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Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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Hoping to discover a Roman Catholic parish record that might provide info about the family of Matthew Crilley, born ca 1811 in Ireland.

Variant spellings: Craley, Creeley, Crealey, Crilley, Crilly, Critley, Crittey,Quilla,Grilley

Mathew Creely 7/1/ 1838 to Catherine Mullin at ST MARY LOWE HOUSE [St Mary is the main Catholic church for St Helens town and is also called Lowe House]

Mathew worked in as a copper laborer in St. Helens and lived in Peasley Cross and earlier in Greenbank neighborhood which I understand was quite Irish in nature.

Would appreciate any advice on researching in Ireland.

Re: Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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The names are fairly common in Ireland. You have Matthew Crilley born 1811 in Ireland, any idea where as you
mention later Peasley Cross,Greenbank, St. Mary Lowe House, St. Helen's - not found in place names in the Griffith Valuations for any county. It doesn't mean they don't exist just that I couldn't find them.

If they were from Northern Ireland = you are on the Co. Armagh message board you can find records if they exist on these websites: view for free, pay for records - most of Ireland's counties are represented. You can search with just Matthew's name and the date of birth, if a baptism record exists then it will tell you what parish and county as well as parents names and mother's maiden name. This is also a pay website, a not for profit Foundation. Tithe Applotments 1820-1839

There were Crilly's in the Parish of Creggan, Armagh in 1833. Creggan Parish is listed as a Church of Ireland/Protesant Parish and has no baptism records but
marriage records from 1845-1921

In those years in Ireland under british rule, the most dominant church was Protestant with chapels for RC United Kingdom+Ireland+County + County has explanations of both church and land divisions + other good information about Ireland.
Using their search a St. Helen's is named as an address is Buncrana, Donegal.

Annette Code

Re: Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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Annette, thank you so much for taking the time to give me all those helpful links.
I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear -- GreenBank, etc was in St. Helens, where Matthew went and we know married there Jan 1838. I'm trying to get that marriage record in hopes that it would give Matthew's father's name.

They were definitely Roman Catholic, as I have been able to locate baptismal records for the family through the years they stayed in England, as well as after they arrived in the USA.

I have no clue as to where in Ireland they were from, so I'm just going on the basis of where the surname was found in Ireland, and it seems to be in Northern Ireland, but in several counties.

Thanks again for your help.

Re: Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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You should try the Foundation as you will read on the website the genealogy office before putting their records with the Foundation on line will have accessed all local sources, parish registers etc. Ireland is a difficult place to search as most records were destroyed in 1922 in a Fire in Dublin. Its worth $10. CA to find out.

PRONI Public Records Northern Ireland has I understand parish records but I think personal research only. has some records from early on. Go to website - don't use the first page but scroll down to UK/Ireland, click and go to next page and Ireland (7) I've never had much luck with this but worth a try.

I spent 4 visits to Ireland and can only get back to 1811.
So it isn't unusual to had a dead end there. You can be almost guaranteed if there first on has a name different from Matthew's then his father would be that name. In my husbands family they had a William as oldest son for generations right up to about 4 years ago.

If you ever locate a place you could look for Estate records
as I was able to trace back another 50 years for some family members.

Good luck. Annette

Re: Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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Thanks so much for your encouragement. I'm expecting any day now the marriage of Matthew and Catherine from the GRO, and hopefully it will give me Matthew's name.

You've given me some valuable sites to research.

Re: Crilly/Crilley Matthew and Catherine Mullin

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excellent - good luck Annette
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