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Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

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I am searching for information about my g.grandmother CatherineSelina Forde of Loughinisland County Down married to a lieutenant Colonel Forde Nov. 10th. 1855 that is all the information I have, so anything further would be of great assistance, and gratefully received.

Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

Cathy Scaife (View posts)
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I wonder if your W.M.B. Forde is descended from Matthew Forde, of Seaforde. Do you know what the W.M.B. stands for? I wonder if the "B" stands for Brownlow?

I descend from the Forde's of Seaforde. Unfortunately, I don't have a direct link yet. My GG Grandfather sent a letter to his son in Canada in 1927 outlining the Forde's of Seaforde, but, unfortunately he only mentions that we descend from a younger branch of the Forde's of Seaforde. No names given.

Here is the letter that he wrote:


The Forde family was originally of Welsh extraction but the Down branch is more immediately descended from Nicholas Forde of Coolgreany in the County of Wexford, Ireland who married Catherine White and died in 1695 being succeeded in the estate by his second son Mathew.
Mathew Forde of Coolgreany, who was member for the County of Wexford married Margaret, sister of Isabella Hamilton Comptese de Grammont, youngest daughter of Sir George Hamilton, the fourth son of James, Earl of Abercrombie and Mary Butler, daughter of Lord Thurles, and sister of the first Duke of Ormond. Mr. Forde was clerk of the crown in the reign of Charles 1, from whom he received patent confirming the title to a County Down estate, which he had procured in 1607 by grant from Thomas Cromwell and this property is still in the possession of the family.
In 1659 Nicholas Forde succeeded his father and married the daughter of Sir Adam Loftus, by whom he had one son Mathew, the second of that name, who was a member of the Parliament for Downpatrick and died in 1695. He was succeeded by the third Mathew, who removed from his Estate in Wexford and built the Mansion House, and the Village of Seaforde, at the Neaghan where the family have ever since resided. This gentleman was referred to in Delany's remarks on the life of Dean Swift, as an associate of the latter, and as a man of family and fortune, a fine gentleman and the best lay scholar of his time and nation. He died in 1728 and was followed by Mathew, the fourth, who was a member of Parliament for Bangor, after his death in 1780 he was succeeded by Mathew the fifth of that name and after the death of the latter in 1796 the inheritance descended to the sixth Mathew, who rebuilt the manor at Seaforde. He married Catherine, eldest daughter of the Right Honorable William Brownlow, member of Parliament for Armagh, and dying in 1812 he was succeeded by Mathew the seventh proprietor of that name, who died in 1839. The property then devolved on the Rev. William Brownlow Forde who married Theodosia, daughter of Thomas Douglas of Gracehill in County Down. The Rev. William Forde died in 1856, and his eldest, Mathew Thomas Forde in 1847. The property consequently descended to the second son, Lieutenant Colonel William Brownlow Forde, who sat for many years as member of Parliament for County Down. In the church of Seaforde there is a handsome monument erected to the memory of this Colonel Forde.
Seaforde is about a mile from Cloagh. There are six Almhouses for six aged widows in the village erected by the late Colonel Forde in fulfillment of a request made by Mrs. Forde, and endowed by him with an annuity of sixty pounds per annum.
Seaforde House is a handsome mansion in the Grecian style, approached by a lofty self-opening gateway. It was erected in 1818 to replace the mansion which was destroyed by fire in 1816. It stands in an extensive and well planted demesne, consisting of more than 1000 acres. In the great storm of January 6th 1839 no fewer than 60,000 trees were blown down here, and on the same night the neighboring chapel of Drumabard was also leveled with the ground by the violence of the hurricane.
My Grandfather, also a Mathew Forde, of a younger branch of the family, suffered sever losses from the repeal of the corn laws and the great famine of 1846 and 1847. He sold his property in County Tyrone, and emigrated with his whole family, my father excepted, to Canada in 1847 or 1848.
His eldest son, my father Lewis Forde remained in Ireland for a time, but by medical advice went out to the milder climate of Morocco, and settled for many years in Saffi, Morocco. He was one of the earliest British settlers on the coast, and in trading with them gained the respect of the Moors. For a time he became Financial adviser of the Sultan, and negotiated a loan for half a million pounds with Lord Russell, then Prime Minister of England, to buy back for the Sultan a town in Morocco captured in war by the Spaniards. He died at Tangier, Morocco in 1869, a comparatively young man.
My brother Lewis Forde, also settled in Laraiche, Morocco and was for many years British and German counsel there.

Hugh Forde, L.L.D.
One time Rector of Tamlaghtfinlagan Parish,
Diocese of Derry and Canon of Derry.
Now Retired

Portrush 18 June 1927

Family Stitt & Forde found!

Cathy Scaife (View posts)
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I found this page which details a lot of the family. I don't know if you've seen it yet, but here are the details:

1847 Erected by Richard Stitt Esq of Ballee to the memory of the dead who in this burying ground, and in the graves as numbered, lies interred, viz :- 1 His son Richd Stitt who departed this life 26th March 1821 aged 16 years 2 His son Wm Stitt, Lieut in the North Downshire Militia, who departed this life 5th Septr 1837 aged 39 years 5 His son Chas Stitt who departed this life 17th Feby 1844 aged 35 years 1 His son Robert Stitt who departed this life 28th June 1868 aged 60 years 5 His son James Stitt who died 10th May 1868 aged 56 years Catherine Selina Forde, widow of James MARTIN of Newcastle, born 2nd March 1815, died 16th Novembr 1888 4 Catherine Stitt Martin, daughter of above Catherine, died 3rd September 1916 4 His daughter Annabella, wife to Arthur JOHNSTON, mercht, Downpatrick, who departed this life 7th Feby 1842 aged 39 years 3 His wife Anne Stitt alias McCLEERY who departed this life the 13th day of April 1853 aged 75 years Also Richard Stitt, first Captain of Cavelry in the Newtownards Yowmanry, the erector of this monument who departed this life April 1859 aged 85 years 6 Victoria Stitt who died 14th June 1850 aged 1 year, Annabella Stitt who died 24th Oct 1867 aged 20 years, daughters of James Stitt of Marlborough Also Thomasina Mary Stitt died 14th Sep 1875 aged 14 yrs 5 Elizabeth Joyce Stitt died 4th July 1888 aged 40 yrs 4 Anna, widow of J Stitt, afterwards married to J GARDNER, died 19th June 1891 aged 63 years Erected by John David Stitt in loving memory of his brother Richard who died 22 Dec 1892 aged 38 years Also his mother Sarah Stitt who died 10th August 1901 aged 77 years 2 Also Jane Dunseath Stitt who died 1st January 1906 aged 44 years 1 The above named John David Stitt died 14th October 1932 aged 75 years In loving memory of William Robert Stitt, Ballyhossett, who died 16th September 1906 Also his infant son Robert Erected by his wife Mary Anne Stitt.


Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

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I suspect that the Fordes you speak of are from Seaforde, Co. Down which itself is in the parish of Loughinisland. There is a Patrick Forde who lives in Seaforde and I'm sure he is a direct descendant from the Colonel you speak off. Patricks family were from a military background. He lives in a grand house in Seaforde Demense. This is a large estate with Deer, lakes and beautiful gardens!!

Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

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Hi Cathy

I was wondering if you may have a samuel forde or thomas henry ford or james forde (one person who went by many names) in your tree. We also have a james henry forde who was the son of this man. james henry married elizabeth copeland in 1920 / 21 and came to australia. I am trying to find out what happened to samuel alias the other names. samuels children were all born in banbridge and i wondered if he could have been related to col william brownlow forde?

hope you can shed some light
kind regards

Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

Keith (View posts)
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I am a Forde from Limerick in Ireland. I'm new to this forum. I want to research my family tree but am not sure on how to go about it.

Can anybody make a suggestion?

Thank You

Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

helen (View posts)
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i would suggest you do a search in rootsweb (just put forde in the search section) and see if any one else is researching forde like you - i would search for forde in limerick. i also am fairly new to this so i just search for anything that may be of relevance

then another way is to do a google search or any other search engine and put in forde family genealogy etc and see what comes up - sometimes it hit and miss. by the way who are your fordes

Re: Family of Colonel W.M.B Forde of Seaforde County Down Ireland

Keith (View posts)
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Thanks for that.

My Father is Peter, Mother is Mary

will find out more and post it.

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