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Surnames: LeJeune, Labat, Gautrot, Boutin, Tibaudeau
There is a book "The Rising Village, Chapters in the History of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia" written by a long time resident of Petite Riviere, Malcolm G. Parks. It deals mainly with the latter history after 1750's but several families were mentioned as residing in LeHave/Petite Riviere area before that period. All of them are connected to or are Le Jeune families. Jean Labat and wife Renee Gautrot, a daughter of Francois Gautrot and Edmee Le Jeune. Pierre and wife Marie Tibaudeau and Martin Le Jeune. Joseph Boutin and wife Marie LeJeune. and Germain Le Jeune

There are still traces of a French and Indian burial ground in the community. My son played in a pit along the shore. He was told by the landowner it was once the basement of a French home.

Next year there is a celebration for the 400th anniversary since Champlain arrived in our waters. Our community was named Petite Riviere by that party. I am on one of the committees. While searching the Internet for information on the Le Jeune family, I thought it would be nice to send a Hello from Petite Riviere, past home of the Le Jeune family.

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Hi, do you have any information on the LeJeune's you mentioned? If you do could you please contact me. Thanks, Dora
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Surnames: LeJeune, LaBatt,
Hello Dora,
The only information I have on the LeJeune family is this taken from the book "The Rising Village, Chapters in the History of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia" written by a long time resident of Petite Riviere, Malcolm G. Parks.

"Most of the Petite Riviere householders throughout this period remain nameless in the inadequate records; only four of them are not entirely lost in the bare statistics. One was Jean Labat, a man of fifty who was living in Petite Riviere in 1686 without his wife but by 1693 had rejoined her at Port Royal, and was therefore a short-term resident. Joan E. Dawson conjectures that this man "appears to be the same Jean de Labatte, dit Marquis, who in 1671, at 33 years of age, was at Port Royal with his wife, Renee Gautrot, 19, a daughter of Francois Gautrot and Edmee Le Jeune, and therefore a cousin of Pierre and Martin Le Jeune of LaHave". Another on the list of 1686 was Pierre Le Jeune, a man of twenty-eight who, though not specifically located at Petite Riviere, probably lived there rather than at LaHave. With his wife Marie (nee Tibaudeau), he lived on one arpent (about an acre) of land. Like Jean Labat, Le Jeune was attracted by the main French settlement on the other side of the province, for by 1693 he with his wife and three children were at Port Royal, farming eight arpents with cattle, sheep, and pigs. He remained at Port Royal until around 1699, but by 1704 he and his family were back in Petite Riviere; four years later, in 1708, he was still there, and by this time he had four sons and four daughters. The third named resident of Petite Riviere in 1708 was , in fact, Le Jeune's son-in-law, Joseph Boutin, who had married Marie, the Le Jeunes' eldest daughter. Finally, many years later in 1745, a fourth resident is named, one Germain Le Jeune, possibly a son of Pierre Le Jeune."

The 1686 Acadian Census taken by Monsieur De Meulles, Intendant of New France and Acadia at the beginning of 1686 can be found at:
Look at
Port la Haive and Mirliguaiche

One name mentioned as a son in law of Pierre LE JEUNE was Joseph Boutin who married Marie Marguirite LE JEUNE.
Malcolm has that he lived at Petite Riviere in 1708. More can be found about this family at:

Another name mentioned living here in 1704 was Jean Labat (Jean de Labatte, dit Marquis) who was married to Renee Gautrot, daughter of Francois Gautrot and Edmee LeJeune, a sister to Pierre LeJeune
And Finally Germaine Lejeune, son of Pierre LeJeune is mentioned as living here in 1745

Another website which may help you is called 5900 Acadians at:

You may have to cut and paste these addresses into your address line of your browser for them to work.
These names were taken from "The Rising Village, Chapters in the History of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia." by Malcolm G. Parks. (Long time resident of Petite Riviere)
Here are a few more sites to check out. (Mostly LaBat and Lejeune )

LABATTE <dit Le MARQUIS>, Jean, n 1638 [R1671] ou 1636 [R1686], laboureur en 1671, associé de Guillaume Blanchard le 27-12-1699 [MSGCF 5 39], témoin en 1700, n 1632 [R1699:jean labar], n 1631 [R1701]

GAUTEROT, Renée, n 1652 [R1671], n 1652 [R1699:jeanne goutrot], n 1652
[R1701] (François & Edmée LEJEUNE) [R1671-M]

[R1671] Port-Royal #32

[R1686] Petite rivière de la Hève col 8 lui seul

[R1699] Port-Royal p. 8

[R1701] Port-Royal p. 26

Found at:
In the spring of 1633, lands were plowed some 15 kilometers west from Fort Saint-Marie-de-Grâces at Petite-Rivière. Some 40 people were established there. This was the nucleus of the La Hève colony.

" We are certain that there were at least five children in the family of Pierre Cellier (1647-1710) and of Marie Joseph, alias Marie Joseph Le Jeune or Marie Joseph Aimée. These are:

a - Pierre Cellier, fils, married to Marie Joseph Le Jeune, born the 16th of June 1718, daughter of Germain, (son of Pierre Le Jeune, dit Briard, and of Marie Thibodeau), and of Anne-Marie Trahan, of La Petite-Rivière, near La Hève (a). This Pierre Cellier, fils, having died, his widow Marie Joseph Le Jeune, said from the parish of Assomption, married a second time at
Port-Lajoie the 20th of September 1751 Abraham Benoit, called an inhabitant of petit hauts (sic), widower of Angélique Vincent and son of Pierre Benoit and of Isabelle Le Juge of the parish of Assomption. Several months later, the 2nd of February 1752, at the same place, Anne Marguerite Cellier,
daughter of her first marriage, born the 29th of October 1707 and baptized the 27th of November following at Grand-Pré, wed Jean Douairon (Douaron, Doiron), son of Philippe and of Marie Guidry, deceased.

Found at

This Cellier family is apparently another family living at Petite Riviere and related to the LeJeune Family
3- Renee (Jeanne) Gautrot b: Abt. 1652; d: 8 July 1737 Port Royal, Acadia
+Jean Labat dit Le Marquis b: Abt. 1638; m: Abt. 1671 Port Royal, Acadia; d: 19 November 1714 Port Royal, Acadia

Notes for Renee (Jeanne) Gautrot:
- 1671 Port Royal: Jehan LaBatte 33 farmer, wife Renee Gautrot 19; 26 cattle, 15 sheep, 15 arpents
- 1686 La Heve: Jean LaBat 50 inhabitant of La Petite Riviere de La Heve.
- 1693 Port Royal: Jean Labat 60, wife Jeanne Gautrot 40; 8 cattle, 10 sheep, 8 hogs, 18 arpents, 2 guns.
- 1698 Port Royal: Jean LaBat 60, wife Renee Gotrot 46, 1 servant 17; 10 cattle, 10 sheep, 19 hogs, 34 arpents, 3 guns.
- 1700 Port Royal: Jean Labat 67, wife Jeanne Goutrot 47; 10 cattle, 12 sheep, 18 arpents, 1 gun.
- 1701 Port Royal: Jean LaBat 70, wife Renee Goutrot 49; 8 cattle, 9 sheep, 1 gun.
- 1703 Port Royal: Jean Labat, wife
- 1707 Port Royal: Jean Labat, wife, 1 girl 12 or older; 6 cattle, 12 sheep, 10 hogs, 8 arpents.
- 1714 Port Royal: Le marquis, wife
Lejeune, Pierre Sexe: Masculin
Naissance : 1630
Père: Briard-Lejeune, Pierre
Mère: Thibodeau, Marie

Mi-Kmaq, Inconnu Sexe: Féminin
Pierre Lejeune's wife was a full blooded Mic-Mac (Mi-Kmaq) Indian.

Lejeune, Jeanne
Briard-Lejeune, Pierre
Lejeune, Martin Briand dit
de Labatte, Jean Sexe: Masculin
Naissance : 1638
Occupation : Laboureur
On dit aussi Jean de Labatte dit Le Marquis.
Mariage: 1670 à Port-Royal, Acadie
Gauterot, Renée Sexe: Féminin
Naissance : 1652 à Port-Royal, Acadie
Baptême : 1652 à Port-Royal, Acadie
Décès : 9 juillet 1737 à Port-Royal, Acadie
Inhumation : 9 juillet 1737 à Port-Royal, Acadie
Père: Gauterot, François
Mère: Lejeune, Edmée

Pierre LeJeune II Ancestry Page

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