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Robert B Newlands

Robert B Newlands

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Surnames: Newlands

I am hoping to find information regarding Robert Newlands who was born in New South Wales but later settled in the Stanthorpe region. Robert was born to William and Catharine Newlands in New South Wales.

I hope someone can help me as I am running out of ideas.

Re: Robert B Newlands

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Where and what have you done to search for Robert?


Re: Robert B Newlands

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Is this Robert's Qld death reg., 1936? Mother's maiden name Golden?

1936/C1523 Robert Bruce Newlands William Catherine Soeden

A 1917 Queensland obituary below for his brother John (Source: TROVE)

Qld. death reg.

1917/C2755 John Newlands William Newlands Catherine Golding

(I had to Google 'Boggabilla'. Looks like it's almost on the NSW/Queensland border).

Edited to add:

Another sibling died in Queensland, 1869

1869/C307 William Newlands William Newlands Catherine Golden


Re: Robert B Newlands

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Surnames: Newlands
Thank you

That is Robert's death in 1936.

So Robert was born in NSW and then at some time moved to Queensland. Will check out the Boggabilla connection.
The William Newlands is one I have never heard of before except for Robert's father being called William.

So John had two sons in the war will go to NAA for their records.

Many thanks Maddy

Re: Robert B Newlands

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No problems, Maddy.

This may be brother William's NSW baptism below, under 'Newland' ??


Cheers, Anne

Re: Robert B Newlands

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I'm getting a bit confused with the repetition of christian names over generations, but a marriage registered in Queensland?

1885/C483 Newlands Robert Patience Mary

And then births registered at Warialda (and Moree), NSW?



23511/1888 NEWLANDS ADA F


13739/1898 NEWLANDS JANE A M

Sadly, Robert Bruce Newlands, born 1891, was killed in action at Ypres, 1917.

Mary placed an newspaper advertisment in 1892, which placed her at Boggabilla.

Australian Town and Country Journal, Saturday 20 August 1892 (Source: TROVE)

"PATIENCE.-Should this meet the eye of ALEXANDER PATIENCE, or anyone knowing his where abouts they would oblige by sending to his anxious Sister, MARY. Address. Mrs. ROBERT NEWLANDS, Boggabilla Post Office, N.S. Wales."


Re: Robert B Newlands

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Surnames: Newlands

Thank you Anne

So young Robert Bruce died in WW1. So now all I have to found out is when they they moved to Stanthorpe.

You have been a great help thank you


Re: Robert B Newlands

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The Robert Newlands you were looking for is Robert George Newlands the second son of John Newlands and was born 22 November 1875 and died in Stanthorpe on the 11 December 1963. He moved to Cottonvale (near Stanthorpe) around 1916 and establish a orchard called "The Crest". He retired to Stanthorpe in the early 1960's but the orchard remained in family hands for many more years with his son running it. The house he retired still remains in the family today with a grandson living in it. He married Charlotte Matilda White on the 7 December 1904 and had six children:
John Richard
George Alexander
Helen Margaret
Edna May
Hazel Roberta
Heather Mavis
Robert George fought in the Boer War in the NSW Imperial Bushmen (later becoming the 3rd NSW Imperial BUshmen). He rose to the rank of Lieutenant.

Re: Robert B Newlands

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Did this Robert have a relative named Ann Christina Hoy nee Newlands. I have a record of a journey that Ann took with her 3 children to stay with relatives in Stanthorpe in 1922. Ann lived in Charters Towers and every year a case of tissue wrapped apples would arrive from Stanthorpe.


Many thanks

Re: Robert B Newlands

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Yes he did. Ther is two possibilities depending on what years you are looking at:
1) Ann Christina Hoy (Newlands) was his Aunt and was the second child of William Newlands & Catherine Golden.
2) Anne Christina Price (Hoy)B:1879 D:1932 who was the fith child of George & Ann Hoy and was a cousin to Robert George Newlands.

I would think you are looking at Anne Christina Price as Robert George did not move to Stanthorpe area until 1916 and one of his younger brother Edgar Sydney moved to same area in 1920 after returning from WW1. As far as I am aware these were the first Newlands' in the area.

In the years immediately after he married he worked in central Qld and electoral rolls show at least Charlotte was living it Chaters Towers in 1908.

William Newlands & Catherine Golden had five children:
John Newlands - B: 17-11-1843 Sydney D: 27-07-1917 Goondiwindi
Ann Christina Newlands - B: 14-01-1846 Sydney D: 16-05-1892 Charters Towers
Margaret Lochart Newlands - B: 15-01-1848 Sydney D: 26-12-1942 Tenterfield
William Bernard Newlands - B: 06-02-1850 Sydney D: 01-03-1923 Tully (I haven't been able to cofirm he died at Tully but believe this is correct)
Robert Bruce Newlands - B: 25-05-1852 Sydney D: 12-04-1936 Goondiwindi ) Again i haven't confirmed but believe is correct.)

Ann Christina married George Fredrick Hood 16-07-1867 in Sydney. George Fredrick Hood however was not his real name which was actually George Hoy. There is a story behind the use of the alias from what I can gather. By 1870 they had moved to Toowoomba and were still using the name Hood at that stage. There first child named Lily was born in Toowoomba 19-01-1870 and died 10 weeks later 01-04-1870. This was the only child burn with the surname Hood all other 8 children were born with the surname Hoy. George Hoy was a baker and had a shop in Ruthven St Toowoomba until he became insolvent in Jan 1878. After that he moved to Charters Towers although he may have moved to Croydon first although I haven't been able to confirm.

As far as Ann Christina living in Stanthorpe I am not sure but it is possible that may have helped establish the orchard by assisting in clearing the land. As I understand it several family members assisted with the clearing. I have a photo which a family member has titled "Cottonvale Scrub Roll" which shows a pile of cleared trees that needed a ladder to get to the top of and has at least 8 people standing on top of it.

Hope this has helped.
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