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John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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Surnames: Maddox or Maddon
I am trying to research John maddox/Maddon whom claimed to be the owner of "Mary Moore", sold in in Sydney 1899. He stated that he was from Swansea, Wales, he would have been born C.1846 and died 1917.

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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Can you identify the source of these details please.

Where do you see him claiming to be the owner of the "Mary Moore".

Where and when do you see him saying he was born in Swansea, Wales.

Where did he die in 1917 and what is the source for his approximate age.

If you have BDM certificates can you give the details please.

Did he marry and have a family....who/when/where?.

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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I do see a few mentions in the newspapers of John MADDOX being the master of the "Mary Moore", but nothing about him being the owner. In this time period masters had to be qualified and perhaps it is him in the Lloyd's Captain's Registers - born 1846 at Fishguard, Pembroke, Wales and received his certificate of competency at Liverpool in 1873.


Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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Is this him?

Mornington Standard, Saturday 24 November 1917
Residents of Frankston and district will be sorry to learn- that 'The Hermit' has been removed to the Melbourne Hospital. On Sunday last, Dr Maxwell, hearing that the old-man was ill, visited the camp and found him suffering from heart trouble. John Maddox, who was formerly a sea captain, has lived a life practically cut off from the out side world, in a secluded spot, about two miles from Frankston, for the past twelve years. His unique and picturesque abode has been admired by hundreds of visitors to Frankston from whom he refuses to accept money, preferring to work for his food. (Since the above was in type we learn that "The Hermit" died at the Homoepathic Hospital on Friday morning last. The body will be brought to Frankston today and buried in Frankston cemetery on Sunday afternoon.)

The Argus, Monday 26 November 1917
FRANKSTON, Friday: - At the Homoeopathic Hospital, St Kilda road, yesterday morning, there passed away an eccentric man, John Maddox, who for 20 years has haunted the seashore. For eight years he occupied a primative cabin near the beach at Elwood, where he was well known amongst the yachtsmen. He nexted camped on the Government reserve between the Nepean Road and the sea, about two miles out of Frankston. It is over 12 years since he first came to Frankston, and during that time his camp has been inspected by thousands of visitors. During his residence in Frankston he refused all monetary assistance.
Every day at 9 a.m and 4 p.m he used to call the birds, and hundreds of birds of all sort would fly around him, while he fed them. Maddox has left no relatives here but he is supposed to have a sister somewhere in Wales. He was receiving the old-age pension for some little time before his death, and the public are to be asked to contribute towards his funeral expenses. Donations may be sent to Mr. Mark Brody, Frankston.

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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All that I know appears in this article
Mornington dromana Standard 14th january 1911
Hermit in the Hospital. AN OLD SEA CAPTAIN. The following interview is reprinted from the "Herald" of Monday last: "Bad news I've heard to-day. Yes, bad news indeed," sail an old man with a kindly, ruddy face fringed with long white whiskers, as he sat in his bed at the Melbourne Hospital. "They tel, me," he continued, "that it has been rumored that I am dead, and my fear is that people will get running over my property on the beach, about which there has been much curiosity on the part of the pub- lic." The old man, who is suffering from heart affection, was made to laugh by the old gag that was first played off by Mark Twain about the rumor being exaggerated and by the expression of opinion that he looked good enough to last out many a year. This patient is an imnteretring man, and his abode in a scrub clearing on the beach between Carrum and Frank ston is well-known owing to its quaint decorative scheme, which is severely nautical and highly ingenious. The place is one of the sights of the dis district, and the "Hermitage"' has a reputation far and wide. The old man's name was unknown to most people until recently, and when questioned to-:day he seemed dis appointed at finding that who he was is now known outside the Hospital ward. "But," he sighed, "I suppose it is another of my tribulations." He is given to the quotation of scripture, and when asked if he were a religious man his eyes fired as he replied, "Aye, I have tried to be. I've had my tribulations, and I know they've been visited on me for some good purpose by an a'l-wise Providence. I thought that I would keep my name to myself, but I have been unable to do so. Policemen, detectives and lots of other people have tried to find out what it was, but without success. Eleven years ago T stamped it out, but now that it has come out there are many people in Melbourne who will remem- her John Maddon who knew him not as 'the Hermit' " Maddon states that he followed the humble, lonely life because "it was or- dained." He had suffered greatly, but was always buoyed up by spiritual guidance. He lived by the sale of carved cuttle fish shells, and by doing any odd jobs that might come his way. Once, he states, he was without food at Frankston for nine days. He went into Frankston and sold some of his earings and so was enabled to buy bread. Though people in the district thought he was a shipwrecked sailor and flippantly called him 'captain,' the old man says that in reality he was a captain, and had sailed his own ship, a vesse of 900 tons, and named the Mary Moore, which he states he sold in Sydney in 1899. Maddon is 65 years of age, and came from Swansea, Wales.

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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What an interesting story...

The Sydney Morning Herald misspelled (?) the name as 'Maddock' in an 1897 report...

Saturday 12 June 1897 (Source: TROVE)

"At the Newcastle Police Court to-day Captain Maddock, of the barque Mary Moore, was fined 2 pound and one guinea professional costs, in addition to costs of Court, for having assaulted John Webber, boatswain of the barque."

The boat was sold in 1906, the owner at that time being a Mr A. Sweet.

Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 3 August 1906

"SALE OF THE MARY MOORE. The barque Mary Moore, a composite vessel built in 1868 by Messrs. A. Stephen and Sons, of Glasgow, and owned by Mr. A. Sweet, was yesterday sold, though Messrs. Nelson and Robertson, of this city, to the Melbourne Steamship Company, Limited, to be used as a coal hulk..."



brings up information about the 'Mary Moore', with a reference to Maddox & Co in the field 'PORTS OF REGISTRY and Owners' (see Key to the Register)

"MARYPORT'68 J.Norman, jnr: b70b75 Norman,jnr: b80b85 J.Norman, jnr.: LONDONb90 W.Montgomery: b98 Maddox &Co: SYDNEYb02 G.J.Robertson: MELBOURNE'04: b10 Melbourne Steamship Co (hulk)"

Cheers, Anne

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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Adding a little to Debra's post re John Maddox, born Fishguard.

Source: UK National Archives
Covering dates 1891 Jan 1 - 1891 Dec 31
Held by The National Archives, Kew

"Ship: Mary Moore; Official number: 48615.

John Maddox; rank/rating, Master; age, 44; place of birth, Fishguard; previous ship, Inverness of Swansea.

Amongst the crew, a Llewellyn Maddox, same place of birth (?)

Llewelyn Maddox; rank/rating, Boatswain; age, 47; place of birth, Fishguard; previous ship, Llandaf City of Bristol."


Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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'Welsh Mariners Index' also has an Enoch Maddox, born Fishguard.

"MADDOX Enoch Fishguard 1848 13183 00/00/35 om71 OC75 PEM 122/15&84
1876 address: 35 James St., Swansea. C/70899/Taurida/1880-2, M, For. C/78767/Livadia/1882-4. C/86260/Norseman/1884-7, US. C/91164/Roman/1887-8, US. Dead - Journal of Commerce (recent wills) 16 November 1935.

MADDOX John Fishguard 1846 88713 om68 1m71 OC73 PEM 122/58&60
2m/51113/Golconda/1869-71, Valparaiso. m/38968/Isabella/1871-2, Mataro?, Bona. m/51116/Powhaltan/1872-3, Valparaiso. m/63580/Silurian/1873-4, Valparaiso. 1m/47854/Alpha/1874-5, Valparaiso. m/51107/Delta/1875-6, Valparaiso. m&C/51117/Iota/1876-9, SP. 2m/76521/Balcarres/1879, NA, Med. C/58076/Ocean Rover/1880-7, SP. C/63519/Inverness/1887-8, Cp, SP. C/48615/Manymore/1895. (BT122/85)."


Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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Thank you so much. This informtion is so helpful

Re: John Maddox/ Maddon "The Mary Moore"

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I think this is enochs family on Roman 1890
112 Mrs Maddox F Wife England Visitor
113 John Maddox 9 M England Visitor
114 Daisy Maddox 7 F England Visitor
115 Eohel Maddox 6 F England Visitor
116 Winner Maddox 2 F England Visitor
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