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Problem with merging files

Problem with merging files

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I was hoping (and bought FTM instead of sticking with Reunion for Mac) that I could merge my Ancestry family tree into my new FTM program and therefore benefit from all the searches and saving of sources that I did in Ancestry. Then, ideally, I would have one master file with both the Reunion family tree and the one from Ancestry. It sort of worked - I went through a long process of resolving locations and merging individuals and then merging and deleting other extras and duplicates. This ended up as somewhat of a disaster as it resulted in lost connections and unhooked people with no children in one place or children in other places. I am trying to fix but think I might just start again with the solution to go through each person/source in Ancestry file and add manually to my old Reunion file and then bring in the whole thing clean to FTM. This will be much, much work, but at least I would have some confidence that it is correct.

BTW, is FTM completely dependent on the web or is there a way to make it freestanding? If the first, that is a bad feature for people like me that don't always have good internet service and also like to control the entire environment of the files. Thanks.

Re: Problem with merging files

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Ancestry is an online service that houses both databases and family trees. Access to trees are free; as well as some limited databases Most databases are available through a subscription, which was around $13 a month the last time I renewed (that's paying annually).

Family Tree Maker is a stand-alone program that runs on both Windows and Mac.

You can buy Family Tree Maker at your friendly software store or online in the online Store at Be aware that the various names for FTM (ie premier, etc) only have to do with stuff that is tossed into a bundle - including various packages of online subscriptions to ancestry databases for various periods. There is only one current version of FTM (ie there is no good-better-best levels of the program).

As for your specific problems, I don't have enough specifics to advise what to do; but if you buy FTM, you can download ancestry directly into FTM - you can also "sync" FTM and ancestry so that if either is changed, the other will change. However, this is relatively new and there are people who have had problems with it. I, for one, don't trust the "sync" feature, but I still use the traditional upload and download options.

I would think you might get your ancestry file into FTM and start from there.

Re: Problem with merging files

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Just an additional note, family tree maker for mac and family tree maker for windows are not the SAME program, in that you can't really move your data easily from one to the other. There are however ways to get your family tree maker for mac information into your fTM for windows program.

Also if you have already a tree on ANCESTRY [online] your best bet is to download it into your FTM program. [FTM 2014 one would assume, although it can work with prior versions].

Start from FTM and download your ancestry tree, choosing the option to sync or not to sync.
It may take a while if you have a lot of media to process.

Re: Problem with merging files

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Thanks very much. I was trying to merge the Reunion/Mac file I have with the Ancestry Tree, mainly so I could add the sources (census, etc.) from Ancestry that I had been adding for years to the Ancestry Tree, without necessarily also adding the sources to my Reunion file. So, I think the reason it didn't work too well is because the Ancestry Tree was pretty willy-nilly because I didn't always follow through with identifying relationships but was concentrating on saving the sources. When I merged them , of course there were many without connections as well as many duplicates that couldn't resolve well because of the lack of information on where the person information should be connected. So, I learned a lesson and have started over with a new plan: import the more accurate Reunion file into FTM and also import the Ancestry Tree with the sources. Then, I created and saved (for printing) both versions of the Resource Documents available on FTM. It will be a lot of manual labor but with that data I can compare the files and add sources from Ancestry where appropriate and keep the integrity of the connections/relationships from the Reunion file. Thanks again.
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