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Is there a specific chart which shows a direct descent from one person (eg Mayflower) down to a selected individual? I'd like spouses, but not ALL the children in each family. Or, if you can manipulate a chart to show this, tell me how! TX!
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There is a CHART and a REPORT that will both work for you. They both have advantages & disadvantages. I find the Report has more advantages (for me) and I use it more often.

The REPORT is the Outline Descendant Report at Publish > Relationship Reports.

Either select your top-of-line ancestor before you go into Publish, or select him or her from the mini-tree at the top of the page in the Publish Workspace. (Click on the brownish looking folder to get to an index).

In the right panel is a section called "Descendants" click on the down arrow bar there and the descendants of that ancestor will be listed. You can either scroll down the list or type in one letter for the first letter of the surname of the descendant. That will set the "bottom" of your report.

To select various items of info, click on the upper left button (items to include). Choose the facts you want - the fewer the less cluttered.

You can change the number of characters to be indented by selecting them in the right column

See other options in the right panel and buttons on the button bar.


This chart is intended to show how two people in your file who share a common ancestor are related, by showing two columns. It will work for a top-of-line ancestor and a descendant - it just shows one column

This is under charts.

It has fewer options and items to include and is usually a longer report in terms of space (not content).

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Thanks a million. That's what I needed!

Re: charts

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You can also use the Descendant Chart. After creating the chart you will see a field labeled Descendants. It will probably say All Descendants. You can scroll down to the descendent you are interested in and select that person. You will now get a chart showing the path between the two individuals. Unlike the Relationship chart this chart will show all spouses. Using Items to Include you can select which facts to include. I would deselect the option to include blank facts.

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