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George Vogt of Missouri

George Vogt of Missouri

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Surnames: Vogt, Fox, Burgan, Nansel, Mangelsdorf, Gockel
George Vogt b1835 in Germany, d1914 Missouri. He lived in Jefferson County, Missouri where he met his wife Maria Burgan m1854.

He immigrated with his mother in either 1852, which is the data found in the 1880 census or 1848, which is what my family has passed down. His mother was widowed having lost both her husband and a son in the German revolution. We are unsure if he and his mother originally lived in Illinois or Missouri but did spend the majority of his life in Missouri. I also know in the 1870s he went to South Dakota for the gold rush.

She remarried in Missouri to a man who we believe was a mortician. My grandpa said that talked about a man named Fox, so possibly that was related to her husband somehow. Also during WWIthe family contacted relatives still in germany so im assuming both or one of his parent's relatives stayed in germany. Because I don't know her first name or maiden name I am unsure of records for her. I have cross referenced a lot of information looking for her in hopes of finding more information on Vogts in Germany.i know George Vogt listed Hessen as his birth place but cannot find record of his birth.

If anyone knows anything about this line please help, or if you know how to find lists of names of soldiers who died in German revolution. My motivation for all this comes from my deep desire to find our german ancestors for my grandpa. If you are related I have many other family stories passed down that I have been told by my grandpa I would be happy to share. Other surnames which are part of out family include Nansel, Mangelsdorf, and Gockel; which I also have information on.

George Vogt Born 1860 married Kate Nansel
Their son John Emil Vogt married Ida Clara Mangelsdorf who was the child of Martin Gustof micheal Mangelsdorf and Anna Maria Georgina Gockel wh was the child of August Phillip Gockel and Frances Franziska Henrietta Huss ( I have little information on the Huss line but would like to find more)

Re: George Vogt of Missouri

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Surnames: Vogt
Do you have his death certificate already? If not, here's a link which I hope will open.

The informant was George Vogt Jr, who did not know George Sr's parents' names, but gave "Eschwege, Hessen Nassau" as the birthplace. There is a town named Eschwege, if it was spelled correctly on the death cert.

Maybe that will give you another lead if you didn't have the town name.


Re: George Vogt of Missouri

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With the name of that town, you might want to go to and look under the "catalog" tab to see what films are available. It looks like there are both Protestant (Evangelische) and Jewish records available as well as some civil marriage records for Eschwege. Try copying and pasting this site into your browser:

You can also do a keyword and subject search.

Re: George Vogt of Missouri

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I’m not related to any member of this family.

Facts you should know about the early census records –

All census records [1790 – 1840] prior to the 1850 census ONLY listed the head of household; whether male or female.

NO specific age was stated for any family member
NO place of birth was stated – city, state, or country
NO city, town, or village is stated – only the county; however some census takers listed the township
NO street address was stated
NO marital status was stated – single, married, widowed, or divorced
NO family relationship was stated – brother, sister, cousin, son, daughter, wife, inlaw, etc…
NO occupation was stated
NO parental birthplaces are stated
NO race was stated [but assume “white”]

1850, 1860 & 1870 census records do not show family relationships, marital status or parental birthplaces.

Step children are not enumerated as “step” children
Adopted children are not enumerated as “adopted”
Grand children are not enumerated as “grand children”
Orphaned children were not enumerated as "orphan"
Immigration date is not recorded

1850 is the 1st census that shows all family members

1880 is the 1st census that shows parental birthplaces and family relationships +++

Missouri Death Records
Death certificates for Missouri 1910-1962 deaths can be downloaded and printed out for FREE, at this site:

- - Birth & Death records for Missouri began in 1910 - -

George's death cert. is here.
Parents names & birthplaces are listed as - unknown.

You wrote - "
He immigrated with his mother in either 1852, which is the data found in the 1880 census or 1848." FALSE, the 1880 census does not ask for immigration dates.

1880 -
Name: George Vogt
Age: 45
Birth Year: abt 1835
Birthplace: Hessen
Home in 1880: Rock, Jefferson, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Maria Vogt
Father's Birthplace: Hessen
Mother's Birthplace: Hessen
Occupation: Farmer

George Vogt 45, GER [Hessen] - farmer
Maria Vogt 42, ILL [aka = Mary]
John Vogt 20, MO
Jakob Vogt 18, MO
Sarah Vogt 12, MO
Anna Vogt 11, MO
George Vogt 4, MO

1900 -
Name: George Vogt
[George S Vogt]
Age: 65
Birth Date: Mar 1835
Birthplace: Germany
Home in 1900: Rock, Jefferson, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1852
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Mary Vogt
Marriage Year: 1854
Years Married: 46
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Occupation: farmer

George Vogt 65, 3/35 GER - farmer
Mary Vogt 61, 2/39 MO - 9 children & 6 living
George Vogt 24, 8/75 MO - married 3 yrs
Katie Vogt 23, 3/77 MO - d/inlaw, 2 children
Hubert Vogt 2, 11/97 MO - g/son
Emile Vogt 7m, 11/99 MO - g/son
Jacob Vogt 17, 7/82 MO - g/son

There is a Jacob Vogt living next to George who could be his son. Jacob was born 10/61 MO.

1910 -
Name: George Vogt
Age in 1910: 76
Birth Year: abt 1834
Birthplace: Germany
Home in 1910: Rock, Jefferson, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1854
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany

George Vogt 76, GER - no wife listed.

George Vogt Jr. lives next to him.

Cem. Record -
Maria Vogt
Birth: Feb. 17, 1839
Death: Apr. 18, 1903

Antonia Cemetery 1880
Jefferson County

George & Maria Vogt's children -
Christopher W. SR VOGT 1856 – 1935
John F. Vogt 1861 – 1915
George Jacob Bernard Vogt JR. 1861 – 1945
Sarah Margaret Vogt 1868 –
Catherine Anna Vogt 1869 –
George Vogt 1875 – 1960

George did not arrive in New York with his mother. He was traveling alone. --

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name: George Vogt
Arrival Date: 21 Nov 1854
Birth Date: abt 1835
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Baden
Port of Departure: Le Havre, France
Destination: United States of America
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: New York

Parents -
Unknown VOGT 1810-1835

Re: George Vogt of Missouri

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Yes, you are right it is the 1900 census that I was referring to. I was going off the top of my head. He is not the George that came in 1854 alone, I know he was here prior to 1854 because he married his wife in that year. I had been looking in 1852 because of the information on the 1900 census but other family member knew it to be earlier. His mother had lost another son and her husband to the German Revolution and wanted to leave with George to get away from it.He would have been between 14-17 years old depending when he came, I believe that he was either listed as child under his mother or on a ship document which on this site lists less information such as who was traveling with him (there is one in Philadelphia which would match up but no way to tell about his mother) or though he is listed solely as George Vogt in all documents here in the US, perhaps his first name was something different. I think it may be the later because when looking in documents in Germany I cannot find anything for his birth either although, there is a Jakob listed with a christening date that would fall into the time frame following his birth.

Is there a way that you know of to look up lists of particular professions in St. Louis for the 1850-1860s? I know that his mother married a mortician so thought maybe I could try comparing marriages to immigration to find her name but, have had not luck.

Or a place to see German causalities for the german revolution?

Thanks for the help
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