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Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

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Surnames: Choate
If you are related to any of these individuals please e-mail. I would love to get your line and share what I have. I desend through Wilson Patty Choate......
Henry Noble Colvard

Descendants of James Choate

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES CHOATE was born 1798 in Surry County, North Carolina, and died 1892 in Springfield, MO. He married (1) NANCY. He married (2) REBECCA Abt. 1821 in Tennessee. He married (3) MARTHA JANE COLE December 23, 1860 in Missouri.

Children of JAMES CHOATE and NANCY are:
2. i. THOMAS P CHOATE, b. 1833, Tennesse; d. 1892, Polk Co, Missouri.
3. ii. JOHN ANDREW CHOATE, b. 1838, Tenn.
iii. MARTHA JANE CHOATE, b. 1840; m. THOMAS HICKS; b. South Carolina.
4. iv. SARAH ANN CHOATE, b. 1842, Tennessee; d. November 28, 1913, Polk Co Missouri.
5. v. CYNTHIA ELVRIA CHOATE, b. March 1844, Tennessee; d. January 04, 1918, Polk Co Missouri.

6. vii. ELIAS WILLIAM CHOATE, b. 1826, Tennessee; d. Bef. 1870, McMinn County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS P CHOATE (JAMES) was born 1833 in Tennesse, and died 1892 in Polk Co, Missouri. He married NANCY CARROL WILSON. She was born 1830.

i. NANCY A. E. CHOATE, b. 1858; m. JAMES CATES.
ii. MARGART J I CHOATE, b. 1860.
iii. MARTHA E CHOATE, b. 1865; m. ? WARD.
7. iv. JOHN ANDREW JACKSON CHOATE, b. August 05, 1868, Ind; d. Mo.
v. WILLIAM P CHOATE, b. 1870.
8. vi. DAVID MARION CHOATE, b. March 16, 1873, Polk County, MO; d. September 10, 1929, Harrisonville, Cass County, MO.

3. JOHN ANDREW CHOATE (JAMES) was born 1838 in Tenn. He married BARBARA MILLER in McMinn County, Tennessee. She was born 1840 in Tenn.

i. JOHN CHOATE, b. August 1859, Tennessee.
ii. THOMAS CHOATE, b. July 1863, Tennessee.
iii. MARTHA E. CHOATE, b. April 25, 1865, Tennessee.
iv. JAMES E. CHOATE, b. February 19, 1868, Indiana.
v. SARAH T CHOATE, b. February 29, 1872, Indiana.
vi. DAVID M CHOATE, b. March 09, 1874, Missouri.
vii. MCMINN CHOATE, b. 1875, Missouri.
viii. ELIAS M CHOATE, b. 1879, Polk Co Missouri.

4. SARAH ANN CHOATE (JAMES) was born 1842 in Tennessee, and died November 28, 1913 in Polk Co Missouri. She married ROBERT LEROY KING October 22, 1864 in Roane County, Tennessee. He died December 02, 1872 in Polk Co Missouri.

Children of SARAH CHOATE and ROBERT KING are:
i. JAMES THOMAS KING, b. May 18, 1867; d. April 29, 1897, Polk Co Missouri.
ii. SYNTHIA D.B. KING, b. March 23, 1870.
iii. JOHN A. G. KING, b. March 17, 1872; d. April 05, 1897, Polk Co Missouri.

5. CYNTHIA ELVRIA CHOATE (JAMES)was born March 1844 in Tennessee, and died January 04, 1918 in Polk Co Missouri. She married NELSON CRUSE May 23, 1875 in Polk County, Missouri.

i. SARAH ANN CRUSE, b. March 1876, Polk Co Missouri.
ii. GEORGE W. CRUSE, b. September 1879, Missouri.
iii. MARY EDDER CRUSE, b. May 1882, Missouri.
iv. THOMAS P. CRUSE, b. May 1886, Missouri.

6. ELIAS WILLIAM CHOATE (JAMES) was born 1826 in Tennessee, and died Bef. 1870 in McMinn County, Tennessee. He married ELIZABETH FULTON October 30, 1844 in Meigs Co. TN. She was born 1826 in Virginia.

i. MARY JANE CHOATE, b. 1847, Tenn.
9. ii. WILLIAM J CHOATE, b. 1851, Tenn; d. 1931, Missouri.
10. iii. THOMAS JOHN HUSTON CHOATE, b. March 22, 1853, Tennessee; d. October 30, 1928, Morrisville,MO.
11. iv. ELIAS DAVID CHOATE, b. August 10, 1855; d. July 04, 1933, Dove Creek, CO.
12. v. WILSON PATTY CHOATE, b. June 09, 1858, Sweetwater, Monroe County, Tennessee; d. March 03, 1941, Springfield,MO.
13. vi. ELIZABETH C. CHOATE, b. Abt. 1862, Polk Co MO; d. March 17, 1904, Polk Co MO.

Generation No. 3

7. JOHN ANDREW JACKSON CHOATE (THOMAS P, JAMES) was born August 05, 1868 in Ind, and died in Mo. He married MARY ANN SANDERS.

Children of JOHN CHOATE and MARY SANDERS are:
ii. FRED CHOATE, b. October 23, 1906; d. March 1984, MO; m. RUBY JUMP; d. Polk County, MO.
iii. AGUSTUS T. CHOATE, b. 1911; d. OXNARD, CALIF; m. ALTA ELLEN DUNCAN; b. October 27, Kansas; d. Polk County, MO.

8. DAVID MARION CHOATE (THOMAS P, JAMES) was born March 16, 1873 in Polk County, MO, and died September 10, 1929 in Harrisonville, Cass County, MO. He married SARAH MAY WITT March 27, 1898 in Pleasant Hope, Polk County, MO, daughter of CALEB WITT and MARTHA LAWSON. She was born August 14, 1878 in Richland, Pulaski County, MO, and died May 29, 1963 in Polk County, MO.

Children of DAVID CHOATE and SARAH WITT are:
i. PEARL MAY CHOATE, b. January 07, 1905; d. August 17, 1987, Springfield, MO; m. (1) ERNEST WILLIAM REEVES; b. June 16, 1892, Bolivar, MO; m. (2) UNKNOWN HIGH.
ii. EMORY MARTIN CHOATE, b. July 03, 1908, Polk Co MO; d. May 31, 1972, OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS; m. ALMA ANN DUNCAN, June 09, 1934, Buffalo, MO; b. December 02, 1910, Polk County, MO; d. September 10, 1990, Polk County, MO.
iii. CHARLES WILLIAM MONROE CHOATE, b. March 05, 1911, Polk County, MO; d. August 12, 1988, Polk County, MO; m. WEASIE MARTHA LEE JUMP.
iv. ALBERT MARION CHOATE, SR., b. August 23, 1916, Polk County, MO; d. September 28, 1938, Polk County, MO; m. (1) MARILYN UNKNOWN; m. (2) DOROTHY MARKEL, August 01, 1935; d. Calif..

9. WILLIAM J CHOATE ( ELIAS WILLIAM, JAMES) was born 1851 in Tenn, and died 1931 in Missouri. He married SUSAN BRADY.

i. ELIAS ALLEN CHOATE, b. Abt. 1875, Polk Co Missouri.
ii. NANCY E CHOATE, b. Abt. 1876.
iii. WILLIAM J H CHOATE, b. Abt. 1878.
iv. WALTER LEMUEL CHOATE, b. April 11, 1880, Pleasant Hope, Polk Co., Missouri; d. March 25, 1963, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. NANCY JANE BROWN, October 02, 1898, Ash Grove, Mo; b. October 14, 1880, Ash Grove, Mo; d. December 31, 1932, Ash Grove, Mo.

10. THOMAS JOHN HUSTOn CHOATE (ELIAS WILLIAM, JAMES) was born March 22, 1853 in Tennessee, and died October 30, 1928 in Morrisville,MO. He married REBECCA SUSAN BRYAN January 16, 1876 in Polk Co, Missouri. She was born February 19, 1854 in Elkton, Todd, KY, and died July 25, 1935 in Morrisville, Polk County, MO.

i. WILSON THOMAS CHOATE, b. May 28, 1877, Polk Co Missouri; d. April 26, 1970; m. SEREPTINA DORA COOK.
ii. BERTIE CHOATE, b. March 31, 1879, Polk Co Missouri; d. July 29, 1953, Brighton, Missouri Polk County.
iii. VIRGINIA CHOATE, b. March 09, 1881, Polk Co Missouri; d. January 15, 1964, Brighton, Missouri Polk County; m. (1) THOMAS SINCLAIR; b. March 29, 1881; m. (2) MIKE CONLEY; b. 1895; d. 1971, Brighton, Missouri Polk County.
iv. ROSE ETTA CHOATE, b. August 14, 1883, Polk Co Missouri in a log house; d. December 08, 1946, Hickory Grove, Polk County, Missouri; m. TIPTON MONROE JOHNSTON; b. August 04, 1873, Polk Co Missouri; d. July 12, 1954, Hickory Grove, Polk County, Missouri.
v. JOHN A LOGAN CHOATE, b. August 03, 1886, Polk Co Missouri; d. July 02, 1927, Brighton, Missouri Polk County.
vi. ARLIE GOLDEN CHOATE, b. January 31, 1889, Polk Co Missouri; d. March 30, 1953; m. FESTUS NEWTON CONLY; b. August 1883; d. September 1945, Brighton, Missouri Polk County.
vii. ARLIA MORLIA CHOATE, b. March 11, 1891, Polk Co Missouri; d. April 09, 1987; m. HORACE WILLARD BAKER, January 24, 1909; b. December 17, 1882, Hot Springs, Ark; d. May 25, 1955.
viii. ROSCO RAY CHOATE, b. December 04, 1894, Polk Co Missouri; d. February 07, 1927.
ix. ELIZA FRANCIS CHOATE, b. November 06, 1897, Brighton, Missouri Polk County; d. June 12, 1980, Springfield, Missouri; m. FLORA ELIZABETH CLARK, December 18, 1920; b. May 18, 1901, Ash Grove, Polk County, Missouri; d. October 17, 1981, Springfield, Missouri.

11. ELIAS DAVID CHOATE (ELIAS WILLIAM, JAMES) was born August 10, 1855, and died July 04, 1933 in Dove Creek, CO. He married (1) LYDIA A Bef. 1877. He married (2) MARY ISABELLE YATES March 29, 1883 in Boliver, Missouri. She was born August 16, 1858 in Greene County, Missouri, and died April 30, 1955 in Cortez, Montezuma, Colorado.

Children of ELIAS CHOATE and LYDIA A are:
i. ALBERT S. CHOATE, b. Abt. 1877, Missouri.
ii. MYNTLE L CHOATE, b. Abt. 1878, Missouri.

Children of ELIAS CHOATE and MARY YATES are:
iii. BERTHA JANE13 CHOATE, b. June 15, 1885, Pleasant Hope, Mo; d. June 09, 1955, Marshall,Searcy,AR; m. JOHN TOLLIVER KILLOUGH, May 05, 1905; b. November 06, 1860, Holland, Faulkner, Arkasas; d. March 29, 1941, Clinton, Van Buren, Arkansas.
iv. MAUDIE CHOATE, b. November 02, 1887; d. 1966; m. GATEWOOD.
v. ELIAS JAMES CHOATE, b. March 29, 1888, Boliver,MO; d. June 02, 1967, Cortez, Montezuma, Colorado; m. L. DORA STEAKLEY, August 04, 1910.
vi. ALTA CHOATE, b. August 14, 1894; m. (1) SAM GULLETT; m. (2) BEN HAGAR.
vii. CHLOE CHOATE, b. May 15, 1896; d. January 13, 1982; m. (1) MARTIN KIRK; m. (2) YELNECK; m. (3) MCLELLAN; m. (4) HECOX.
viii. HARVEY WILLIAM CHOATE, b. April 16, 1898, Pleasant Hope,MO; m. (1) OLA VIRGINA GOFORTH, August 08, 1921, Cortez,CO; b. January 01, 1907, Egnar, Dolores, CO; d. 1957; m. (2) EDNA J.HUNT, March 1957; b. June 08, 1892, Arizona; d. May 24, 1958, Cortez, Montezuma, Colorado.
ix. LOLA CHOATE, b. March 09, 1900, Boliver,MO; d. December 19, 1974, Sterling, CO; m. (1) ANDERSON; m. (2) FRENCH; m. (3) DENVER GOFORTH.
x. FREDDIE CHOATE, b. 1903; d. December 19, 1974.

12. WILSON PATTY CHOATE (ELIAS WILLIAM, JAMES) was born June 09, 1858 in Sweetwater, Monroe County, Tennessee, and died March 03, 1941 in Springfield,MO. He married (1) NANCY ANN COLVARD May 12, 1881 in Boliver,Mo Polk County. She was born September 19, 1864 in Tennessee, and died July 04, 1898 in Mo. He married (2) DELLA ETHEL ELIZABETH DYAL February 03, 1905 in Brighten, Missouri.

iii. SHERMAN CHOATE, b. March 1886.
iv. THOMAS PHILLIP SHERIDON CHOATE, b. May 1888; d. December 17, 1964, Springfield,MO; m. IDA REBECCA GARRETT.
v. WILSON BENJERMAN CHOATE, b. January 1889.
vii. ROYMOND CHOATE, b. 1897.

Children of WILSON CHOATE and DELLA DYAL are:
viii. ZELLA LEE CHOATE, b. Missouri; m. (1) JESS TINDEL; m. (2) WILLIAM MONROE JOHNSTON; b. May 14, 1903.
xi. CORA MARIE CHOATE, b. October 06, 1908, Dallas County, Missouri; m. RALPH THOMAS COLVARD, October 01, 1928; b. August 16, 1909, Greene County, Missouri; d. November 17, 1970, Springfield, Missouri.
xii. COLOMBUS CHOATE, b. September 25, 1913, Missouri; d. March 06, 1933, Missouri.
xiii. ROBERT ALVIN CHOATE, b. March 26, 1922, Willard, Missouri; d. November 20, 1995, Springfield,MO; m. (1) LORRAINE LUCILLE GARRISON, January 20, 1941, Ozark,Missouri (Christian County); b. January 17, 1925, Rogersville, Missouri; d. December 05, 1978, Springfield, MO; m. (2) WILMA JEAN CAMPBELL, October 13, 1959, Springfield,MO; b. September 20, 1936; d. February 12, 1998, Springfield,MO.

13. ELIZABETH C. CHOATE (ELIAS WILLIAM, JAMES) was born Abt. 1862 in Polk Co MO, and died March 17, 1904 in Polk Co MO. She married WILLIAM ISSAC COLVARD Abt. 1881 in Polk Co Mo. He was born September 01, 1862 in TN, and died April 08, 1942 in Polk Co Mo.

i. NORA ELLENDERCOLVARD, b. May 31, 1882, Polk Co Mo; m. DAVID CASTEEL, January 12, 1901, Bolivar, Polk Co, Mo; b. 1881.
ii. ARTHUR F COLVARD, b. July 22, 1884, Mo; d. April 22, 1885.
iii. ONA ELIZABETH COLVARD, b. April 28, 1885, Polk Co MO; d. November 26, 1916, Old Potter Place MO; m. WILLIAM H. GREENWOOD, July 03, 1902, Bolivar, Polk Co MO; b. November 22, 1880; d. June 18, 1962, Missouri.
iv. MARY EDITH COLVARD, b. January 28, 1888, Polk Co Mo; d. January 25, 1919; m. JOHN HARLAN SANDERS, July 02, 1908, Bolivar, Polk Co, Mo; b. June 23, 1888; d. March 04, 1968, Missouri.
v. ANNA LARUE COLVARD, b. March 16, 1888, Mo; d. November 11, 1965; m. ISSAC COLUMBUS GRAVES, October 03, 1904, Bolivar, Polk Co Mo; b. 1881, Mo; d. April 18, 1947.
vi. WILLIAM EDWARD OSCAR COLVARD, b. April 12, 1894; m. MARY BLACK, April 24, 1913, Bolivar, Polk Co, Mo.
vii. JULIA INEZ KATHRYN COLVARD, b. June 05, 1899, Polk Co MO; d. September 13, 1967, Humansville, Mo; m. THOMAS ALLEN BLACK, July 21, 1917, Bolivar, Polk Co, Mo; b. April 08, 1894; d. August 26, 1971.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

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I typed Henry Colvard by mistake it is another name that I was working on and I just forgot to delete it before I posted sorry.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Judy Wille (View posts)
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Liz, I am researching my grandfather Pleasant Alonzo Choate son of Jefferson Davis Choate and Mary Francis Smith. My records show a James Choate and Louisa Smith Choate as being the parents of Jefferson Davis. I am hoping this is your James since most of the names in your history appear in mine. I have no documentation but I do have photos published on my website. Do a web search on degaljo and you'll find the Choate Photo Album.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

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Thank you so much for all the info. I am a decendent of William Harvey Choate(Harvey William) He was my grand father. I can't tell how much this means to me.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Marie Sellers (View posts)
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Surnames: Choate
I know alot of Choates in Polk County and people who descend from them. I will see what I can come up with for you. There are alot of them. I live in Morrisville, Polk Co.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

sarah tosh (View posts)
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I am a descendant of Rebecca Susan Bryan's brother. I have some information on her line. Her father was Francis Marion Bryan who moved from KY to MO with his second wife, Martha Ann Kennedy. We still aren't sure what her real mother's name is, still working on it!

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Nancy VanWinkle- Keeter (View posts)
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Liz I hope your still around here looking for information. I am Wilson P. Choates g-g granddaughter.. My g-grandmother was Mary Arzona Mae might want to take note of the second name there it doesn't have the i like the state. Arzona is an Indian name.. anyway , I can give you Mae's family down. email me if anyone is interested. also if you know any of the Atwoods in the area they are looking for Colvards and Choates too. I am sure some of them are listed in the Springfield phone book which I don't have ..

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Lynn Eagon (View posts)
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My great great grandfather was James Columbus Witt, a brother to Sarah May Witt who married David Marion Choate.

You have more information than I do. One difference that I show from the Witt family research is that Sarah was born in 1879.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

Sarah Tosh (View posts)
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Surnames: Choate, Bryan(t)
I am related to Rebecca Susan Bryan, wife of Thomas John Huston Choate. She was my gggrandfather's sister. I have pictures of some of the Choate graves in Brighton Cemetery if anyone is interested. They unfortunately were taken before I got a digital camera, though.

Re: Choate Genealogy in Polk County, Missouri

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I am related in the Choate family by Thomas John Houston Choate .

Arlie Golden Choate Conley
Willie Juanita Conley Payne
Toinette Payne and me.

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