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Ebenezer Donelson

Ebenezer Donelson

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I am looking for information on Ebenezer Donelson, born in Va, lived in Gallipolis, Oh. Married to Barbara Shaffer. Main focus is on his parents, and origin. Born 01-04-1784, died April, 1861?

Re: Ebenezer Donelson

babynurse (View posts)
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Surnames: Donelson
I also am a decendant of an Ebenezer Donelson (OH) I'm not sure of the Shafer part, but it sounds familar. My dad has all that information. Anyway, I went to and typed in Ebenezer Donelson and it came up with a site that placed him as the son of John Donelson, and said he was a Bondsman. Also if I remember right he was the brother of Rachel Donelson (Jackson). I really wish I had all that information. I'd like to explore how we might be related.

My branch from Ebenezer...One of his sons, John or James, something like that, moved to Mercer County Missouri, and from him three generations down came my grandfather, Chester Glen Donelson, son of Homer Eldon and Bertha Donelson. Do you have any of those connections?

I know this post probably wasn't to helpful. But I just wanted to touch base with you since Ebenezer is such an unusual name we could be related.

Your possible cousin, many times removed,
Rhonda Malake (Donelson)

Re: Ebenezer Donelson

Randy M. Donelson (View posts)
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Hi Cousin, We're probably not as far removed as one think, still 3 or 4 times though. My grandfather was Roy, one of Homer's brothers,so "Woofang" was my g-uncle. I did meet him, met most of his children too. My father's name is Daniel. Where did you find the info on Ebenezer's parent and sister. I've seen their line, and no mention of an Ebenezer. There were several Johns' and Rachels' in that time period. Love to talk more. Feel free to send mails direct to me. donelsonr@EVANGEL.EDU

Re: Ebenezer Donelson

Rhonda Malake (View posts)
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Surnames: Donelson
We are cousins....wait you don't have a daughter names Holly do you? I remember Uncle Roy, he was a great story teller. The last time I was down to the family reunion was 11 yrs ago and it was still on the Cox farm.
Anyway the information I got a A Ebenezer (maybe not ours) was through Google on a site read:
it's some sort of Wilson Tenn. directory. Here's was it said:

While the brothers, etc, of RACHEL DONELSON JACKSON, also owned land in Wilson
County, they are not the DONELSONs who settled in Wilson. The WIlson
DONELSONS came from Caswell County, NC.
HUMPHREY DONELSON made his will August 5, 1781 and recorded at the September
Court, 1781, Caswell County. He named:
(1) wife, MARY
(2) sons, WILLIAM
(3) son, ANDREW
(4) son, ROBERT
(5) son, EBENEZER
(6) son, HUMPHREY
(7) daughter, MARY RICHMOND, wife of JAMES RICHMOND
(8) daughter, JENNETT
(9) daughter, MARTHA
(10) daughter, MARGARET
(11) daughter, REBECCA
(12) executors, wife, & WILLIAM RICHMOND
witnessing the will were THOMAS WILEY, LAUGHLIN McALYEA
[Kendall and Donaldson, CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA WILLI BOOKS, 1777-1814,
p. 7]
RICHMOND, bondsman
RICHMOND, bondsman
1778-1868, pp. 37-38
October 8, 1807, WCT.
HUMPHREY DONELSON married SALLY KELLY, WCT, Febraury 17, 1808, with OBEDIAH
WOOLWINE, bondsman.
THOMAS CARVER, December 4, 1809, WCT, with HUMPHREY DONELSON, bondsman
[Whitley, MARRIAGES of WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, 1802-1850, pp. 3 et passim.]

CARVER...all migrated to Wilson County in the very first years of the life of
Wilson County as a separate county, as the above marriage bonds will show.

And apparently I got my information screwed up....He was not Rachel's Brother....and the fathers name was Humphery...I have no idea where I got John...maybe that was his son's name. Anyway, maybe it's a lead, maybe it's not. I always heard Ebenezer's folks came straight from Scotland. By the way, what's a bondsman?


Re: Ebenezer Donelson

Randy M. Donelson (View posts)
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Good morning Rhonda, 1st question;no, we have one son, Joshua. I had pretty much dismissed that Eb a long time ago. The time line just doesn't fit. Ours was born 1784. Caswell Co. N.C. does border Va. Pittsylvania Co. Va. borders Caswell Co. oddly enough. Pitts. Co. is where Col. John P Donelson is from, Rachel Donelson Jacksons father. Haven't been able to find any connection. Our Eb was born in Va. according to what I've read, but don't know what county. 2nd question;a bondsman is the same as an indentured servent, one who actually sells theirself, then work off their contract. It was actually a form of slavery. There is another John, Ebs' son. He's the one that went down the Ohio, up the Mississippi, over on the Missouri, then wagoned north from Brunswick, Mo, or Glasgow, to Mercer, Co. somewhere in the 1840s'. I have a far amount of info on John if you're interested. Feel free to mail direct. We have another 'cousin' in Washington that does quite a bit of family research, Mary Adams is her name. Most of our focus has been on Eb. Where was he born in Va.. Apparently he's buried there also, but where. Who were his parents, and syblings? He was the first elected constable of Gallia Co. Ohio, married twice(scandle I'm sure). Our ggg-grandmother was Barbara Shaffer. She has quite a pedigree that goes back to 15th. century Germany. 2nd wife, I know nothing about other than her name was Elizabeth Lindsay. I must go for now, I'm out this weekend. Great to hear from you. Keep in touch.

Donelson/Donnelson Family in Kentucky Connected to the Tennesee Family?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Donaldson Donelson Donnelson Asby Asbury
Do you happen to know any more about the "ANDREW DONELSON married MARY MOTHERAL, July 18, 1791, with JAMES RICHMOND,
bondsman"? I am trying to link them with a William Henry Donnelson/Donelson who had to change his name to "Donaldson" after a botched up land contract. I am hoping to come in contact with someone who knows their childrens' names and information. I've found a lead heading back from myself to a William Henry Don(n)elson who was born about 1792 in Kentucky. One researcher on my end of this branch (working backwards) suggests that he might have had a brother named John Don(n)elson born between 1800 and 1810, and both were the children of Andrew Donnelson and Mary "Motherwell." I believe this is Mary Motheral and would love any proof that Andrew Donnelson moved to Kentucky or had a child named William Henry Donnelson.

My William was born, like I said, about 1792 in Kentucky and married an Elizabeth Asby/Asbury. He ended up dieing in Iowa, 29 NOV 1859. If anyone recognizes these guys, PLEASE let me know. I am having a hard time following this name securely from Donaldson to Donelson.

Also, since I am hoping this is my branch, has anyone made any further discoveries of the parents Humphrey and Mary Donelson's parents?

And, if all of this turns out to be a false lead (which it might be) does anyone know of any other Donelson/Donnelson/Donaldson families of Kentucky? That's where I've managed to get back to. I'm sure they're related somehow...


Re: Donelson/Donnelson Family in Kentucky Connected to the Tennesee Family?

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Surnames: donnelson, ashby, woodard
I have a Donnelson/Ashby connection where my family tree dead-ends. But, it seems related to your question. Here's my notes I'd taken. Robert was my great-great grandfather, and Michael & Nancy were my 3Xgreat grandparents, and any information about their parents, I've not been able to document.

Michael and Nancy were both born in Kentucky. Shortly after their marriage they moved to Illinois where James was born in 1841. By 1844 they had relocated to Missouri where Sarah was born in 1844. When William was born in 1848 the family had made their way to Iowa.
1850 Census:
Liberty, Jefferson Co., Iowa (page 80)
Woodward Donnelson, 33, Male, Farmer, b. KY
Nancy Donnelson, 27, Female, b. KY
Mary Donnelson, 10, Female, b. IL
James T. Donnelson, 8, Male, b. IL
Sarah J. Donnelson, 6, Female, b. MO
William M. Donnelson, 2, Male, b. IA
1860 Census:
Udell Township, Appanoose Co., Iowa,Roll 311 Book 1, Page 553.
M.W. Donnelson, 43, M, Farmer, $600 R.E./$200 Personal, b. KY
Nancy ", 39, F, b. KY
James ", 18, M, Farm Laborer, b. IL
Sarah ", 15, F, b. MO
Wm. M., 12, M, b. IA
Louisa ", 10, F, b. IA
Laura ", 6, F, b. IA
Michael ", 4, M, IA
Robert ", 1 M, b. IA
1870 Census:
Sharon, Appanoose Co., Iowa (p. 478)
Donelson Michael W., 55, M, W, Farmer (renting), $600, b. KY
" Nancy, 49, F, W, Keep House, b. KY
" Laura, 16, F, W, At Home, b. IA
" Michael, 14, M, W, At Home, b. IA
" Robert, 11, M, W, At Home, b. IA

Father: William Henry Donnelson b: ABT 1792 in Kentucky
Mother: Sarah Woodard b: BET 1794 AND 1804 in Kentucky

Marriage 1 Nancy Ashby b: 14 JUL 1822 in , , Kentucky

* Married: ABT 1839 in Kentucky


1. Mary Donnelson b: ABT 1840 in
2. James T. Donnelson b: 8 JAN 1841 in Springfield, Morgan Co., Illinois
3. Sarah C. Donnelson b: ABT 1844 in Missouri
4. William Milton Donnelson b: 22 JUN 1848 in , Appanoose, Iowa
5. Laura Donnelson b: ABT 1853 in , Appanoose, Iowa
6. Louisa Donnelson b: ABT 1853 in , Appanoose, Iowa
7. Michael Woodard Donnelson b: MAR 1856 in , Appanoose, Iowa
8. Robert Sylvester Donnelson b: 1859 in , Appanoose, Iowa

Re: Donelson/Donnelson Family in Kentucky Connected to the Tennesee Family?

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This does indeed appear to be related, I think your Michael Woodard and my John Hayden are half brothers. There's a wonderful tree on - - which I think might be where some of your information came from. If not, you chould check it out, becuase there are names further back to look into. I've postively connected myself back to John Hayden and then to his mother Elizabeth. It seems that Elizabeth was William's second and considerably younger wife, explaining why he seems to disappear relatively early on in my research. I couldn't find him - but this looks good. Also, it is comforting to see his first wife and set of children are also in Kentucky. It's really not that far from NC, but I just like analyzing things carefully before saying yes or no. Especially with al of these Donnelsons, because there are a couple of distinctly different branches.

Also, I should note that the census records for Michael Woodard really sound familiar. I believe John Hayden lived in some of these places and traveled in a similar pattern, although I have to look back on records to be sure. It just rings a bell.

Anyhow, thanks for the confidence and information. I'm going to keep looking and see if I can't trudge onward. let me know if anything new comes up and I'll be sure to do the same for you.

Thanks again.

Re: Donelson/Donnelson Family in Kentucky Connected to the Tennesee Family?

Posted: 1218143843000
Classification: Query
Thank you for your link, it is very helpful.

Re: Donelson/Donnelson Family in Kentucky Connected to the Tennesee Family?

Posted: 1218144002000
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Surnames: Donelson
I don't have any Woodards or Haydens in my tree. The Donelsons I'm related to were Ebenezer DOB 1/4/1784 who married Barbra Schaffer DOB 1/22/1794 in Ohio, then moved to Mercer county Missouri where the bulk of my family stems from until my own grandfather Chester Glen Donelson 4/18/1917-6/19/1994 moved to Iowa. Unless you're seeing a different branch. My tree only goes back to Ebenezer. We know that his father came over from either Scotland or Irland, most likely Irland given the history of the "scotch Irish", which we are. So I'm not seeing how we are connected. Please enlighten me...
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