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Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

Posted: 1388583977000
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I'm trying to clean up my places so that people who lived together show up in the same "tree" in the places database. I have several states in the U.S. that show up twice in the tree. Once, with a few entries in that state and not specific locations, and a second time with entries in that state as well as specific places in the state. When I try to rename the entries that are in the location without any sub entries (ie combine the two instances of the state), FTM blows away all of the individual locations within the state. This happens no matter what order I do it in. I ended up with a few hundred individuals that lost the specific location information.

Luckily I had backed up my tree just before I started this cleanup. Are there any known work arounds to this or am I stuck with the problem?

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

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This is one of several problems with the places databases and some people recommend not bothering to resolve places at all. However, I find it useful to do research by location, especially with families that have been there over many generations, so I resolve them as far as I can.

In the case you are describing, sometimes, but not always, it works to delete the GPS/LatLong numbers and resolve again. You will get a message that says you had specified a specific point (even though you probably didn't) and if you continue the location will change to the database default. Go ahead and do that.

There are a number of other frustrations in the place database - do a search here in this forum to find long discussions about them. As place is one of the genealogy trinity - name, place, date - I don't know why it hasn't been addressed more thoroughly by a genealogy software company. As far as I know, FTM is as good as any other. Most software is name/person-centric. Clooz is event/date centric. Haven't found one that's place/location centric but I have hope! :)

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

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Thanks for the pointer. I found a solution. Compacting the Family Tree database immediately after doing the edit appears to correct the issue. To be more specific:

The problem I had was that I had duplicate entries of locations in the hierarchy of places. For example, Indiana appeared once with a few people in it. Just below or above it, Indiana appeared again with many people in Indiana and specific locations within Indiana (eg Indianapolis). When I attempted to replace the Indiana that had no sub locations with the second, FTM thought for a while and then showed me a list that had everybody in Indiana. All of the sub locations appeared to be lost. I found that if I compacted my database immediately after doing this edit, Everything was fixed.

I had several cases of these duplicate states. To clean them up, I followed this procedure:
1) Synchronize my on-line and local database
2) Backup my local database
3) Compact my local database. At this point, I had a backed up (2 ways), clean file.
4) Go to the places view and pick the instance of the duplicate location that doesn't have any places within it. Right click and choose "Replace with other place name" This brings up a list of places with the one you are working on highlighted. This is alphabetical so the other instance of the doubled location should be right next to it. Pick this and say OK
5) FTM will think for a while. When its done, you should have only one instance of the doubled location but in my case, all of the local places that were within it appear to have disappeared.
6) Compact the database. After a little bit of time, the tree will reload. When you navigate back to the Place list and the location you are working on, in my case, everything was fixed. I only had one instance of Indiana (for example) and all of the locations within Indiana were back with the correct people in them.
7) Repeat 5 & 6 as necessary to clean up your places database. I had six states that had been doubled.

Hope this helps someone else


Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

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Edited: 1389277805000
I use FTM 2012, but it may also apply to FTM -2104.

I have found that when I do a lot of edits to my Places database, that if I do not move the cursor from the just edited field, I will sometime have problems from simple irritations to hard lockup.

I experienced this when I tried to clean up the Places in a 10 year old database that I had imported from FTM Version 16. Once I got it cleaned up, maintaining it was simple.

Also I do not use the Resolve feature of FTM. FTM only recognizes current established communities, Many times my ancestor residence are marked by Post Office names, or a small communities that have nearly disappeared. Examples are Fairport, Chamberlain, and Massillon Allen Co Indiana. FTM chockes when it comes across Fairport, Milan Twp, Allen Co, Indiana.

I have standardize all of my Places entries to Town, Township, county, state. I do not bother to include the country. Street address I include in the Discription Field or the fact note, depending on its importance.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

Posted: 1389279561000
Classification: Query
Nice write up - doesn't work for FTM2014 unfortunately. Right click only gives you right to left reading order (!) and unicode changes.

Re: Family Tree Maker 2012 corrupted place database

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I include USA because I have many cousins in Canada, Australia, and the UK and if they ever look at my work, I can't assume that they will know where anything in the U.S. is. For that matter, many of the town and county names in the U.S. are identical to overseas so I include USA to avoid any ambiguity. I've got ancestors in both Cambridge, Mass, USA and Cambridge, England for example.

My objective with place names is to be able to put a point on a modern map and find all of my ancestors that lived near there. I've been able to visit some of them and its really cool to walk through a village and know that I'm walking in the footsteps of my 18th century ancestors.

To do this, I need to use modern names but I want to save the old place names as a reference. My workaround to meet both objectives is to put the old name in the Description field and then use the modern equivalent in the place name field. For example, I've got many ancestors that lived and died in a town called Sawley in northern England. In the 17th and 18th century, it was in North west Yorkshire county and that's where it turns up in census. However they've moved the border and it is now part of Lancashire county. Just to add to the confusion, there's another Sawley in eastern Yorkshire which has many people with the same last name. This is one case where I use the modern county name as the place name. This allows any of the online mapping programs to find the correct place. I put the old county in the description field to remind myself to look in that county records when looking at old records.
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