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passenger list for the Transport

passenger list for the Transport

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I am trying to verify that an ancestor traveled on the Transport to Virginia. His sponsor received land for his travel in 1638 so the record for which I am looking would be prior to that date. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Online ships passenger lists for ships arriving in New England are found at

Scroll down the page til you see the ships listed by year of arrival.

Good luck!


Re: passenger list for the Transport

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Thanks for your reply but the Transport most likely arrived in Virginia and not New England. Do you have southern ship arrivals on your web page?

Re: passenger list for the Transport

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I have ship arrivals for *all* ports in USA and Canada

You can search by year of arrival (all USA) OR by port of arrival (such as Ships to VA) and within each port, the ships are arranged by year OR by ethnic group (English, Irish, German, Mormons, Palatines, Huguenots, etc) is the starting point you want. Read the page, then make your choice

Re: passenger list for the Transport

Hollis Cook (View posts)
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Surnames: Cooks from London, England
I am looking for William and Mary ( Blackborne ) Cook &
their young son, William, that is said to have been born on the
ship TRANSPORT as they sailed from London, England to the
Isle of Wight co., Va. My limited information says that they
left London on July 4th. 1635 ( some say 1633 ).
Is this the Family that you are looking for? If so, have you located more information on them and the ship call the TRANSPORT?

Re: passenger list for the Transport

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In doing genealogy research I have come across these names on some ships lists.
Ship name: Bark Hannah Thornton, arrival 6/11/1850, PA.
Found: Wm. Reid age 40 male
Found: Mary Reid age 20 female
occupations listed overall as farmers, weavers, laborers, and spinsters. Country from listed as Ireland.
I am looking for some of my names from Ireland as well. I am not having any luck with ship lists. 1850 census show them listed at the end of Sept 1850. My ggggrandfather was born during the voyage 1 may 1850 and they are in the census 29 sept 1850 in Virginia and they are listed as being born in Ireland. So I only have a 4 or 5 month duration in 1850 to look at. I think they might have landed in Virginia because of that 4 or 5 month duration. Maybe PA. What ship lists should one look at during 1850 for names coming from Ireland. Look for name of Hayes or Haze, Edward, Catherine, Mary, or Cornelius. Also looking for Cronin/Cronan on same ship possibly. How do I find the ship Bark Hannah Thornton. That might be the ship I need.

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You say you've had no luck with ships lists, but have you checked the filmed indexes to passenger surnames? For 1850 most ports of arrival in USA are indexed.

NY is one that is not, although an index on CD ROM exists.

New Orleans also is not indexed pre 1853 but the ports you list have been done.

Since you say "maybe PA or VA" here's the info you need for those two states:

For a complete list of film numbers for ships going to PA
after 1820, see

Find the film you need and write down the
NARA or Family History Centre film number you need.

Then you can order the film in to your nearest FHC or have
NARA do the lookup for you.

The staff of the National Archives will undertake a search
of the original records for a fee

To find your nearest FHC you can go to

If you want to try your luck ONline, there is a custom
search engine that will search most Internet sites
with ships going to PA.

and choose PENNSYLVANIA from the state choices.

Scroll down to the yellow search engine.

Since he was Irish, you could also check Irish to USA at

For VA, go to Scroll down til you find films for VIRGINIA and click on the link

Also, here's one more idea for you. While there are no published indexes strictly for English immigrants, I realized I could help a bit by creating a search engine that would search the Internet (and OTG) for ships FROM
England to USA or Canada

The search engine is complete and it will search multiple
websites for passengers sailing from England to USA only. I
will be creating one for Canada as soon as I have time.

This page also includes alternate resource ideas for
searching your English ancestry, and links to offsite databases as well as Olive Tree Genealogy pages.

I hope this is helpful. I will be adding to the search
engine as I find more ships. To use the custom search engine,
scroll to the bottom and look for the large yellow box.


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Who was his sponsor? I am assuming you are referring to Wm Cook,
per page

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