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Borhaus / Borhany ?

Borhaus / Borhany ?

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Surnames: Kranyecz
I am researching the surname Kranyecz from a place called Borhaus/Borhouse/Borhany in Austria-Hungary. It is somewhere near Graz (now in Austria) and Maribor (now in Slovenia), but I can't find it in any of the usual sources.

Does anyone have a very detailed map of the area from 1880-1910? Or any ideas for where this village is (or was) located?

Also note that the family is Windish/Slovenian, and Roman Catholic.

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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is the lastname correct? this is not slovenian!
can it be Kranjc?
Kranyecz is a hungarian name.
Kranyecz at Ellisisland:
no Borhaus/Borhany known there.
can there be a mispelling at both? lastname and placename?

old map of 1910 (Austrian-Hungarian Empire) with Marburg/Maribor on right end of page and Graz north of it:

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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Surnames: Kranyecz, Kranjec
Thanks for the reply! The map is great!

I believe Kranyecz is the Hungarian-ized spelling of the surname. I expect it was Kranjec or something similar. Example:

A family member recently found a WWI Draft Card showing the hometown as "Borhaza". This leads me to believe that it may be present-day Boreča, in the Prekmurje region, as Borhaza was the Hungarian name for this town. Boreča does have a Catholic church, so that fits, and it makes sense that he would speak the same dialect as his wife (from Bodonci).

Was the Prekmurje region part of Styria?

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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not sure if it was in austrian "Untersteiermark" = Lower-Styria, the former south part of Styria. this map with most german names that time was named "Übermur-Gebiet"(Upper-Mur-area).think it must be Prekmurje now. it was once also hungarian. think just this northern part of Prekmurje did not belong not to Untersteiermark.
"Im Jahre 1890 wird das Dorf amtlich Borháza bezeichnet und hatte 273 Einwohner, davon bekannten sich 270 als Slowenen und 3 als Deutsche. Der Ort lag im Bezirk Muraszombat, dem heutigen Murska Sobota, im Komitat Eisenburg/Vas - In 1890, the village officially designated Borháza and had 273 inhabitants, of whom 270 identified themselves as Slovenes and 3 as a German. The place was in the district Muraszombat, today Murska Sobota, in County Vas / Vas.
Der Vertrag von Trianon schlug das Dorf am 4. Juni 1920 dem Königreich SHS zu. Für den nun amtlich Boreča genannten Ort wurden bei der Volkszählung am 31. Januar 1921 folgende Daten ermittelt: 303 Slowenen, von diesen 303 Bewohnern bekannten sich 179 zum katholischen und 124 zum evangelischen Glauben - The Treaty of Trianon struck the village on 4 June 1920 to the Kingdom of SHS . For now officially called place Boreča were in the census on 31 January 1921 identified the following data: 303 Slovenes, 303 of these people known to the Catholic, 179 and 124 to the Protestant faith."
Bor in the word Boreca came about slovenian Bor = pine (tree),or.r_gc.r_pw.r...

think it must belong to diocesan-archive Maribor. you can ask there if they have him in their files:

the orgin of the slovenian name Kranjc/Kranc comes about Kranjec =
a person coming from Carniola - Kranj(slovenian) - Kranj(slovenian).

old map with Boreča-Borhana:

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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As one of the results of WW 1 that created Slovenia as part of the new Kingdom of SHS, the comitate (county) of Vas lost its southernmost district of Muraszombat. This was the district which included Borháza.

As Mohnbauer already mentioned, about two thirds of the 300 or so inhabitants of Borháza were Roman-catholics, and one third were Lutherans.

The parishes for both religions (and therefore the official recording of vital events till September 1895) were in Felsöpetrocz, formerly Péterhegy. LDS has microfilmed the duplicates of the records of both religions starting in about 1828.

Felsöpetrocz was also a location for civil recording which took over starting on Oct. 1, 1895. I think it is likely that Borháza belonged to this civil recording district. Another candidate town would be Felsölendva.

The entry for the church records of Felsöpetrocz in the LDS library index has an apparent error, because in the second and third line, the two religions are exchanged. Anyway, "carichak" has a good chance to find data on his ancestors via the LDS microfilms.

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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I'm sorry for the delay in my reply... You are correct, this village is part of Prekmurje. I didn't realize where the name Boreča came from; pine trees... interesting!

It sounds like this village was never actually part of Styria, so I'll be posting any further questions on the Slovenia board. Thank you again for your help!

Re: Borhaus / Borhany ?

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Thank you for the information on the LDS microfilms. I'll have to add them to my queue of films to check out!
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