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Newspaper extractions: 2 more questions

Newspaper extractions: 2 more questions

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In image 1: What do I do with the (Drake?)?

In image 2: Is this something I am to key? If so, I can't tell what the first word is, can anyone help? Also, the date at the end is only 2 digits? Do I key just those or not key the year? And is it a death? All the other entries are typed, but not this one.

Thanks for all the help.


Re: Newspaper extractions: 2 more questions

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Classification: Query
Image 1 - I would ignore Drake and not key it.

Image 2 - Not as sure about this one but would also probably ignore as it is handwritten in... May want to wait to get other opinions about this one...


Re: Newspaper extractions: 2 more questions

Posted: 1367142799000
Classification: Query
Second image:

It says Purchase, Gertrude A, Barber, Apr 29, '39. It appears to be a death.

There are no specific instructions for this particular project about keying the year as seen or expanding it to 4 digits, so you would follow the General Keying Standards which say "YEARS should be entered as 4-digit years when possible. If the year on the image is only 2 digits please try to determine what century the event occurred in. There is typically information on the image that will assist you in determining if it is 2008 vs 1008. If you are unable to determine the century please key the two digit year." The date range for this project is 1790-1930, so '39 must be 1839.

Re: Newspaper extractions: 2 more questions

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Edited: 1367161616000
The image with Purchase - Gertrude Barber - this is a cover page. She is shown on other pages as well. I think this may be the purchase of the book, maybe ?

The 2nd image should be keyed as Richard Darke 73 (in 74th yr). If you can tell which date is Saturday, you would key this date. Sometimes you can tell from a sentence close to this one which date that it is. If not, leave date blank.

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