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school enrollments Eaglehawk

school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Does anyone know if any enrollment lists exist for Eaglehawk schools in the 1870's? Still trying to track fate of orphaned Yarwood children- only one was put into care.

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk-Yarwood

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Surnames: YARWOOD

There is a book about S.S. 210 Eaglehawk 1854-2004

Roll shows Yarwood children from 1917-1959 only.

Also another school at Eaglehawk Nth.

Regards Eileen

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Hi Jenny,

We have an Annie Yarwood on our extended tree, who married David Baxter and died in Western Australia.

Her parents were George Yarwood (d. 1864) and Sarah Elizabeth Shaw (d. 1868).

Unfortunately I don't know who looked after the children after their father, mother and then stepfather died.

I see on your tree that Jonathan L Collingwood was placed into care.

I don't have the level of Ancestry subscription to access the information, but a Walter Charles Yarwood's name is coming up in a search under "Victoria, Australia, Index to the Children's Registers of State Wards, 1850 -1893".

Would that be Annie's brother Walter (William)?

Kind regards, Anne

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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BTW, have you tried the Eaglehawk Historical Society?

They have among their holdings (incomplete) rolls of local schools, and may be able to advise...

The Holdings
Various early Bourough of Eaglehawk Rate Records & Valuations
Local post office directories & some electoral rolls
Eaglehawk Cemetery Records 1864 - 1964
[a selection of cemetery records from other regional cemeteries is also available].
School Rolls Including :-
Eaglehawk State School [incomplete]
Eaglehawk North Primary School [incomplete]
St Liborius Catholic School [incomplete]
Long Gully School [incomplete]
Local Church Baptism Records [incomplete]
Cobden Tent Records
Family Histories
Parish Plans for Eaglehawk & District


Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Hello Anne,
Thanks for the replies. I am going to Bendigo next month so will go to the Eaglehawk Historical society.
Sarah Elizabeth and George Yarwood are my great, great grandparents. I come from Alfred, Annie's older brother.They were the two youngest children.
Walter Charles seems to have become William Charles when he was put in care. He lived the rest of his life in Melbourne whereas the rest of the Yarwoods stayed in the country. Alfred became a farmer in the 1890's near Numurkah.
George Collingwood, the stepfather left not long after he married Sarah. Their son, Jonathan was put in care as well until he was about 16.
Sarah had a sister (Anne Hough) in Castlemaine, but there are no records of the two children being there with her family.I have been to the Castlmaine Historical Society
There is another descendent of Annie Yarwood in WA who has an Ancestry tree as well. I have met her.
Hope to hear from you again. You can put a message on my Ancestry tree as I am on it every day.
Best wishes,

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk-Yarwood

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Hello Eileen,
Thanks for the reply. I will follow up the Eaglehawk North school records.

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Hi Jennie,

Thanks for the interesting information about the Yarwoods.

We're not actually decended from Annie Yarwood, but have a loose connection to her husband David Baxter through his sister Janet Baxter marrying a Pollock. As I said, an extended family tree :)

David and Annie went over to the mines in the West, as did my partner's grandparents and quite a few of the Eaglehawk and Bendigo folk.

Somewhere I have a digital image copy of a picture postcard sent to Annie in Victoria, in 1899, from David at Coolgardie (as he preceeded his family), if you would like me to dig it up.

Hope the Eaglehawk Historical Society are able to be of some help.

All the best, Anne

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Hi Anne,
Thanks for the reply.
I would love you to dig it up if you can- great!

The Yarwoods continued mining here too. Some went to Broken Hill as well. Two of Annie's older brothers- John Thomas Yarwood and George Henry Yarwood were killed in mining accidents as was her great nephew in 1938 in Bendigo. It was a dangerous occupation!

Let me know if you can find the postcard. I will send you my email address,
Thanks again

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk

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Hi again Jenny,

I have found it. It is on a PDF. If you like, you can send me your email address through my Ancestry profile contact.

It has a photo of four miners, one of whom is identified as a Pollock, one we believe to be David Baxter, and of the other two, one is possibly my partner's grandfather, of whom he has never seen a photo.

Yes, it was a hazardous occupation, in more ways than one. My partner's grandfather was dead from a mine-related lung disease by 1924; one of the witnesses to his Victorian wedding died in a Boulder, WA, mine accident in 1901; David Baxter from the results of a fall from a tram-car in 1912...

All the best, Anne

Re: school enrollments Eaglehawk-Yarwood

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Hello, just saw your post., do you know where I can get a copy of this book?? my hubbies ancestors were from the Eaglehawk area., and I'd love to look up some of his family names. Kerry
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