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Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney

Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney

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Surnames: Greenway, Looney
I am looking for any information about the family of Anny Looney. Annie I was told was Chickasaw Indian. I have little information-born I believe in Virginia around 1780 married Isham Looney possibly in Jackson County Alabama. Also thought she may have been of Greene or Washington County Tennessee. Annie and Isham lived in Hawkins County Tennessee and eventually Green County Missouri and lastly St. Clair County Missouri. Their children: Allen, William Greenway, Mary, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Jessie, Sally, John C., Nancy, Ann and Janiah. John C. is my GGGrandfather and he maried Sally Talley. I am wondering if some of the children came to Oklahoma? I would love to know where Anny's family ended up. Thank you

Isam + Anny Looney

Kenneth Payne (View posts)
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Surnames: Looney
Isam Looney and Anny Looney (as it is spelled on her and his head stone. is buried in McFall, Mo., St Clair County, Mo. The Cemetery is on property that he own and lived on. It is called the Old Liberty Cemetery. As about Anny's last name I have not seen anything proven to be Lightfeet or Littlefoot or any thing else.

Annie Looney

Bob Reddick (View posts)
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I'm Annie's 4th ggson, and have her line thru Looneys to me.
Can send by email or GEDCOM. What do you have?
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Surnames: Littlefoot, Looney, Copenhaver, Wilkerson
My husband too, is a decendant of Annie Littlefoot, but I am not sure if she was Cherokee or Chickasaw. They were forced off of Cherokee land, and the area she was born in in Virginia was also Cherokee land. Most of my husband's family still lives in MO, but we, and a few others have recently moved to the OK area, I know of no others. Please let me know what you find. My husbands lineage goes, Isaac Looney/Annie Littlefoot, parents of Nancy Looney (Thomas Copenhaver) parents of Nancy Jane Copenhaver (Thomas K Wilkerson) parents of Benjamin Cornelius Wilkerson (Alice Missouri Amlin) parents of George Everett Wilkerson (Marguiette Brown) parents of Kenneth Joseph Wilkerson Sr. (Linda Sue Pistone) my husbands parents.

Thank you
Cherri Wilkerson

Isham + Anny Looney St Clair Co MO

Judy Frisch (View posts)
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Do you mean Isham and Anny Looney. There was a mistake in an early St. Clair History book which you might have gotten Isaac from. Also, how do you know or from what information did you get Anny was born in Virginia?

Also who forced them off the land? If they were involved in the trail of tears, why did they come to St. Clair County, Missouri. My GGGrandparents were John C. Looney and Sarah (Sally) Talley. John C. was the son of Isham and Anny and also a brother to your Nancy Looney Copenhaver.
John C. Looney and Sarah Talley had a daughter Mary Jane Looney who married James W. Shepherd, their son Benjamin C. Shepherd was the father of my mother Catherine C. Shepherd Chapman.

The Talleys, Looneys, Copenhavers and Suiters came to Missouri and settled in the end around Iconium, MO

We worked on the old cemetery this year and got Isham and Anny Looney a new stone.

Judy Frisch

Re: Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney,

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I did get Isaac from the St. Clair Histories, as I only knew at the time that Nancy Copenhaver had married Thomas K.Wilkerson.

In the histories of Tennessee, they show a decree where the white people were forced off of indian land, and that is why/when Isom/Isam & Annie temporarily moved to Alabama where some of their family stayed, while the rest moved on to Missouri.

I have been given 2 different locations for Annie being born, but the date is the same on both. The Virginia location is not verified, but I think it is due to a family of Lightfoot's there, that she is often associated with.

I will look up the exacts on the move though. My mind feels like it has gone through a blender. I have only 2 weeks left on my husband's appeal. (Cherokee) on Wilkerson side, and I have downloaded and sifted through so much, I cant remember much of anything right now.

I will send more when I find it.

I would be interested in your side of the line.


PS I would be more than happy to share my side too.

Re: Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney

Judy Frisch (View posts)
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I will start from top: Judith Lee Chapman Frisch, daughter of James J. Chapman and Catherine C. Shepherd, daughter of Benjamin C. Shepherd and Blanche Hillegas-Benjamin C. Shepherd was the son of James W. Shepherd and Mary Jane Looney, Mary Jane is the daughter of John C. Looney & Sarah Salley Talley, John C. is one of 11 children of Isham and Anny Looney.

I am only 40+ miles from St. Clair County and where the cemetery is located.

I have 2 own sisters and 2 half sisters and 1 half brother.

I have always been told Anny was Chickasaw. Miss Elizabeth Looney of Washington DC was a researcher which did a lot of work with A Mr. Tilton. There is more information out there on the web about the Looney family. All of the ancestors up to Isham/Isam and Anny is out there. Miss Looney always put on her papers Anny was Chickasaw.

Also they had a son named Jesse who married the sister of my GGGrandmother Sarah Salley Talley Looney. Her name was Mary Polly Talley.

There is a Talley genealogy which I have a copy of which claims the Talley girl's grandfather was married to a Chickasaw before his 2nd wife and the girl's father was half chickasaw. Again no proof.

If you look at a map of Chickasaw territory, you can see it covered a lot of Tennessee. Also there is a rumor Annie was a Greenway and lived in Green or Washington County Tennessee. Lots of rumors but no proof. I have really not gotten past my family close to home.


What are you trying to prove?

Re: Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney

Jami Herington (View posts)
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I am totally confused. McFall, Mo is about 60mi north of Kansas City, no where near St.Clair, MO...There is a Liberty
Cemetery there but her name is not listed......why would they be buried so far from home?

Re: Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney

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Surnames: Wilkerson, Lawson, Amlin, Brown, Copenhaver, Looney
Sorry it has taken so long to respond.

I am currently researching my husband's line, started because of a medical condition of his father, as he has no insurance, and his grandmother was 'supposedly' registered, Cherokee.

As I got into this search, there are 3 Lines of Cherokee on his side, then this line.

As my family is so far removed, we would not qualify for registry anyway.

I continue to research for my families roots, to see where they have come from, and who they are.

This line is my husband's, and he did not grow up with his father's family, and with the type of people they are, the history has shown that one bad apple does ruin the bunch.

My husband's family, back before George Everett Wilkerson, were promonent members of the church and community, with little to no civil records against them. This is what my husband and children need to know.

Also they are old enough now to help, and being in Oklahoma, and the history, it makes it more personal, to see what really happened, and makes it much more interesting.

My personal line is Ojibwa (Chippewa) from Michigan/Canada, and if I ever get past these road blocks, I would like to do some personal research of my own.

My husband's line is as followes.

Kenneth J. Wilkerson Jr. b 1973 Weableu, MO m.
Cherri L Johnson b. 1972 Grand Rapids, MI


Kennneth J. Wilkerson Sr. b. 1944 in St. Clair, MO
m. Linda S. Pistone b. 1947 in Independence, MO


George Everett Wilkerson b. 1911 in St. Clair, MO
m. Margueritette Virginia Brown b. 1921, MO
d/o Frederick L Brown b. 1870, IL(Line 1 Cherokee)
m. Laura Labelle Posegate b. 1880 (Quaker Lineage)


Benjamin Cornelius Wilkerson b. 1873, MO
m. Alice Missouri Amlin b. 1875 St. Clair, MO (supposedly registered Cherokee, via mom's lineage)
d/o Thomas J Amlin b 1841 TN
m. Mary Catherine Lawson b. 1836, MO (mom full blood? Can't locate maiden name of Delila, death record, obit, or burial location for her or husband Thomas, Line 2 Cherokee, brick wall 2)


Thomas K Wilkerson b. 1847 Joplin, MO, d. 1900 died in hospital up north? Announcement only in ST. Clair paper. Still looking.
m. Nancy Jane Copenhaver b. 1852 d 1935 in St. Clair, MO
d/o Thomas J Copenhaver b. 1815 KY
m. Nancy Looney b. 1819, TN
d/o Isom (Isam/Isham) Looney b 1775 TN (3rd Line
m. Ann (Anny/Anni/Annie) Littlefoot
(Lightfoot/Greenway) b 1780 in TN (Was she Chickaw/Cherokee/ or the line of Littlefoot's from England? (Tale of the Prince and the Shopkeeper's daughter) Brick wall 3)

s/o Morgan Wilkerson b. 1802 KY d 1859 Joplin, MO
(his brothers Milton/Presley were both Sheriff's around Ralls Co/Bowling Green, his father is buried under the Truman Dam Project)
m. Mary Levina Dale b. 1812 N. Carolina

Thank you for your time and consideration


Re: Anny,Annie Greenway, Annie Looney, Princess Littlefoot

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I live in Ft Smith, AR. My family was in MO. and went to OK.
Have you any information on the Looney family. I am trying to connect. I don't know which branch I belong to. At least 3 branches went that way.
I will help with anything I have.


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