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Simon Rock c 1796

Simon Rock c 1796

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Simon Rock was born c.1796, he married Anne Burke in 1825 and had a family of 8 chilren. On birth records for this family are two sons, both called James. One born 1829, the other born 1835.

Is this common?

Also, their son Patrick born 1845 worked as a railway porter and married Bridget McSorley of Omagh.

Are there any living relative from this family? The others were called Elen, James, Anne, James, John, Margaret and Peter.

Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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Regarding having two children of the same name, yes that was very common. You should assume the first child died between 1829 and 1835, and so they re-used the name again. They liked to keep the names alive, literally.

Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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It was common to have another child named the same if the first named died. I don't know if this happened elsewhere but common for sure in Ireland.

The Northern Ireland telephone book has 4 ROCK's listed
3 in a place Tassagh and the other Dungannon.
These come with addresses and postal codes.

13 McSorley's, 2 Dungannon.

Of the children Peter would be the next easiest to trace. 1901/1911

No Simon or Peter.

There is a Simon Rock in business in Armagh in 1885 but my image viewer isn't working. Will check at home.

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Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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Thank you both for your quick response.

Is it common that mistakes were made when recording entries?
For example - Patrick Rocks death is recorded on his headstone as 1915 at the age of 67years old. That makes his birth C.1848.

However, parish records state he was born 1845.

Does this also happen in records? Perhaps the number 5 and 8 were similar when they were noted??

Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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Thanks for this but Simon died 1867


Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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You don't think that in Ireland there wasn't the use of family names through generations, sometimes 4 or 5 generations of the same names, it is one pointer to a related family. You are
lucky to have the unusual name of Simon, it was quite an unusual name when everyone was called John, James, Patrick, Thomas.

I have the Latter Day Saints CDs (no longer available)
with births of Rock/Rocks in Armagh from 1866-1874

an example:

Mary Anne Rocks born 17 Feb 1872 #60 Keady Civil Reg. Distr.
Fa: Patrick Rocks Mo: Alice Montgomery LDS microfilm#255839

Let me know if any of your Rocks fit in those years, the parents would of been born in the 1840-50's. There are 60 of them.


James Rock 21 married Martha Littlewood 18 May 13, 1851
Newtown Hamilton, Co. Armagh
Fa: John Rock/Fa: William Littlewood #101324

Terence Rocks 24 married Elizabeth Trotter 3 May 1852, Armagh, Co. Armagh
Fa: Terence Rocks/ Fa: John Trotter #101332

Mary Jane Rock 21 married Jacob McClure 21 3 Mar 1854,
Seagoe, Co. Armagh
Fa: Denis Rock Fa: James McClure


Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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It turns out the directory is farmer & residental directory and everyone has the spelling Rocks. I'll given them to you anyway. Al is short for Allistragh; M - is short for Milford.

Bd Rocks, Drumcoote
Edward Rocks, Creeveroe, Al
John Rocks, Ballyrea
Mrs. M. Rocks, Ballyboy, M.
Ptk. Rocks, Drumcairn A-l
Ptk. Rocks, Drumcoote
Simon Rocks, Balleycoffy, M.


Peter Rock, Thomas St. Armagh, spirit & porter dealer


Patrick Rock, Farmer, Parish of Armagh
Edward Rocks, Farmer Parish of Eglish

Patrick Rock, Farmer, Armagh
Edward Rock, Farmer, Armagh

Names were often misread. If you look at actual documents you can understand how bad some people writing was. In other cases just the 'flowery' way some people wrote is decifered wrongly. Letters also looked different, in some cases you will see the S written as we would write an F. Even today
when I look at some records available on the pay website I use, I will find an error and in this case from a typed copy (no excuse)
I wonder if you have the records of two persons rather than one. Usually differences in ages is about 5 years, I'm amazed at how many people didn't know how old they were even though they were christened in a Church where records were kept. Most search programs such as will give you a choice of +/- 2 yr. 5 yrs. 7 years or 10.

Census are my favourite, people in one family could age at different rates between 1901 and 1911, one member ages 4 years another 7, one the 10 correct year. Its fairly amazing and a bit comical.

In the Civil registrations on you will see deaths reported in this way:

Mary Brown 1885 age 46 Brookeville, estimated year of birth estimated based on age given at death.
(if the age she thought she was or the person reporting thought she was you will given a wrong actual birth year)

Also the microfilm that was transcribed from the National Library in Dublin (or PRONI) was done by students of the Latter Day Saints so spellings often are wrong or they could jump a line. So they aren't always correct either.

I have seen one gravestone inscription for one family with
three different spellings of the same surname. I suppose even the literacy of the stone carver might be wrong.

The difference between 1845 & 1848 is nothing. Also if Church of Ireland, the birth and the baptism can be quite wide apart. Most times the first Sunday after birth but
some 2 years when the next child is baptised. RC have some 'rules' that a child must be baptised as soon as possible
and often a child will be baptised in the brides mother's parish. The mum go to her mothers for her childs birth and later children would be baptised in her husband's parish (if they were different)

Was Patrick Rock 1915 on headstone also in the Census?

I think I answered most of the questions, if I forgot any
contact me again.


Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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Thanks for your reply and comments.
According to census records the following is recorded:

1901 - Patrick Rock Age 49yrs (born 1852)
1911 - Patrick Rock Age 65yrs (born 1846)
Gravestone - Born 1848
Parish Records - Born 1845

Its a joke isn't it!



Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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It is possible that the sister Margaret was Margaret ROCK (1837-1905) was married to John OLIVER (1841-1909). They has a son Simon Francis OLIVER of Ballycrummey, Co. Armagh. Is this a fit?

Re: Simon Rock c 1796

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It is possible that the sister Margaret was Margaret ROCK (1837-1905) was married to John OLIVER (1841-1909). They had a son Simon Francis OLIVER of Ballycrummey, Co. Armagh. Is this a fit?
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