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Huff Family birthdates from 1775

Huff Family birthdates from 1775

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I have an old family scrapbook which has a
list of Births of the family name Huff. I'm
not quite sure how I am related but other
names are Campbell,Henrickson, Gaffit,
Barrett and Rodgers.

William Huff, August 28, 1775
Charity W. Campbell, December 29, 1775

Polley Huff, October 30, 1793
William C. Huff, April 27, 1797
John and Geshem? Huff, December 17, 1801
Ann Huff, July 30, 1804
Sarah Huff, December 12, 1806
Levi Hall Huff, November 14, 1808
Abraham Huff, December 31, 1810
Oliver Huff, November 7, 1814
Elizabeth Huff, March 6, 1816

I would guess that these ten children are
those of William and Charity Campbell Huff.

Benjamin Steyoneth? Hendrickson Huff, June 4, 1833
William H. Huff, November 14, 1834
Abraham Levi Huff, November 4, 1836
Benjamin Thomas Huff, September 14, 1838

These four children seem to be another generation
but I have no idea who the parents are.

Any leads, clues, pieces to this interesting

Thanks for your help.

Barbara Mawdsley

Re: Huff Family birthdates from 1775

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This family lived in Monmouth county NJ. They moved there approx. 1813. I am interesterd in any information that you have on them. Also the last name was changed to Hough. Until today I didn't know what Charity's last name was. I have been attempting to find out where in New York William and Charity are from.Please write me back

Larry Hough

Re: Huff Family birthdates from 1775

Marilyn Huff Johnson (View posts)
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Surnames: Hough/Huff
William and Charity Hough moved to Monmouth County in the early 1800s. They bought land in Monmouth in 1811. Your scrapbook information and my sources are the same family, 90% an exact match of facts and about 10% slightly variable.

William and Charity, according to the tombstones, were born August 23, 1775 and September 1, 1775 respectively. Their children in your scrapbook are quite consistent with my list. There were a John and a Gershom born in that order. There was also an Anna who was born last, and married Thomas Longstreet with whom she is buried, in the same cemetery as William and Charity. Possibly the first Ann, the one you have listed, died young because I have no record of her. It is possible that the second Anna just never made it to your scrapbook.

Most of the older sons apparently went back to New York including Abraham. According to my records Abraham was a carpenter and sold his land in Monmouth in 1836 to his brother-in-law before moving to New York. His wife was Margaret but I did not know her surname.

I am not sure if Abraham was born in Monmouth or not. The New York ties must have remained strong for two generations. Oliver, the youngest son of William and Charity stayed in Monmouth and is my gggrandfather. His son, my ggrandfather was quick to find his second wife from New York City when his first wife died. There is also a lot of other evidence that they knew kith and kin in New York but, at the same time, there are many missing parts in the history. The daughters of William and Charity all remained in Monmouth.

It is easy to speculate that William C. Hough, the firstborn son, carried his mother's maiden name as his middle name, thus the initial. Margaret Hendrickson is also a matter of interest to me. Hendrickson was a common name in Monmouth. I know that some Hendicksons were Hough neighbors.

Are the four sons the children of Abraham and Margaret? Did Abraham not die fairly young?

For some time I have thought that this Hough connection stems from the Connecticut family. The same collection of given names was carried through several generations. I have also found these names in Lewis County, New York and once found an Oliver and Elizabeth Hough in Connecticut who possibly could have been the next generation back. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and did not sufficiently document the site. The generations in question were at the time of the Revolutionary War, making it more challenging, yet interesting too.

I would very much like to hear of any more clues in piecing this together.

Marilyn Johnson

Re: Huff Family birthdates from 1775

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Surnames: Huff, Bergen, Spreag
I found William Huff in the 1790 and 1800 Ulster county, NY
census. I also found Abraham Huff 1790 Census, New Cornwall, Orange County, NY; 1800 Census Cheesecocks, Orange county, NY; 1810 Census, Monroe, Orange county, NY; 1820 Census, Monroe Census, Orange county, NY.

Abraham Huff was born 1750 abt, Cornwall, Orange county, NY.Abraham married Milly Spraeg 10 Sep 1778, First Presbyterian Church, Goshen, Orange county, NY. Abraham died abt 24 June 1826, Monroe, Orange county, NY.

I come down from a Josiah Huff, born about 1803, who married Mary Bergen from NJ. They had a daughter Jane Delia Huff, born Feb 1832 Monroe, Orange county, NY, died 20 Aug 1920, Cornwall, Orange county, NY.

I cannot determine who Josiah's mother and father were. I think it was Abraham, but have no proof. Mary died shortly after Jane was born. Where did her mother come from in NJ? When did she die and where?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Huff Family birthdates from 1775

Marilyn Huff Johnson (View posts)
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This is very interesting and could be my family. However, I think it is not. I checked the Huffs in Orange County once or twice before and I believe there were a couple or more William Huffs there in the 1700s. But, there is no fact that connects to my ggggrandfather William.

Thanks for the e-mail. I am anxious to check the sites that you list because the information is more complete than when I last searched. I shall certainly let you know if I learn the answers that you are looking for. As of now, I do not know anything about the ancestors you are searching..

M. Huff Johnson

Re: Huff Family birthdates from 1775

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Surnames: Huff-Hough- Breese or Breece
Maybe you could be of some help, I am looking for Annie Huff, Hough. Do not know much about her except she married Abraham Breese in NJ and lived in Monmouth Junction. She had several children, Sarah E., Lillian, and a son that was called Manns. There may have been other children, and I was told of another marriage, but no one knew who to. Other information was that she may have been a teacher at the Peddy School a private school. Sarah is my Great Grandmother, making Annie GG grandmother, she is thought to have died sometime in the 1930's. If you know of this family or can help me find it please contact me at
Patricia Hourihan Mayo
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