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Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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I recently purchased my new copy of Family Tree Maker 2014, upgrading from the 2009 version. I use this software every day - so I was pretty excited about the new software, which I then installed on my new PC, currently running Windows 8.1.

Nothing. The gears whirred, the screen waited. I tried everything. Shutdowns, called in my daughter, called support, went through every single support article on installation problems. Nothing. For love nor money, Family Tree Maker 2014 WOULD NOT INSTALL ON WINDOWS 8.1.

After trying every possible scenario with Support, it was deemed that I could not run Family Tree Maker 2014. So I asked for a refund. Problem is, to post the disc back to for a refund, I would have to pay $23.00 to track the shipment. The software was $29.00. I will not be reimbursed for the postage. As far as I am concerned, this is a no brainer. I was ripped off. There's almost no point returning it, but the company will not give me my money back unless I ship back the disc. The disc which I may as well use as a coaster, because it will not work with my Operating System. Has this happened to anyone else? I have had to roll back to my old 2009 version, which is out of support. This sucks, Ancestry. It sucks.

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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Did you buy it with a credit card?

Just dispute the purchase and your credit card company will reverse the charge.

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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Is this a real PC version of Windows 8 or is it on a RT version that comes with the cheaper tablets?

If it is the RT version, then there is NO pc program that is going be able to be installed.

Can you post the make and model of this machine?
Go to the Control panel and then System and it will give you the OS version?

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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It's on my PC, sorry, I thought I made that clear. As In the title of my post, it's Windows 8.1.

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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I have installed FTM 2014 on several different Windows 8.1 machines.

What is The Make and Model of this machine and some spec's about the machine.

I see NO reason that it can not be installed on any PC.

Also what anti virus program are you sing?

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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To install any program in Windows 8/8.1 you must be logged on as the Administrator The other profiles are not allowed to install programs in the Windows 8/8.1 operating system

What profile are you using when you try to install FTM 2014? (I never understood it, but even for single user computers, many insist on setting them up with Administrator profiles and User Profiles.)

Windows 8.1 as I understand can run on every thing from a cell phone, table, laptop to a desktop. However there are different types of Windows 8.1. as David Abernathy said above. It would help to know if you are putting it on a Desktop with the fastest processor available and X+ gb of ram, or you are trying to run Windows 8.1 on a cell phone or an IBM 386 machine.

I don't have FTM 2014 but have FTM-2012. My FTM 2012 is running on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with an Intel I-3 processor and 4gb of ram. It is installed on a 500 gb disk. I have been successfully using this system for about 3 months now.

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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Thanks Keith, I am running as an Administrator, and it is on my desktop, which is running on a fast processor with tons of ram. We went through everything possible with the support team, who simply ran out of solutions in the end. Every possible scenario wad attempted - turning off literally every other application etc. It is a brand new desktop, so at the time had no other software installed with the exception of Office and antivirus, so these were ruled out as causing thr conflict. They just asked me to send back the software, as they had no other solutions. I just wondered how many others have experienced anything similar?

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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It may be a long shot but I had a similar problem with I think, mabye version 2011.
Try transferring all the files from your disc to a folder on your hard drive. Then try the install from there. This was the only way I could get FTM to install at the time.


Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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If all else fails, I would take it down to one of the computer stores (Best Buy, Office Depot, TigerDirect, etc), explain the problem and pay them to install it.

This will accomplish two things. The most obvious is it will get FTM on your computer.

Two: There is some thing that is causing the problem in your software. What ever it is it could cause problems with your computer for as long as you own it, so it is best to get it fixed now.

With everything you have tried, I would take it down to the place where you bought the computer and present it to them as a problem with the computer, not a problem with the software. (Since it has been installed on thousands of computers, the software is OK)

I would suspect there is a problem with permissions in the OS, and it may need a hands on look by the shop.

---Have you installed other programs, using the CD drive?

---Have you checked the disk to see if there are any FTM folders on the disk? There should be a folder Family Tree Maker 2014 in the folder Program files (x86). There should also be a folder Family Tree Maker in AppData. There should be a folder in Documents called Family Tree Maker.

---Finally have you checked to see if it appears in the Control Panel, Programs, Uninstall Programs? (This is basically the old Add/Delete Programs)

Depending on what you find, this could be an indication of where the programs is ending.

(And finally, while I know this can happen, I have no idea of exactly how to correct it) The first time the program attempted to install, the install got far enough to change the OS to say it was installed. Now when you try to install it the OS see thinks the program is installed and stops the NEW installation. I believe this means something has to be added/deleted/changed in the Regeristry, OR the addition or change of a file or folder.

It it were me, and FTM was not showing in the Control Panel Programs, I would consider deleting all folders that I mentioned above for Family Tree Maker.

If It was showing in the Control Panel Programs, I would try to delete it from there.

Please remember I do not always know what I am doing when I work with my computer's OS

Re: Windows 8.1 and Family Tree Maker 2014 - Total Fail!

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Thanks for all the input. I did take said new PC down to the store where I purchased it. The tech was very helpful but unable to load that disc onto my PC!
I'll try an earlier version of FTM. 2012 may be the way to go.
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