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FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393072223000
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Edited: 1393074048000
When I add personal/research notes to certain people FTM crashes.

It only seems to happen with certain people, i.e. I can add notes to dozens of people, but so far I've found two people for whom FTM just doesn't seem to want any updated notes. All I have to do to make it crash is to open the notes of one of those people, type one letter, press ok, and bam - everything goes white and I get a message saying the program is no longer responding.

Incidentally, the two people (so far) that crash FTM are a father and daughter. There are other siblings for whom I can edit their notes without problems.

When FTM reloads it says it closed improperly and I might need to compact the file. I've tried that, and it reduced the size by a little bit, but didn't fix the problem.

Any ideas?

EDIT: It turns out another of the siblings' notes can't be edited either. So I'm up to three now.

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393076227000
Classification: Query
If you copy and paste you may have picked an illegal character and placed it in the noted of one of the people that causes the crash. Illegal characters can do strange things

Is there common text strings in each person's notes?

If it were me I would copy each of the notes to a word processor. You could also print the note either to paper or to a PDF file then you could then copy and paste it back.

Once I had saved the text, I would delete each note, compact, close and restart FTM. I may compact again. I would then reload the text to each note. If you go the PDF route you may want to run the text through text document.

If this does not work you may have to delete the offending people and recreate them. Do forget to disconnect them from the tree before deleting them. I would use the same technique to preserve the data.

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393077320000
Classification: Query
What Keith says.

I was just about to suggest the same thing.


Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393079066000
Classification: Query
Ok, thanks for the help.

I found that when I deleted the notes completely like you said it didn't crash. I was then able to put the same notes straight back in. Must have been crossed wires somewhere.

I found I had to remove the notes completely or it would crash - in the father's case I left a space (which I didn't notice) - pressing ok caused it to crash. I've just gone back and deleted the space, and this time it didn't crash.

A few people in my tree have "Marriage Notes" in their notes page, but in this version of FTM I only have options for "Personal" and "Research" notes. The marriage notes came in with an imported file. How do I access them or delete them? I've tried going to their marriage page and clicking notes - but there's nothing there.

For future reference, what do you mean by "disconnect them" before deleting people? Normally I just right-click and chose "delete person" - is that asking for trouble?


p.s. I don't understand how this forum works - is there no way to reply to the thread as a whole, or do I have to reply to one of you individually each time?

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393080379000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1393080434000
You reply to the forum. This sometimes creates a little confusion but that only increases the fun ;-).

In special incidence I have contacted the individual person, but that is only in very special cases.

As a rule I do not copy and paste into the Notes field. Especially text from an HTML document with text.

Marriage notes can be access to change or to be added to from People, Person. Highlight the fact in the Individual & Shared Facts. Go to the right pane, below the facts statistics, you will see Fact, Sources, Notes. Click Notes to see the information in the Note.

Normally just deleting the person should not cause a problem, but you were trouble shooting a problem. My terminology was incorrect what I should have said was go to People, Person, and highlight the person you want to "disconnect" Click Person in the Menu File,Edit, View, Person, and select Attach/Detach Person.

As I said since you had a problem there is no need to compound a problem by deleting the person attached to the tree. The problem you are troubleshooting may have been caused by the attachment links of that person. If this was the problem deleting without detaching may have compounded the problem.

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393117794000
Classification: Query
Thanks for finding yet another bug/feature that I had missed ;-)

The Marriage Notes are there - they just do not display where you expect to find them. OK - they do not appear where I expect to find them ...

Click the "People" button at the top - click the "Tree" tab - find the husband or wife and click to select - down the bottom - at the right hand side of the "Marriage" - there is a man/woman ICON - click it. It is supposed to show "Marriage facts, notes, and media" - and it does not.

Now click the "Person" tab at the top - and select the Marriage Event under "Shared Facts with ...". On the right hand side you can click a Notes tab - and hey presto - there are the "marriage notes"!

These are apparently "Fact Notes" - as opposed to "Relationship Notes" - which is what is displayed via the other method.

See how obvious that was? Sigh ...

To put this into perspective - in terms of the exported GEDCOM - here is a FAM:

0 @F49@ FAM
1 HUSB @I237@
1 WIFE @I117@
1 CHIL @I215@
2 _FREL Natural
2 _MREL Natural
2 DATE 17 NOV 1895
2 PLAC St Mary, Lambeth
2 NOTE @N34@
2 SOUR @S32@
3 PAGE Dec 1895 Lambeth 1d 767
2 SOUR @S16@
3 PAGE St Mary, Lambeth
1 NOTE @N39@

The "2 NOTE" is the "Fact Note" against the marriage event. The "1 NOTE" is the "Relationship Note". These notes are not the same ...

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393119124000
Classification: Query
"there is a man/woman ICON - click it. It is supposed to show "Marriage facts, notes, and media" - and it does not"

There are two facts that are available on the resulting screen when you do the above operation. The first fact is the marriage fact and is a Tab at the top of the page.

The other fact is available in the pane on the right of that window below the Statistics. There are two tabs Sources and Notes. These notes area the same as you would see if you went from People Person ''"Shared Facts with ..."'

I have not been diligent in following this, but I interpret "Shared Facts with ..." as being those facts associated with the source. ie names are misspelled in the record. and Marriage Facts are those associated with the marriage. ie John and Jane were married in their parents house.

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393334106000
Classification: Query
There ended up being another level of complexity to finding the shared facts in my case. I found the couple, went to the ‘Person’ tab and clicked the fact with the note. But on the right hand side the only tabs I had were ‘Fact’ and ‘Sources’. I had to go to Options (just above, far right) and click “Show fact notes” before the notes tab appeared. All fixed [for] now though, thanks for the help all.

Returning to my confusion about how to use these forums...

"You reply to the forum. This sometimes creates a little confusion but that only increases the fun ;-)."

The only reply buttons I can find are the ones at the bottom of each post. If I click on one on the second post my reply goes to it and sort of misses out the rest (when youview the thread in thread view). Am I meant to chose the most relevant post and reply to it, or should I scroll down to the bottom and reply to the latest post? The annoying thing is when I click on reply to a post I can only see that one post when I'm trying to write my message!

Is there another reply button somewhere which replies to the whole thread, and shows me all the previous posts when I’m writing the reply?

Re: FTM 2014 Crashing after adding notes

Posted: 1393350513000
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Edited: 1393350602000
You reply to the thread, If you want to mention a specific comment from a previous post, then mention it at the very beginning of your post.

If you want to change the thread, or significantly shift the thread you should use the "Begin new thread button" at top.

In some way we requested what is currently appearing in FTM, One person wants to see one thing one person another. One person wants one window per screen, another wants to see everything in multiple pane on the screen. Since I usually operate with multiple programs running in different windows on the same screen, I am probably guilty of encouraging the current format of FTM. Some people would be quite unhappy if they ever implement what I would like to see in FTM and that be able to have a window for multiple primary people at the same time.

Like all consensuses something will please everyone but no one will be happy with the whole thing.
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