augusta Co., VA. They lived in the Beverley Manor portion of the county, and they provided land for Tinkling Springs Church in that area.

Note: there was also a Hugh Thompson in Augusta Co., VA, but I suspect that he was associated with one of the above three groups (but I don't know that for sure).

William Thompson and his wife Jane (last name unknown) of Beverley Manor in Orange/Augusta (and later Rockbridge) Co., VA had: William, Jr. (married Mary Patton), Colonel Alexander (married a Sprowl/Spoule or something like that), John (probably the one who married a Margaret; see below), Robert (youngest son; I may have some more info on him around here somewhere), Agnes (married an Edmondson/Edmundson), Rebecca (married a McNeely) and Sarah (married a Hendry or Henry).

I know that the above William Thompson, Junior and his wife Mary had: James, Nancy, Henry, Mary, Margaret, Isabelle, Sarah, John and Elizabeth.

A John Thompson, who was married to a Margaret, died sometime before 1760. I assume that this was the John Thompson who was the son of the first William Thompson and his wife Jane, above. On 24 Nov 1743, this John Thompson had received 400 acres of land from John Seawright, and John Seawright had previously received that same land from Mr. Beverley/Beverly himself. When John died (I guess you have found that he died in 1758, correct?), his land was deeded to his son Thomas Thompson. In 1760, Thomas Thompson willed 200 acres of this land to his brother Robert Thompson, and also devised the other 200 acres to his other brother James Thompson. On 26 Mar 1773 in Augusta Co., VA, the above Robert Thompson and his wife Agness, and the above James Thompson and his wife Rebecca, sold the 400 acres to Zachariah Johnson. A John Davidson was a witness to this last transaction. Per a later record on 18 Aug 1784, it appears that the above Thomas Thompson had a daughter named Margaret, and she was listed as his only heir in that record (unless that was talking about a different Thomas Thompson). I did not know that Rebecca's maiden name was Gay until I saw your post.

A different James Thompson left a will in the Borden's Tract portion of Augusta Co., VA in 1773. I assume that this was the son of William Thompson, Junior (but that is just an educated guess). This James Thompson was married to a Mary, and their children were: John, William, James, Joseph, Mary, Catrin, Margaret (married a Hall) and Elizabeth (married a Ward). It looks like some members of this branch ended-up in Rockbridge Co., VA, per the 1778 and 1783 Head of Household Lists. Joseph Thompson was married to a Mary, and they had a daughter named Mary Thompson who married a John Davidson in 1787 in Rockbridge Co., VA. I don't know if this was the same John Davidson who was a witness on that 1773 deed mentioned above (there were four John Davidsons in Augusta Co., VA, (two sets of father/son pairs), and two of the four John Davidsons were still alive in 1773 and 1787).

Note: There is nothing to indicate that the two sets of John Davidsons mentioned above were related, and one set lived in the Mill Creek area and one set lived in the Collier's Creek area of Augusta Co., VA. It appears that the "Collier's Creek" father named John Davidson was married to Mary Allison and that his son named John (died 1798) was married to Sarah Rootes. It appears that the other father (in "Mill Creek") named John Davidson (died 1762) was married to Elizabeth Houston (from the family that produced General Samuel Houston of "Texas fame") and that his son named John (born 1757) was the one who married Mary Thompson in 1787. This last John was the only John Davidson of the above four who lived into the 1800s.

Note: I mentioned a Hugh Thompson earlier. He was married to an Eleanor, and a James Thompson was his heir. This James Thompson was married to a Jane, and they deeded land to a Samuel Henderson. As such, we have yet another James Thompson in Augusta Co., VA. As I mentioned above, I am not certain as to which Thompson family Hugh Thompson belonged. If you ever determine that, please let me know (I really have not tried too hard to figure that out yet, so the answer might be easier than I think).

In 1781, a Davidson family that was likely unrelated to the other two Davidson families mentioned above (since this family had come to Botetourt/Rockbridge from Buckingham/Prince Edward Co., VA in 1774) sold their home in Rockbridge Co, VA to a John Thompson. John Thompson later willed that home to a Thomas Thompson (in 1799, if I recall correctly) and then Thomas Thompson either willed or deeded the home to a Dorothy Thompson in the early 1800s. Dorothy married a Mr. Samuel Kinnerly/Kennerly, as I recall, and they eventually sold the home back to a member of the Davidson family who was named Reverend Andrew Baker Davidson. The Reverend Davidson was the son of William and Martha (Baker) Davidson who had built the home around 1774/1775. I assume that the John Thompson who bought the home first could have been the son of William Thompson, Junior, or the grandson of William Thompson, Junior (son of James Thompson), depending on their ages in 1781. Of course, that Robert Thompson (married to Agness) and James Thompson (married to Rebecca) who were the brothers of that first/earlier Thomas Thompson (sons of the "oldest" John Thompson and grandsons of William and Jane Thompson)) could have also had a son named John Thompson (I have not attempted to determine the children of that Robert and James). In addition, I don't know much, if anything, about the descendants of the first Robert Thompson who was the youngest son of William and Jane Thompson, and I don't know too much about the descendants of Colonel Alexander Thompson either.

The Martha Baker who had married William Davidson back in Buckingham or Prince Edward Co., VA around 1768 or so was the daughter of Douglas Baker and Jane Thompson. Jane Thompson was the daughter of Reverend John Thom(p)son and his wife Margaret of Amelia/Prince Edward Co., VA (they came to VA from PA in the 1700s). Most believe that Margaret was Margaret Osborne, and the mother of the Mary Patton who married William Davidson, Junior out in Augusta Co., VA was also an Osborne. This, plus a couple of other clues (like a common association with a Finley), make some people think that the Reverend John Thom(p)son and the oldest William Davidson out in Beverley Manor were related. As such, it might have been some "Thompson connection" that caused William and Martha (Baker) Davidson to move to the Botetourt area in the first place. In 1778, their land in Botetourt became part of Rockbridge Co., VA, and that is where the home was when it was sold to a John Thompson in 1781. William and Martha (Baker) Davidson moved again to what was still Botetourt by 1782, and that is where they died (William in 1812 and Martha in 1829). John Davidson and his wife Mary Thompson lived in Rockbridge Co., VA. As I stated before, it does not appear that John Davidson of Augusta/Botetourt/Rockbridge and William Davidson out of Buckingham Co., VA were related, but their wives, Mary Thompson and Martha (Baker) Davidson, may have been related, since Martha's mother was a Thompson.

Please note that there was another William and Jane Thompson. This Jane was Jane Caldwell, and this couple lived in various counties in VA, including Amelia, Lunenburg and Bedford. Like the William and Jane in Augusta Co., VA, they also had a son named Alexander Thompson (who married a Ritchie, as I recall), and both of these Thompson families were associated with Caldwells. It has not been proven, however, if these two Thompson families were related.

I don't think that I have much more to offer on the James Thompson who married Rebecca Gay. I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep me appraised of any new information that you obtain on him and his family (or on any other Thompsons in VA). Comments on any of the above?

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Bill Davidson (View posts)
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The following sentence in my previous message should have said "William Thompson," NOT "William Davidson." Sorry about that:

This, plus a couple of other clues (like a common association with a Finley), make some people think that the Reverend John Thom(p)son and the oldest William Davidson out in Beverley Manor were related.

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

Bill Davidson (View posts)
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UPDATE: Hugh Thompson is said to have been a brother of William Thompson, Senior. He married an Eleanor and had children, including a son named James Thompson who married a Jane and a daughter who married Bryce Russell.

William Thompson, Senior and his wife Jane had: William Thompson, Junior (married Mary Patton), John Thompson (married Margaret Means), Alexander Thompson (married Margaret Sprouel), Robert Thompson (married an Elinor), Agnes Thompson (married James Edmundson), Rebecca Thompson (married a McNeely) and Sarah Thompson (married a Hendry).

There was also a Mathew Thompson, Senior in Augusta Co., VA who was married to a Martha and who died in 1753. Per his will, he had sons named Mathew "Junior," John and William, and a daughter named Margaret. I suspect that he also had an older (and wealthy) son named James Thompson who died in 1773. This James Thompson left a will which stated that he was married to a Mary and that he was from the Borden's Tract/Grant area (the will also named their various children). I do not know if Mathew Thompson, Senior and William Thompson, Senior were related, but that would not surprise me, based on a couple of clues.

Re: Rockbridge Co., VA Thompsons

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Do you have any information re children of William Thompson, Jr. Also, could his wife have been Mary Patterson rather than Patton.

Am trying to find roots for Thomas Patterson Thompson, b.1808 GA; d. 1861 KY Confederate service. He named two sons William. He had ten children (migrated MS to LA)

Be glad to share info----and would really appreciate any help on his heritage. Thanks. Sybil Thompson
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