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Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

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I would like to know the best way to install FTM 2014. I currently have 2009 installed and wondered whether it's best to uninstall this first. Also what is the best way to transfer the data from my older version. Thanks

Re: Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

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FTM's old practice was to take your old file and reformat it to the new format structure. If you ever needed to go back to your old file, you couldn't, because it had been reformatted.

You don't need to go through that anymore, because FTM"s installation routine has a checkbox for "make a copy" before converting to new format.

You don't need to remove old FTM2009 software. In fact, I recommend that you keep at least the last version of FTM -both software and data file up and running

A procedure many of use is to rename our files so that the file names show the format of the file according to version. For example, if the your file names were

royals.ftm < data file
royals Media < Media folder

You can rename inside of FTM2009, or in Windows Explore (right click > rename file)

royals 2009 < folder for both of below:

royals2009 < Data file
royals2009 Media < Media folder

Then, create a new folder

royals2014 > folder for both of below:

royals2014.ftm > data file
royals2014 Media > Media folder

Now load your FTM2014software from the CD. When finished it may ask if you want to convert the file last used or give you the choice to choose to convert a file by browsing. If you did the above you would no longer need to check the box to make a copy before converting because you will have already made the copy. But, you can if you want.

Re: Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure that i follow what you have said regarding renaming the files and creating new ones. Do you mean you copy the data from those old files into the new files that you create so that you have two folders with same same information and then just use the later one to convert to 2014 FTM. Sorry to be a pain.

Re: Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

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Well, we don't copy the "data from the old files", but rather we copy the files themselves. I do this from Windows Explorer. You could do that from within FTM by exporting a file with the newname. But it is easier (for me) to use Windows Explorer.

Yes, you end up with two folders - one the old with the "2009 in it and a new one with ""2014 in it.

Re: Installing and transferring data to FTM 2014

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Thanks for explaining that. Sheila
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