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FTM Sources & Citations: Email

FTM Sources & Citations: Email

Posted: 1385086993000
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I've confused myself, I think, and am hoping that some simple counsel from the forum can help...

I understand how to properly write a citation (source and reference) for an email message that I want to include as a source in my genealogy research. What I DON'T understand is how to get that citation to work correctly in FTM (I am using FTM2012). Should each email message (individual pieces of email correspondence) become an individual item in the Source list? I create a pdf (including metadata) of the email conversation and want to use that email as a "source" for certain facts (e.g. if a relative details birth information ("facts") for his children). If I attach every piece of email correspondence I will have an enormous list of sources. But in FTM, I don't see any other way to include the source and its associated media file (the pdf of the email) in order to link it to related fact(s).

Can anyone offer insight? Anyone willing to share your practices as it relates to using individual pieces of correspondence (be they letters, emails, text messages, facebook postings, etc.) as sources in FTM?

Thanks for the help!

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

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Edited: 1385092420000
My "Source" would be "E-Mail". Specific e-mail media would be attached to a citation citing a specific e-mail.

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

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That's what I was attempting to do in FTM -- have a source similar to "Email" with subsequent individual citations. However, as I began entering my citations for particular facts, I must be doing something wrong -- I am ending up with each particular email in the listing of source documents. What might I be missing?

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

Posted: 1385094572000
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And let me pose this question with another twist...

Is it possible to have Sources such as:

Smith Family Archives - Correspondence - Email
Smith Family Archives - Correspondence - Letter
Smith Family Archives - Correspondence - Text Message
Smith Family Archives - Interview Notes
Smith Family Archives - Tape Recording
Smith Family Archives - Video Tape

These are more source "categories" or even close to a "repository," but it seems that having individual items of each type would really clutter the Source List.

Am I missing something fundamental in FTM citation methodology? Would each particular citation (e.g. a specific email) be listed in the source list?

I told you I had confused myself! :-)

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

Posted: 1385094852000
Classification: Query
The template for "Personal Email" in FTM seems to force me to create a new source for each email author...

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

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I use:

SOURCE - Each Correspondent. I group all (both snail mail and email like this:

Correspondent - John Smith
Correspondent - Bob Jones

By beginning all of these sources with the same word groups them all together in the Source List.

Then, each separate letter or email goes into the citation detail. You could put the email address into the Source somewhere. I started with putting it in citation detail so I am using that going forward. Email 11/21/2013

a subsequent email from this correspondent is another citation and this is Citation Detail: Email 12/15/2013

If I am entering the data into FTM, why attach the email as media? You've already got the data and the source.

However, some emails are narratives and then I usually just copy it into "Research notes:", or if it belongs to a Fact, I paste it into the Fact Note for the fact.


In reading your post, I'm not sure if you understand the difference between Paste Duplicate Citation and Paste Link to Citation.

Paste Duplicate is a separate citation for a subdivison of the source, in this case, a specific email on a specific day.

Paste Link is a clone of the copied citation.

For example, if you have a list of 30 soldiers on a page of a book, you can enter 30 soldiers with separate citations by Paste Duplicate Citation, or attach only ONE citation to 30 different Facts/People by Paste Link. You chose to Paste Duplicate or Link at the little down arrow after you have copied the citation.

Re: FTM Sources & Citations: Email

Posted: 1385097444000
Classification: Query
Thanks so much for the example -- helped tremendously. I was creating a new source each time I entered an individual piece of correspondence, not merely a new citation. I've cleared it up in my file.

I am intrigued by the way you have organized your correspondence -- by the correspondent rather than by the medium. Before I get too far in putting my email citations in I might consider that structure...

Thanks again for the responses!
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