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Surnames: Kastel, McPherson, Morton
I have just received a copy of my grandmother's social security application. No one in my family was sure how her maiden name was spelled. Because of her accent they thought it was Kastle. But after getting the application I found it was spelled Kastel.
I also found my greatgrand father's name was Anton and he was married to Mary (maiden name unknown). My grandmother was born somewhere in Austria in 1897. I know she had an older sister in the United States. When Grandma came here in 1911(approximately)the sister and her husband picked her up and took her by train somewhere. I do not know where they lived.
My cousin said they found grandma's name at Ellis Island. But the name was spelled wrong as many of them where.
There also was a brother that stayed in Austria. I am not sure what his name was or if he was younger or older.
My grandmother lived in Pennsylvania and I grew up in California so there was not very much communication. My grandmother passed away last year at the age of 101 years old almost 102 years old. Before my father died he said she did not talk about the old country. And that was evidenced when I got a copy of the death certificate and my aunt did not know my greatgrand parent's names. Well if any of this sounds like a match e-mail me at

Kuhar surname

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Surnames: Kuhar, Remniak, Koslowski
My father's name was Michael Kuhar. He was born in the village of Horchow or Horchowchek, near Premiscyl in Western Ukraine Formally Austria in 1904. He had a brother John who had a son Michael. My gramdmother's name was Anna Remniak(my dad's mom) and my mother's name was Euphrosina Koslowski.

surname Kastelic

Natasa Hacin McDowell (View posts)
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Surnames: Kastelic
Hi, I am writing to you from Slovenia, which untill 1918 was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. It used to be called Carniola.

The name Kastelic is know over here. One familly lived in the same appartment block as my family. If you wish, I can ask my friend if she could help. She is a historian and so was her father. So you may be in luck there.


Re: surname Kastelic

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Mary KASTELIC, born 04, November 1886 in Slovenia and died 4 July 1966 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, United States. Mary KASTELIC married Frank LUKSIC, also born in Slovenia on 15 July 1874. He died 25 November 1945. Frank LUKSIC and Mary KASTELIC were married 22 April 1902 in Calumet, Michigan. The parents of Mary KASTELIC were Joseph KASTELIC and Frances BARTOL. The parents of Frank LUKSIC were: Anton LUKSIC and Katherine UNK. Would love to exchange any information on the surnames: KASTELIC, LUKSIC, BARTOL.
Marcia Bastian
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Re: surname Kastelic

gail mccollum (View posts)
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Requesting information on Kastelic families. My daughter is a Kastelic by birth and has a birth certificate that indicates her great grandfather was a Joe Kastelic and that he was born in Austria and immigrated to the U.S. near the turn of the century. Family rumor is that the original name could have been Kastelch or something similar. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Her grandfather would have been John William Kastelic and would have lived in Michigan or Illinois. He was killed in a car accident in the 1950's.

Re: surname Kastelic

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KASTELIC most likely a Slovenian or Croatian surname would sound like kastelich. So most likely this is the original sp.

You can search Ellis Island records for Josef, Jozef or Josip KASTELIC and will find about 40 + listings most coming from places in Austria where Slovenians lived IE Krain, Carniola, etc.. So anyone coming from that area prior to the end of WW I, 1918, would have been listed as a citizen of Austria, but many of the manifest have a column listing Race of People (what we would call ethnicity today). The ones I looked at listed Slovenian as Race of People. The IC ending means the son of just like the son in Peterson, means son of Peter.

If you register at Ellis Island you then can view original ship manifest which sometimes are 2 pages and will give you detail such as former residence, destination and next of kin at former residence and who they were meeting at their destination. I checked all listings for Josip and Jozef but not for Josef as there are 37. I am leaving that for you, can't spoil all your fun!

Here is link to Ellis Island

And here are Slovenian genealogy links

If you have any question that I can help with please don't hestitate to Email me.

Slovenian Genealogy Help Links Updated 5-28-01


ShtelSeeker a good place name locator for all Eastern Europe

Map of Slovenia in “old Austria”

Here are links to maps which will give you an idea of the Austria Hungary Monarchy and their provinces so you can get some idea how that relates to today’s Slovenia, which was created from Carniola, Styria and Corinthia

Researching Family names

A general article about the history of surnames

Slovenian Surname Background Information

Stories abound about arrogant and/of nationalistic US Immigration officials changing our forbearer’s names. But are these stories true? Here is a link which delves into what may be just a “family legend” without basis!

Ancestry com, here you can search Social Security Death Indexes and US phone numbers

This is a listing of LDS Family History Centers generated from data sent by the. The listing is nowhere near complete and readers are invited to submit information about any FHC's with which they are familiar.

Link to Ellis Island records, including immigrant information, place of origin, ship name and much more

This page contains information about where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from each state, territory and county of the United States.

Naturalization – Citizenship
Naturalization Resources general and by US state

United States Immigration and Naturalization Service Website contains information about the INS Historical Reference Library collection and services

Family Tree Software

Link to FREE downloadable family tree software from the LDS (Mormon) church, I know several people who use it and like it

Information about Slovenia and Slovenian genealogy

Links to organizations Associated with FEEFHS from 14 Countries, inc. Slovenia:

Slovenian Cross Index is provided to speed your access to the many related HomePages, Resource Guide Listings, Maps, research aids, finding aids, alternate names of places and other information about Slovenia genealogy on this web site

Slovenian web ring organization

A guide to virtual Slovenia

Genealogy and Heraldry in Slovenia

Gottscheers are descendants of the people who lived in the German-speaking district of Gottschee in the Austrian Duchy of Carniola (Krain), which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918 when the Empire was dissolved following World War I. Today, Gottschee is a city and district in Slovenia and is known by its Slovene name: Kocevje.

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project Inc. Slovenia

Slovenian Genealogical Society, Pacific Northwest US, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

Slovenian web ring

Genealogy Forums

Roots Web forums, inc. Slovenia, Austria and “Yugoslavia”

Family History Genealogy boards, inc. Slovenia, Austria, Austria-Hungary and “Yugoslavia”

Usenet Slavic genealogy newsgroup (you must be set up to receive newsgroups)


ON line phone directories
On line Slovenia phone directory search (in Slovenian language)

Worldwide Phone Directory index of online phone books, with over 400 links to Yellow Pages, White Pages, Business Directories, Email Addresses and Fax Listings from over 170 countries all around the world.

Slovenian Fraternal Societies in USA

The Slovene National Benefit Society was founded in 1904

American Slovenian Catholic Union


A good search engine, just type in surname followed by genealogy may find others who have information you are seeking

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: Kuhar surname

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I too am looking for Kuhar - maybe these are the same as you are seeking? My grandfather was born in Pittsburgh, PA as Michael Kuhar, Oct. 19, 1913. His father was John Kuhar and was from somewhere in the Ukraine (Austrian-Hungarian Empire), date and town unknown. His mother was Pauline Stupak, and I believe that she may have also been from the Ukraine. Michael was the oldest,followed by Roseanne, Steve and finally Nick. At some point in time, Michael changed his name to Mitchell. This particular Kuhar family moved to Akron, Ohio - Firestone Park neighborhood. I know relatively little about this family, all but Mitchell (Michael) and Nick are deceased. They never would talk much about the family, in fact, Mitch (Mike) would get very angry and upset when questioned. Anyone with any information on this family, please feel free to contact @ e-mail address.

Re: Kuhar surname

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KUHAR is a somewhat common name in many Slavic countries. The name simply translates to - cook.

John may have been Iwan (sounds like eevon and means John) There is a record at Ellis Island for Iwan KUHAR arr October 03, 1909 Race of People Ruthenian from Bilcz, which was in the Austrian province of Galicia but after WW I became part of Ukraine. It is located 346 miles west of Kiev. His destination however was stated as Cleveland to bro in law, the manifest indicates he became a US citizen 3-14-40

Searching Ellis Is for female P STUPAK find only 1 Paranka arr 1910 age 22 single also Ruthenian Race destination Johnstown PA to a brother from Posady Austria which may be now in Ukraine. However it appeas most STUPAK females arr 1892-1913 are from Russia.

Michael would be MIKHAILO

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

Re: Kuhar surname

Theresa (View posts)
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Surnames: Kuhar, Stupak
I am replying (rather late i'm afraid) to your helpful reply to me. Researching Pauline Stupak, I could not find another match for a P. Stupak either. I just recently learned that Paulines name was Paroska, that she originally went to Johnstown, PA, and that she was really about 4 years older than I had originally been told. Turns out that the Paranka Stupak you found was the right one all the time. I found out this information from requesting my grandfathers birth record from Pittsburgh. Thank you very much for the tip on Paranka Stupak, it was much appreciated.
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