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California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Danny Eutsler (View posts)
Posted: 1040464204000
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Surnames: Eutsler
Hello everyone,

I have to say I am completely amazed at all of the 'Eutslers' out there, and ALL of the different variations of the spelling.

My name is Danny Eutsler, my father is Jimmie Eutsler. My grandpa was Ernest Eutsler Jr., who I'm sorry to say passed away last year (May 2001).

My grandpa was from Stone county Missouri. He left to come to California in the early 40's I believe. My father was an only child, so seeing all of you out there is quite mind boggling.

I was researching the ancestry and I can get back to my G.G.Grandfather Marion Eutsler (my grandpa's grandfather - it looks like his name was actually James Marion Eutsler, but I am not sure). He married Elizabeth Curbow who I believe was either full-blooded Cherokee, or close to it). The trail for me stops right there. There were some families that looked promising at first (I thought that maybe John & Martha Eutsler, married around late 1840's or so might be his parents, but I can not tell for sure) So I decided that maybe I had things mixed up a bit.

I am hoping to get in contact with more of my family in Missouri where my dad and grandpa are from. I have no recolection of meeting another Eutsler that wasn't either one of my sisters, my dad, or grandparents.

I know this is long-winded, so I will sign off now.

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Posted: 1048133924000
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hi, my greatgrandfather, Henry Clay Eutsler was born in missouri. He moved to Idaho and died here. I am pretty sure that we have some common ancesters. I'd like to compare info

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

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Hi, I am researching Curbows from Missouri (Frances Lee) and I stumbled across records for this Elizabeth Curbow and James M Eutsler. Contact me at and I'll fill you in. Thanks

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Don Henderson (View posts)
Posted: 1073274789000
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Danny, this message is a year old, so you may not even have this e-mail address any longer, but your grandpa and mine were brothers. I live in Texas now. We may have met in Abesville in the 70's.

You are right. Your grandpa's dad was (James) Marion Eutsler. He married Elizabeth Curbow. Marion's parents were John and Martha. Elizabeth's parents were George and Emsy. They died around 1865.

I'm still trying to figure all this out myself, but if you ever want to correspond, let me know. dh

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Danny Eutsler (View posts)
Posted: 1073313525000
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I got the message. You can reach me directly at Is your grandpa John?

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Gary Keithley (View posts)
Posted: 1073616008000
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I believe Minnie Eutsler is the daughter of James Marion and Elizabeth (Curbow) Eutsler. Minnie married Dan Pritchard and had a daughter Elsie who was my grandmother. I'm trying to find out any info I can about Elizabeth Curbow in regards to being a full blood Cherokee. If this is correct,please respond or email me with any info. My name is Gary Keithley and my email is
Thanks Gary

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Danny Eutsler (View posts)
Posted: 1073619628000
Classification: Query
Hey Gary,

I just sent you an email reply to your email to me. Just incase someone else can verify/correct/fill in I am resending it here in the post.

I am a little confused as it looks like you stated two different things, one in the email to me, and a slightly different version in this post. Hopefully someone can clear it up.

Actually I just went through it again, I think I may have it. See below.

From what I have found out Elizabeth Curbow's father
was George Curbow. Her mothers maidenname was Pitts.
But i do not know what her first name was. I haven't
seen anything to colaborate this. But that is what I
found out in an email from someone (I can't remember
off the top of my head who though).

As for the decendants down from there to us, the way
you stated it has me a little confused. As I understand it, Elizabeth Curbow married James Marion Eutsler (I heard him referenced as Marion Elanzo also once) in 1876. The kids
that they had that I am aware of are Ernest Sr (my
g-grandfather), Frank, Marion Lonzo, and Della (it looks like there is a sister Minnie that I am missing here).

I have heard that there were more kids than that. But
I do not know their names. Ernest Sr married Minnie
(maidenname Pritchard), whose father was Tom Pritchard, and
grandfather Albert Pritchard. They had a bunch of kids. One of which was my grandfather Ernest Jr (the other names
that I know are boys Duward, German, Marion, John, and
girls Merle, Jewel, Elizabeth, Mable, Iretta, and

Your grandmother was Elsie Pritchard, who was (as you put inthe email) the daughter of Minnie Eutsler, and granddaughter of Elizabeth Curbow?

So it is sounding like I am missing a sister to Ernest Sr, Frank, Della, and Marion Lonzo. A Sister named Minnie. She married Dan Pritchard. They had a daughter Elsie (your grandmother).

I have seen the Eutsler and Pritchard names intertwine
a few times in different generations. It makes my
head spin.

Where are you located? I am in California.

My father is Jimmie Eutsler, son of Ernest Eutsler Jr
(married to Ruth Metcalf), son of Ernest Eutsler Sr
(married to Minnie Pritchard), son of James Marion
Eutsler (Married to Elizabeth Curbow).

Hope this helps, or at least makes it more interesting
to figure out.


Danny Eutsler

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Posted: 1073628295000
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Guardian and curator of Elizabeth Curbow, Milly Ann Curbow and
Solomon Curbow, minor heirs of George Curbow, deceased.
Sec. Rubin Maberry and John Hembree, bond filed 16 May 1866
page 41

Found this at Stone County Wills

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Danny Eutsler (View posts)
Posted: 1073654935000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Eutsler Curbow
So was Elizabeth, Milly Ann, and Solomon brother and sisters?

Does anyone know George's wife's name? I heard that her maiden name was Pitts.

Re: California Eutsler, Missouri roots.....

Posted: 1073675035000
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1860 Census Carroll County, AR
643 CURBOW, Elizabeth 8 f MO
643 CURBOW, Emsy 24 f IL can't read or write
643 CURBOW, George W 35 m IN farmer
643 CURBOW, Milly Ann 6 f MO
643 CURBOW, Solomon 3 m MO

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