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Surnames: Alston, Anderson, Andrew, Armstrong, Ballentine, Bell, Blair, Blakely, Bonar, Boyd, Brown, Brownlow, Cahy, Caldwell, Carol, Carson, Cary, Crawford, Cunningham, Dunlap, Dunsman, Frazier, Gaston, Glass, Gray, Hannah, Johnston, KELSO, Knox, Hall, Hamilton, Harbison, Harper, Hook, Kilpatrick, Knox, Lamont, Man, Marshall, McCartney, McCleland, McCullough, McDougal, McDowell, McKewn, McKinney, Moore, Murphy, Owen, Robinson, Rodgers, Russell, Simpson, Singleton, Spence, STEWART, Taylor, Thomson, Usher, Vernon, Walker, Wilson, WHITE, Winter, Wylie
Names in BOLD print above indicate Earl of Donegal passengers whose descendants have contacted me.

Please contact me if one of your ancestors was a passenger on the Earl of Donegal.

The Earl of Donegal sailed from Belfast, (now Northern) Ireland on October 2, 1767 and landed in Charleston, SC on December 22, 1767. Her passenger list states names, ages, and the number of acres of land her passengers received under the "Bounty Act".

Many Fairfield and Chester County families may see their ancestors' names on the "Earl of Donegal" passenger list at

Stowaway on ship from Ireland

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Surnames: Cunningham, Mackreel
Looking for Francis Cunningham. According to family stories, Francis arrived in South Carolina as a stowaway on a ship from Ireland. He was befriended by "legal" passengers on board the ship, that furnished him with food and drink. These kind folks also assisted him after they arrived in SC. As you can see, it has been difficult to link him to Ireland, as he was probably not listed on any passenger list.
The arrival date of the Earl of Donegal could be close to his arrival, for his last of 12 children was born in 1801. His first wife was Isabelle Mackreel (Mackrell), and second wife was Mary ?. He appears in Pendleton District, SC census in 1800.
If anyone can provide info on this Cunningham, I would be very grateful. Is it possible to obtain this passenger list of the Earl of Donegal?
Dan Cunningham

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Surnames: Earl of Donegal Passengers
On December 22, 1767 the Earl of Donegal brought about 64 families to Charleston, SC. Many were granted land in Chester and Fairfield Counties. The passenger list is now posted at


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Surnames: Edward, James, David Taylor
Edward Taylor was born in Fairfield County. Records show he married a Nancy Chapman.
His son, my great great grandfather was John G. Taylor who married Mary Ann Levister.
Edward Taylor also had a another son William Taylor who died young-1867. But he had a son named J. David Taylor who married Alice Elmina Lindsay Taylor. They are buried in Chester County S.c.

I am interested in sharing and gathering more info on these folks.


Beverly Taylor


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Please ask genealogists and families from Fairfield, Chester and nearby counties whose ancestors you suspect may have been passengers on the Earl of Donegal to visit the ship's homepage at and to email if any can trace its ancestry to a passenger.

I thank those who have visited and who have written me about their ancestors who were passengers. I am delighted to receive email from descendants of Earl of Donegal passengers and to post their comments on the ship's web site. On the ship's web site I have already posted or linked to almost everything I know about the genealogy of most of the passenger's families.

People who have not traced their ancestry to an Earl of Donegal passenger may be better served by posting enquiries elsewhere on this bulletin board instead of requesting genealogical information from me just because they have the same last name as one of the passengers.


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Surnames: Cunningham, Stewart
'Would be interested to here from you if you can shed any light on Francis Cunningham who married Ann Stewart, most likely in Pendleton District, SC.

Ann Stewart in my line married a Francis Cunningham. Ann had brothers Samuel Stewart (1800-1875); James G. Stewart )1807-1854) and sister Nancy Stewart who married John Sherrard. Nancy Stewart Sherrard sppears in 1850 census of Cobb Co. GA, aged 60, hence born circa 1790, born IRELAND.

Am searchig for parents of Samuel, James G., Ann, and Nancy Stewart. 'Believe it is the John Stewart murdered in his burn shop in Pendleton circa 1818.

Would appreciate any assistance or sorting you can do for the Stewarts in SC.

E-mail me direct, if you would like.

s.c. singletons

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Surnames: Singleton

The Long Canes

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I think the Long Canes refers to the townships on Long Canes Creek which flows into Little River in McCormick Co. Little River flows into the Savannah River also in McCormick Co. Theresa M. Hicks' "SC a Guide for Genealogists" page 47 says:

"The Later Townships
1762 - 1764

Hillsborough (#32)
This township of 28,000 acres was laid out in 1762 where
long Canes enters Little River, French immigrants settled
New Bordeaux. [Present-day McCormick County]

Boonesboro (#33)
This township of 20,500 acres, on the head of Long Canes
Creek, was laid out in 1762 and was not so well-defined.
This was primarily a settlement for the Irish."

page 44 says:
"Chester County (around the Rocky Creek area) and
Abbeville County (around Long Canes) became the new home
of Presbyterians primarily from Pennsylvania, Virginia,
North Carolina, and Ireland."

Note that Long Cane Creek starts in Abbeville Co. at Donalds and flows along the the Abbeville - Greenwood Co. line and then out of Abbeville Co. into McCormick Co. to its mouth.

You can see the New Bordeaux township on Mouzon's map at
the url below.

Earl of Donegal

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Surnames: Stewart, White
Thank you for your question about where Earl of Donegal Passengers settled. I know that one Earl of Donegal passenger (my Stewart ancestor) settled where Stover Creek intersects the Fairfield/Chester county line. The family of another, John White, settled about three miles south east of Chester, SC near Highway 72. Chester and many other counties were formerly part of Craven County (South Carolina's territory was divided and named differently before its FIRST "civil" war for self government and independence against the imperialists). The Long Canes (where is that?) were also mentioned in the records posted at .

Many descendants of my gggggrandparents Rosannah and James Stewart lived and still live in the vicinity of the orginal land granted to my ancestor James Stewart. I found their deeds and other records in Fairfield and Chester county court houses, etc. and knew the names of creeks, etc. in the area where my tritavus James Stewart settled.

If you find more specific information about the names of the creeks, rivers, etc. on which any Earl of Donegal passengers settled from the plats and land grant records of the grantee(s) you are interested in, at the South Carolina State Archives Building in Columbia, SC, etc. please email me a or so I can inform others.

KIRKPATRICK on Earl of Donegal's 1767 voyage

Stewart (View posts)
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Surnames: Kirkpatrick
I mistakenly wrote Kilpatrick instead of KIRKPATRICK in one place on the Earl of Donegal web page at . Sorry, Stewart
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