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Mr Obama: more Childress kin discovered?

Mr Obama: more Childress kin discovered?

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Surnames: Childress, Childers, Conyers, Ament, Landrum
Warren Forsythe
Box 1299
Ellensburg WA 98926-1299
best contact for me RE: this database townsendthos at
20 March 2009

RE: ancestor #107 of Pres. Obama in 2009 ed. of "Ancestors of American
Presidents" by Gary Boyd Roberts
That book, although admittedly tentatively, asserts she's Nancy Conyers, kin to the
Conyers family so numerous by 1832 in Adams Co. IL
FIRST QUESTION: Do y'all have confirmation of that---
BECAUSE NEW RESEARCH INDICATES #107 was actually only a niece-
namesake of a an Adams Co. IL Conyers--actually #107 full name appears (below) to
be Nancy Conyers Childers/Childress born 12 April 1823, then of Grant Co. KY to
Robert Childers Jr. and Sarah A Landrum--THEN evidently by mid 1830's #107 was
reportedly in Adams Co. IL, but by 1 Sept 1839 was listed as living across
Mississippi River in Clark Co. MO when she evidently married John M Childress
according to the following marriage record:

I looked at the original marriage record on LDS FHL microfilm, for 1 Sept 1839
marriage of John M Childress to Nancy C Childress in Clark Co. MO .
The parents of the bride are being actively researched/disputed, because they
are listed as ancestors #106 and #107 of Pres. Obama in 2009 ed. of "Ancestors of
American Presidents" by Gary Boyd Roberts.
To find more evidence about who Bride's parents were:
Since the bride was apparently only aged 16, we wonder if some "permission" record
might still survive. No such bonds/permissions seem to be included for any
marriages on the Clark Co. marriages themselves , (that I could find on microfilm),
they seem to be just the Minister's report 12 Sep 1839 after ceremony.

MAIN QUESTION : could we find permissions/bonds to marry on Clark Co.
COURT RECORDS on LDS FHL microfilm? If so, would a chronological search
during August-Sept 1839 be the only way you suggest searching -- or are
permissions or bonds in separate records? If so, what are names of records, and how
access them? I'm willing to pay locals to do searching, if y'all know for sure that
specific-titles of local records do cover this subject.

Thanks for any suggestions!
--Warren Forsythe
genealogy126 (at)

P.S. BTW the dispute is that the above book lists the bride, i.e.
Ancestor #107 as Nancy Conyers, apparent granddaughter of
Denis/Dennis Conyers whose KY descendants were, by 1832,
across the Missisippi River in Adams Co. IL.
But Clark Co. MO marriage record indicates Ancestor #107 more
likely was, as stated in Clark Co., Nancy C. Childress/Childers
daughter of Robert Childers Jr. and his wife Sarah A Landrum who
married KY 1818, were in Clark Co. by 1836 land record, and
probably lie buried in the portion of 1839-era-Clark Co. which fell into
Scotland co. MO by about 1841.
Her husband John M. Childers/Childress seems correctly
compiled already in above book, as born 1816 KY to Catherine
Ament and her husband John P. Childers
NOTE THIS following ADDENDUM/explanation does not appear on
the version of this communication posted on Clark Co. MO locality
board at
The evidence that the bride was aged 16 comes form their family
bible, i.e. the John M. Childress bible, which lists his bride as
Nancy Conyers Childress born 12 April 1823, but lists no parents on
her side.

Re: Mr Obama: more Childress kin discovered?

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Surnames: Childress, Childers
RE: 1 Sept 1839 marriage in Clark County MO, recorded 12 Sept 1839 ,
i.e. marriage of John M. Childress to Nancy C. Childress
Now I report slighly more information about the minister
A. Broaddus
[a compiled marriages book for Clark Co. MO calls Rev. Broaddus a BAPTIST Minister]
This is consistent with the bride being a daughter of parents well-known as BAPTISTS in Clark Co MO : Robert Childers Jr. and Sarah/Sally Landrum.
However many Clark Co. MO people were Baptists then.
Warren Forsythe, Ellensburg WA
genealogy126 (at)
for further details see Virginia Childers Hanks' family tree research, which is just posted by me, Forsythe, at
database named townsendthos at

Re: Mr Obama: more Childress kin discovered?

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Surnames: Childress Childers Armour Turner Bauer Roberts Miller Deahl
all 7 kids of Nancy Ann Childress born 10 Sept 1848 Clark Co MO -- who married George Armour 1871 and James T Turner 1897:

25 march 2009
Here's some recent updates on President Obama's ancestors #52 and 53 and 107

#107 Nancy (Childers/Childress) Childress (1823-1860) marriage 1 Sept 1839 Clark Co. MO was by a BAPTIST minister, which is same religion as Mrs. Hanks' CURRENT conjecture (cited in President book page 297) not her previous conjecture posted still on
i.e. current conjecture for brides family, being Robert Childers Jr. family of Clark/Scotland Co. MO. But Baptist was common there then.
Bob Hartman, Clark Co MO website coordinator, says no marriage bond, nor underage permission probably exists. But there may be helpful tidbit still to be found in record. Once Mrs. Hanks found parents because place of marriage was mentioned as Robert Childers, Jr. residence!
HERE's my first attempt at a more complete family group sheet of children of----
President Obama's Ancestors #52 and 53, i.e. Nancy (Childress) (Armour) Turner (1848 MO - 1924 IL), daughter of above marriage, and her first husband George W. Armour (~1850 OH - 1889 probably Lewis Co. MO) --and birthplaces also sometimes asserted on US census are IL and PA

(just posted, not on global index:)
which says:
in general that the only (2 of 3 total post 1880 census) documented younger Armour children were born in MO and were of Lewis Co. MO by time of 1900 US census

Specifically, the family group record says:
ChildersSistersAncestry:byMrsHanks&MrsKunz-- &ThosTOWNSENDbyLindberg:The Essex Gen.vol 13 &14: #E013&14 at
Entries: 3549 Updated: 2009-03-26 03:45:10 UTC (Thu) Contact: WarrenForsythe


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Index | Individual | Descendancy | Pedigree | Ahnentafel | Download GEDCOM


Descendant Register, Generation No. 1


1. George W #52_Obama ARMOUR (William ARMOUR1) was born ABT 1849 in Duncan Falls,Muskingham,OH,of IL b. PA ?, and died AFT 12 SEP 1890 in 1880 cens: ARMER,,,or 2 Sep 1889. He was buried in Canton,Lewis,MO,Wyaconda Cem. He married Nancy Ann #53_Obama CHILDRESS 12 NOV 1871 in Canton,Lewis,MO, daughter of John Milton #106_Obama CHILDERS and Nancy Conyers #107_Obama CHILDERS. She was born 10 SEP 1848 in Washington Twp.,Clark,MO,7 mi NofFairmont, and died 7 MAY 1924 in Plymouth,Hancock,IL,St Mary Twp. She was buried in St Marys Cem,Hancock,IL,St Mary Twp.

Children of George W #52_Obama ARMOUR and Ann Nancy #53_Obama CHILDRESS are: 2 i. Minnie ARMOUR was born ABT AUG 1872 in ,,MO, and died AFT 1924 in Plymouth,Hancock,IL,alive there then. She married John William ROBERTS BEF 1920 in probably,,IL. He was born ABT DEC 1858 in ,,IL, and died AFT 1930 in then living,Hancock,IL,St Mary Twp.
+ 3 ii. Harry Ellington #26_Obama ARMOUR was born 10 JAN 1874 in Quincy,Adams,IL, and died 5 DEC 1953 in Wichita,,KS.
+ 4 iii. Arthur Leonard ARMOUR was born 29 NOV 1875 in of,Adams,IL, and died 19 FEB 1935 in Bolton,Peoria,NC unsure?,IL identity?.
5 iv. Daisy Dazy Dazey ARMOUR was born ABT DEC 1878 in of Ellington Twp,Adams,IL, and died AFT 1924 in East Moline,Rock Island,IL,alive there then. She married MILLER. He was born ABT 1870 in possibly of,,IL.
+ 6 v. Nellie C ARMOUR was born 3 JAN 1883 in ,,MO,? Lewis Co. ?, and died 26 SEP 1944 in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,1924 & burial.
7 vi. O C ARMOUR was born ABT 1885 in probably,,IL, and died 1911 in ,Rock Island,IL.
8 vii. Ruby Russell [used_2nd_name] ARMOUR was born 1888 in ,,MO,(possibly in Lewis Co. ?), and died 1958 in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,1924 & burial. He married Myrtle M. She was born ABT DEC 1888 in ,,Iowa, and died AFT 1930 in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,no Dates at Cem.. [ omits my compilation herethat they are both buried Memroial Park in Rock Island IL but no dates for Myrtle there]

[ Now I see that I'd overlooked compiling Myrtle and R. Russell Armour's son Clarence R Armour born ca July 1915 IL and living in 1930 us census there ]

9 viii. three kids died_early ARMOUR was born ABT 1880 in probably,,IL.


Descendant Register, Generation No. 2


3. Harry Ellington #26_Obama ARMOUR (George W #52_Obama ARMOUR2, William ARMOUR1) was born 10 JAN 1874 in Quincy,Adams,IL, and died 5 DEC 1953 in Wichita,,KS. He married Gabriella #27_Obama CLARK 22 MAR 1899 in ,Lewis,MO. She was born 10 JUN 1876 in Laddonia,,MO, and died 14 JUL 1966 in Wichita,,KS.

Child of Harry Ellington #26_Obama ARMOUR and Gabriella #27_Obama CLARK is: + 10 i. Ruth Lucille #13_Obama ARMOUR was born 1 SEP 1900 in Plymouth,,IL, and died 26 NOV 1926 in Topeka,,KS,d. suicide.

4. Arthur Leonard ARMOUR (George W #52_Obama ARMOUR2, William ARMOUR1) was born 29 NOV 1875 in of,Adams,IL, and died 19 FEB 1935 in POSSIBLY EITHER? Bolton, NC or Peoria IL identity?uncertain. He married Inez O (a_seamstress). She was born ABT 1877 in ,,IL, and died AFT 1930 in Peoria,,IL,alive there then.

Children of Arthur Leonard ARMOUR and Inez O (a_seamstress) are: 11 i. Dorothy L ARMOUR was born ABT 1911 in ,,IL, and died BEF 2009.
12 ii. Lawrence R ARMOUR was born ABT 1913 in ,,IL, and died BEF 2009.

6. Nellie C ARMOUR (George W #52_Obama ARMOUR2, William ARMOUR1) was born 3 JAN 1883 in ,,MO,(maybe in Lewis Co. ?), and died 26 SEP 1944 in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,1924 & burial. She was buried in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,Memorial Park. She married John Tobias (BOWERS_:_1900cen) BAUER. He was born ABT 1875 in ,,MO, and died AFT 1924 in Rock Island,Rock Island,IL,1924 residence. He was [not] buried in ,,,notByWife Nellie in Memorial Park in Rock Island IL.

Children of Nellie C ARMOUR and John Tobias (BOWERS_:_1900cen) BAUER are: 13 i. Clara B BAUER was born ABT NOV 1898 in of,Lewis,MO.
14 ii. Hazel BAUER was born ABT 1906 in ,,IL, and died BEF 2009.


I tentatively found slight confirmation that Daisy (Armour) Miller born ca 1879 IL might be the 1895 bride whom two of you list below, in that she was apparently (most obvious identity guess) 1930 US census a patient in a facility for a hundred or more patients in Rock Island Co. IL

ID: I63374
Name: Daisy ARMOUR
Given Name: Daisy
Surname: ARMOUR
Sex: F
Birth: Abt 1879 1
Death: Y
_UID: 73EF4AA1FEE84A6391BEB207B24F8459C6C8
Change Date: 21 Jan 2009 at 14:16

Father: George ARMOUR b: Abt 1850 in Ohio
Mother: Ann

Marriage 1 Adam DEAHL
Divorced: Y 1903
Married: 1895
Note: She is, perhaps, the Daisy D. Armour who married Royal Adam Deahl in 1895 and divorced him in 1903. 1
Change Date: 21 Jan 2009
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