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Mayo family from Maine

Mayo family from Maine

Valerie McInnis (View posts)
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I'm interested in learning about my ancesters. My grandfather was Vernie Mayo. He lived in Milo, Me. He died in 1971 or 72. His wife's name was Mary Ellen

Milo, Maine Mayo's

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I ran accross some Milo, Maine Mayo's who may or may not be related to you.They are:
1.William Mayo(Allen, Isaac, Thomas, Joseph, John, Capt. Samuel Mayo, Rev.John Mayo).William Mayo was born May 2, 1822.He married and lived in Milo, Maine.He had a brother who also lived there.Isaiah Gilbert Mayo was born Dec. 29,1839, and he lived and married in Milo.Their other siblings were:
a.Joseph B.Mayo:b.1821 in Brownville, Maine.
b.Moses Mayo:b.Sept.2,1823 and moved to Monicello,Minn.
c.Abigail Mayo:b. Apr. 2,1825.
d.Hannah Mayo:b.Feb.17,1827.
e.Mary Mayo:b.May 18,1830.
f.Henry Allen Mayo:b.May 22, 1832 and moved to Sandown, N.H.
g.John Edwin Mayo:b.June 7,1836.
Isaac Mayo( Thomas, Joseph, John, Capt. Samuel Mayo,Rev. John Mayo),father of Allen Mayo above, was born in Harwich, Mass.on Nov. 21, 1758.He married in Pembroke, Aug. 1781, to Hannah Calroon of Plymouth, Mass.She was born ca. 1761.Isaac died in Brownville, Maine on Oct. 12, 1844.Isaac moved from Boston to Provincetown to Brownville, Maine.His progeny found their way to Milo, Maine.He was a blacksmith and a Methodist preacher.He served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Daniel Shay's Company.At age 21 he was 5ft.9in.and had a dark complexion.His children were:
1.Allen Mayo:b.1785 in Provincetown;died in 1860;Married Abigail Gould, daughter of Samuel Gould,in 1820.Allen was a farmer.
2.Reuben Mayo:Married to Dorcas H. Morrill.They had daughter Sarah who married Stephen Hall.
3.Jacob Mayo.
That's all of the Mayo's that I could find in my research from Milo, Maine that were descended from Rev. John Mayo.
I know you probably can't connect these Mayo's above to your own Milo Mayo's yet, but it might be a good idea to keep them on file for future reference when you go back further on your research.Good luck!
Jean Mayo-Lakatos.

Re: Milo, Maine Mayo's

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Isaac Mayo mentioned above was the son of Thomas b 4/1/1725 d 1778 who was the son of Joseph b 12/22/1696 who was the son of John b about 1656 who married Hannah Freeman daughter of John Freeman son of Mercy Prence, daughter of Patience Brewster daughter of William Brewster.

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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It's been a long time since you posted your inquiry, but I am new to this and just found you. My grandmother was Agnes Blanche Mayo Russell, dau of Frank S. and Mary (Beers) Mayo. My g-grandfather, Frank was Vernie's uncle. Vernie was born in 1891 and died July 20, 1972. Vernie's father, George was Frank's brother. I have lots and lots of info on this family that I would be happy to share, both ancestors and descendants. Please contact me if you are still interested in finding your Mayo roots.

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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You contacted me on another board, but I wanted to respond to the Mayo portion of your posting here on the Mayo board. Here's what I have:

1. Frank S. Mayo9 ( William8, Allen7, Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born May 4, 1862 in Milo, Maine. He married Mary L. Beers July 6, 1892 in Mile, ME. He died June 23, 1949 in Milo at age 87 yrs. He appeared on the census of 1920 in Milo, ME. and lived on Medford Road. His brother, George, also lived on Medford Road in the 1920 census. Frank was a farmer. Mary L. Beers was born in July, 1872 in Coal Branch, N.B., Canada, d/o Phines Beers. Known children of Frank S. Mayo9 and Mary L. Beers, all born in Milo, Maine, were:

a. Agnes B.10: b. July 31, 1894.
b. baby Mayo: b.c. 1895.
c. Hazel: b. Mar. 3, 1897; record states 3rd. child; d. May 30, 1897 in Milo.
d. Albert Roy: b. Dec. 23, 1898; m. Sadie Littlefield Boyd.
e. Maurice Allen: b. Oct. 30, 1900; m. Dola Esther Brackett.
f. boy Mayo: b. July 29, 1907; record states 6th child; d. July 29, 1907 in Milo; twin born dead.
g. baby boy Mayo: b. July 29, 1907; record states 7th child; d. July 29, 1907 in Milo; twin born dead.

( My note: The Mayo book has further information concerning the children above named: Albert Roy and Maurice Allen Mayo. ).

2. William Mayo8 ( Allen7, Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born May 2, 1822 in Brownville, Maine. He married Emeline Smith Sept. 20, 1850 in Brownville, ME. He died May 5, 1908 in Milo, ME., at age 86 yrs. of grippe. Emeline Smith was born in May, 1825 in Brownville, ME. She died May 7, 1908 in Milo, ME. She died 2 days after her husband as a widow of grippe at age 83 yrs. Known children of William Mayo8 and Emeline Smith, all born in Milo, Maine, were:

a. George Atwood: b. Aug. 7, 1851; m. Violet Jane Mooers; m. Etta F. Richardson.
b. Jane: b. May 13, 1853; m. George Adams in Nov., 1876.
c. Louise M.: b. Mar. 15, 1855; d. July 7, 1875 in Milo at age 20 yrs.
d. Emma F.: b. Sept. 25, 1857; m. James B. Adams after DEc. 13, 1878, date of marriage intentions. James was of Wells, ME. and Emma was of Milo, ME. at the time of their marriage.
e. Nellie M.: b. Sept. 27, 1860.
f. Frank S.: b. May 4, 1862; m. Mary L. Beers.
g. William Andrew: b. Jan. 14, 1865; m. Alice Blanche Littlefield.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: George Atwood, Frank S., and William Andrew Mayo.

3. Allen Mayo7 ( Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born in 1785 in Provincetown, MA. He married Abigail Gould in 1820 in Brownville, Maine. He died Mar. 20, 1860 in Milo, Maine. He appeared on the census of 1850 in Milo, Maine and he was a farmer and blacksmith. Abigail Gould was born in 1796 in Lyman, Maine., d/o Samuel Gould. She died Sept. 12, 1870 in Milo, Maine and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Known children of Allen Mayo7 and Abigail Gould were:

a. Joseph B.: b. Feb. 22, 1821 in Brownville, Maine; m. Pauline Jane Colliver.
b. William: b. May 2, 1822 in Brownville; m. Emeline Smith.
c. Moses: b. Sept. 2, 1823 in Brownville; m. Persis E. Chase; m. Thirza Woodward.
d. Abigail: b. Apr. 2, 1825 in Brownville; m. George L. Pierce Nov. 22, 1846 in Greenfield, ME.
e. Hannah: b. Feb. 27, 1827 in Brownville; m. William Pierce Oct. 17, 1849 in Milo; d. Feb. 15, 1917 in Milo at age 89 yrs.
f. Mary: b. May 18, 1830 in Brownville; m. Henry Prescott Frost in 1851 in Milo; she d. in 1909.
g. Henry Allen: b. May 22, 1832 in Milo; m. Charlotte Fitz.
h. John Edwin: b. June 7, 1836 in Milo; d. Apr. 2, 1928 in Milo at age 91 yrs.; he never married; he died of old age. In 1880, he was living in Milo with his brother, Isaiah G. Mayo. IN 1920, he was living with his great-nephew Fred A. Mayo. John was a laborer.
i. Isaiah Gould: b. Dec. 29, 1839 in Milo; m. Elizabeth Frances Sawyer.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: Joseph B., William, Moses, Henry Allen, and Isaiah Gould Mayo ).

4. Isaac Mayo6 ( Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born Nov. 21, 1758 in Harwich, MA. He married Hannah Cahoon in Aug., 1781 in Pembroke, MA. Hannah lived in Plymouth, MA. He died Oct. 12, 1844 in Brownville, Maine, at age 85 yrs., and is buried in town cemetery. He was a.k.a. Rev. Isaac Mayo. He was living in Harwich, MA. in 1790. He served in the Rev. War in Capt. Daniel Shay's Company. At age 21 yrs., he was 5 ft. 9 in. tall, and had a dark complexion. He was a blacksmith and a Methodist preacher. Isaac and Hannah moved from Boston to Provincetown in Mass. and then on to Brownsville, Maine. Between 1790 and 1793, a blacksmith named Isaac Mayo moved from Barnstable, MA. to Vinalhaven or Fox Island, as it was then called, in Maine. His father was Thomas Mayo, a prisoner of war on the prison ship, " Jersey ".
He preached a Methodist sermon in an informal setting without pay for awhile. He preached the first Methodist sermon ever delivered in the town of Thomaston, Maine at the Meadows on June 11, 1795. Five years later, he moved to this town and lived near the head of Dexter Street on the Old County Road. He had a shop nearby and on Sundays preached in a schoolhouse. From Thomaston, he moved to Camden and then later, to other places, leaving behind new Methodist churches. He married Hannah Cahoon of Cape Cod, whose family name was given much publicity in novels of Joseph Lincoln. Hannah Cahoon was born ca. 1761 and she died in 1853 in Brownville, Maine. In 1850, she was living in Brownville with the family of son-in-law, Josiah Heath. Known children of Isaac Mayo6 and Hannah Cahoon were:

a. Randall: b. 1783 in Harwich, MA.; d.c. 1800.
b. Mary: b. 1783 in Harwich; m. William Beckett ca. 1805.
c. Allen: b. 1785 in Provincetown, MA.; m. Abigail Gould.
d. Isaac: b. 1787 in Harwich; d.c. 1817 in Alfred, N.Y.
e. Hannah: b. 1790 in Harwich; m. James Morse ca. 1812; they lived in Belfast, ME.
f. Reuben: b. Apr. 7, 1794 in Provincetown, MA.m. Dorcas Hall Morrill.
g. Jacob: b. Nov. 2, 1796 in Harwich; m. Betsy M. Johnson.
h. Lydia: b. 1799 in Harwich; m. Levi Morrell.
i. Maria: b. June 3, 1803 in Harwich; m. Josiah Heath.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: Allen, Reuben, Jacob, Lydia, and Maria Mayo. ).

Source: " Rev. John Mayo and His Descendants " by Jean Mayo Rodwick, published in 2001 ).

It appears that you may have more information on this Mayo line other than what is in the Mayo Book. If you would like to submit it with your sources to the author, I would be happy to e-mail it to her, or else, you could e-mail it to her personally.
I have more on this Mayo line and will type it to you in a few hours.
Jean Mayo

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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More on your Mayo line:

1. Thomas Mayo5 ( Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born Apr. 1, 1725 in Harwich, MA. He was baptized May 9, 1725 in Harwich. He married Elizabeth Wing Oct. 5, 1752 in Harwich. Rev. Isaiah Dunster married them. He died in 1778 in Newport, R.I. In 1776, the brigantine " Independence " was partly manned by seamen from Harwich and Brewster, MA., among them, the brothers, Thomas and Moses Mayo. The ship was commanded by by Capt. Simeon Samson. Thomas was on the vessel for nearly a year. He was finally taken captive during the Rev. War and was carried to New York and confined on a prison ship, " Jersey ". He was allowed his freedom after a six month confinement in ill health and died at Newport, R.I. in 1778 on his way home. Elizabeth Wing was born Feb. 28, 1728/29 in Harwich, MA. She was d/o Elnathan Wing4 ( Ananias3, John2, John1 ) and Hannah Allen. She was baptized May 11, 1755 in Harwich, MA. She died Feb. 11, 1816 in Harwich at age 86 yrs. She was a.k.a. Eliza. She was admitted to the church in Harwich on Apr. 20, 1755. Known children of Thomas Mayo5 and Elizabeth Wing, all born in Harwich, MA., were:

a. Thomas: b. Oct. 8, 1753; m. Hannah Atwood; m. Hannah Crosby.
b. Asa: b. Feb. 7, 1755; m. Sarah Seabury.
c. Ebenezer: b. Mar. 22, 1757; m. Sarah Burgess; m. Charlotte B. Hussey.
d. Issac: b. Nov. 21, 1758; m. Hannah Cahoon.
e. Mariah: b. Feb. 4, 1761; bapt. Mar. 15, 1761 in Harwich.
f. Elnathan: b. June 4, 1763; m. Patience Lincoln; m. Susannah Paine.
g. Hannah: bapt. June 29, 1766 in Harwich, MA.; m. unknown Durfey bef. 1805; ; m. Thomas Bangs Feb. 24, 1805 in Brewster, MA.; she d. 1841. Thomas Bangs was b. Oct. 20, 1755 in Harwich, MA. He was s/o Ebenezer and Elizabeth Bangs. He was bapt. July 18, 1756 in Harwich.
h. Desire: bapt. Aug. 7, 1768; m. Jason Wood.
i. Elizabeth: b. Oct. 18, 1771; m. Millitiah Jenkins; m. unknown Perkins.
j. John: bapt. Aug. 21, 1774 in Harwich, MA.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: Thomas, Asa, Ebenezer, Isaac, Elnathan, Desire, and Elizabeth Mayo. ).

2. Joseph Mayo4 ( John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born Dec. 22, 1696 in Hingham, MA. He married Abigail Myrick Feb. 20, 1717/18 in Harwich, MA. Rev. Nathaniel Stone married them. He died in 1774 in Harwich. His will was dated Sept. 3, 1773 and named his wife, Abigail, and his children: Moses, Thomas, Isaac, and Nathan Mayo; Lydia Baker, Abigail Freeman, Elizabeth Mayo; and Eunice Winslow. His estate was probated June 13, 1775. The will also mentioned the children of his son, Joseph Mayo, deceased. As of Mar. 9, 1739/40, he was a.k.a. Deacom Joseph Mayo and he and his wife were admitted to the church in North Harwich on July 15, 1722. Joseph was a farmer and a selectman for 11 yrs.
Abigail Myrick was born in 1700, d/o Benjamin Myrick3 ( William2, William1 ) and Rebecca Doane3 ( Daniel2, John1 ). Abigail's lineage shows Benjamin to be s/o William Myrick and Abigail Hopkins. William was s/o William and Rebecca Merrick. William was born Sept. 15, 1643 and died Oct. 30, 1732 in Harwich, MA. He married May 23, 1667 to Abigail, d/o Giles Hopkins and Catherine Whelden. Known children of Joseph Mayo4 and Abigail Myrick, all born in Harwich, MA., were:

a. Joseph: b. Nov. 11, 1718; m. Sarah Cobb.
b. Moses: b. Feb. 1, 1720/21; m. Phebe Freeman; m. Mary Paine.
c. Lydia: b. Mar. 23, 1721/22; m. Reuben Baker.
d. Thomas: b. Apr. 1, 1725; m. Elizabeth Wing.
e. Abigail: b. Dec. 1, 1727; m. Elkanah Freeman.
f. Elizabeth: b. Mar. 28, 1731; died before Mar., 1733, year sibling with same name was born.
g. Elizabeth: b. Mar. 28, 1733; twin; was unmarried when her father wrote his will in 1773.
h. Isaac: b. Mar. 28, 1733; twin; m. Margaret Gardner; m. Huldah Baker.
i. Nathan: b. Apr. 5, 1736; m. Anna Freeman; m. Hannah Atwood.
j. Eunice: b. Apr. 7, 1738; m. Nathan Winslow.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: Joseph, Moses, Lydia, Thomas, Abigail, Isaac, Nathan, and Eunice Mayo. ).

3. John Mayo3 ( Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born in 1656 in Oyster Bay, L.I., N.Y. Another record states that he was born Dec. 15, 1652. He married Hannah Freeman, d/o John Freeman and Mercy Prence, on Apr. 14, 1681 in Eastham, MA. He died Feb. 1, 1725/26 in Harwich, MA. The inscription on his elaborate grave stone says: " Son of Capt. Samuel Mayo and Grandson of Rev. John Mayo. First representative to the general court from the town of Harwich. " His tomb stone says he died at age 70, but the " History of Harwich, MA. " says age 74. His burial place now lies in the Burial Ground in Brewster, MA. which used to be considered part of Harwich, MA.
John Mayo3 died in Harwich, MA. in 1726 and was s/o Samuel Mayo of Boston. He came from Boston with a stop in Hingham, MA. in 1681 and stayed there awhile. Hannah Freeman was born ca. 1664 in Eastham, MA. She died Feb. 15, 1743 in Harwich, MA. Known children of John Mayo3 and Hannah Freeman were:

a. Hannah: b. Jan. 8, 1681/82 in Hingham, MA.; m. Judah Hopkins.
b. baby Mayo: b. May 7, 1683 in Hingham, MA.; d. the same day there.
c. Samuel: b. July 23, 1684 in Hingham, MA. He moved to Somerset Co., Maryland, but the census records there for that county for 1775/76 have been lost. But he witnessed a will and it said that he was from that county in Maryland.
d. Mercy: b. Apr. 23, 1688 in Hingham, MA.; m. Nathaniel Hopkins.
e. John: b. May 10, 1691 in Hingham; m. Susannah Freeman.
f. Rebecca: bapt. Sept. 18, 1692 in Hingham, MA.; m. Ebenezer Paine.
g. Mary: b. Oct. 26, 1694 in Hingham; m. Joseph Hopkins.
h. Joseph: b. Dec. 22, 1696 in Hingham; m. Abigail Myrick.
i. Elizabeth: b. July 16, 1706 in Harwich; m. Ebenezer Nickerson.

( My note: The Mayo Book has further information concerning the children above named: Hannah, Mercy, John, Rebecca, Mary, Joseph, and Elizabeth Mayo ).

( Source: " Rev. John Mayo and His DEscendants " by Jean Mayo Rodwick, published in 2001. ).

I have typed a great amount of detail concerning Capt. Samuel Mayo2 and Rev. John Mayo1 and it can be found on the Mayo Genforum message board. Rather than retype it here, please go to that board for the latest Mayo research. Hope this helps.
Jean Mayo

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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Hi Valerie,
Here's what I have:

1. Vernie William Mayo10 ( George Atwood Mayo9, William8, Allen7, Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born in Sept., 1890 in Milo, Maine. He married Mary Ellen Erskine Oct. 27, 1908 in Milo, Maine. He died July 20, 1972 in Milo, Maine at age 81 yrs. Vernie was a farmer. Mary Ellen Erskine was born ca. 1891 in Summerside, P.E.I., Canada., daughter of Murray Erskine and Mary Martin. Known children of Vernie William Mayo10 and Mary Ellen Erskine were:

a. George E.: b. Dec. 23, 1909 in Milo; record states 1st. child; he d. Dec. 31, 1923 in Milo at age 14 yrs.of an abscess on his appendix.

b. Violet Louise: b. May 11, 1911 in Milo; record states 2nd. child; she m. James D. Richards Jan. 4, 1932 in ME.; James was of Greenville, ME. and Violet was of Milo, ME. at the time.

c. Elsie Mae: b. June 19, 1913 in Milo; record states 3rd. child.

d. Leon Arthur: b. Oct. 12, 1915 in Milo; record states 4th. child.

e. Gordon Irving: b. Jan. 27, 1917 in Milo; record states 5th. child; he died ca. 1944 and was killed in action in World War Two; he was an army sergeant.

f. Beatrice Ellen: b. Sept. 17, 1918 in Milo; record states 6th. child; she m. Robert L. Phillips Aug. 10, 1937 in ME.; Robert lived in Shirley,ME. and Beatrice lived in Milo, ME. at the time.

g. Barbara Evelyn: b. Jan. 7, 1921 in Abbot, ME.; record states 7th. child; she m. Selden A. Curtis May 14, 1939 in Milo.

h. Irving Martin: b. Apr. 3, 1922 in Milo; record states 8th. child.

i. Murray Vernie: was b. May 29, 1924 in Milo; record states 9th. child; he m. Evelyn Louise Perkins June 11, 1943 in Old Town, ME.; they divorced in 1948; he m. Shirley Elaine Herring Oct. 27, 1950 in Milo. He was a laborer.

j. Vernie: b. Mar. 12, 1926 in Milo; record states 10th. child.

k. Richard Donald:b. Sept. 27, 1928 in Milo; m. Beryl Eleanor Getchell.

l. Jean Grace: b. Apr. 28, 1933 in Milo; record states 12th. child, with 11 living; she m. Francis A. Lee Nov. 5, 1954; Francis was of Brownville, ME. and Jean was of Milo at the time.

2. George Atwood Mayo9 ( William8, Allen7, Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1 ): was born Aug. 7, 1851 in Milo, ME. He married Violet Jane Mooers in Oct., 1873. He married Etta F. Richardson Feb. 19, 1897 in Milo. Etta ( Richardson ) McCobb had been married before. He died Nov. 4, 1936 in Milo, at age 85 yrs. of bronchial pneumonia. He appeared in the 1920 census in Milo, living on Medford Road. He was a lumberman and farmer. Violet Jane Mooers was born ca. 1853 in Milo. She died before 1897, the year her spouse remarried.Known children of George Atwood Mayo9 and Violet Jane Mooers were:

a. Eddie A.: b.c. 1878 in ME.

b. Fred Albert: b. Aug. 29, 1881 in Passadumdeag, ME.; m. Emma Louise Dudley.

c. Minnie: b. May 10, 1882 in Milo; m. Harry W. Hamlin, s/o Frank W. Hamlin and Abbie M. Snow, on Dec. 4, 1902 in Milo.

d. Pearl Almeda: b. Apr., 1884 in Milo; she m. Ned Gorge French, s/o George Hoxie French and Emma Drew, on Aug. 27, 1902 in Milo.

e. Oscar Albion: b. May, 1886 in Milo; m. Mary Flora Severance.

f. Vernie William: b. Sept., 1890 in Milo; m. Mary Ellen Erskine.

( My note: The Mayo book has further information concerning the children above named: Fred Albert, Oscar Albion, and Vernie William Mayo. ).

3. Richard Donald Mayo11 ( Vernie William10, George Atwood9, William8, Allen7, Isaac6, Thomas5, Joseph4, John3, Samuel2, Rev. John1): was born Sept. 27, 1928 in Milo, ME; record states 11th. child. He married Beryl Eleanor Getchell Oct. 1, 1950 in Milo. Richard was a lumberman. Beryl Eleanor Getchell was born in 1931 in Dover-Foxcroft, ME., daughter of Maurice Getchell and Edith Perkins. She died July 6, 1983 in ME. Known children of Richard Donald Mayo11 and Beryl Eleanor Getchell, all born in Milo, ME., were:

a. Valerie Ellen: b. June 3, 1951.
b. Michael Wayne: b. Aug. 31, 1953.
c. Alan Kent: b. Aug. 7, 1955.

( My note: There is no further information concerning the children named above in the Mayo book. ).

( Source: " Rev. John Mayo and His Descendants " by Jean Mayo Rodwick, published in 2001.

Jean Mayo.

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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Surnames: Mayo, Gould
My great great grandfather was Isaiah gould Mayo. He waw born in Decemeber of 1839,the son of Allen and Abigail gould Mayo. He was in the civil war and served as a field nurse at city point, Virginia, at the front of General Grant's army in 1864 and was shot down by a rebel sharpshooter august 4, 1864. Under Special Act of Congress, 1890 he received a pension of ten dollars a month. His wife's name was Elizabeth Frances Sawer. She was born in the town of Medford, Maine, September 13th 1843, daughter of Edmund Sawyer and his wife Lovina (Snow) Sawyer. They were married in Milo, Maine, January 1865. His wife died in Milo August 7, 1925 and is buried in the Evergreen Cementery. Thier children are Frederick Evan, April 27,1866, and Married Sadie Emily scammon at Greenville August 16, 1893. Katie Carrie, born February 5,1871, at Milo, Maine. Died unmarried on July 24,1890. Cora Lee, July 28, 1879. April 2, 1902 she married Charles Welsey Cooley, who died at Milo, July 6, 1911 and on June 30, she married Thomas F. Gaudette. She had three children. Maynard Wesley, born April 6, 1904: Charles and Cora also had another son named Arden Frederick, born February 1, 1918 and Helen Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas F. and Cora Lee Gaudette born February 23, 1918. Isaiah Gould and Elizabeth also had a son named Charles Wallace Mayo, born February 23, 1882, at Milo Maine, He married Sadie M. Stedman at Hartland, Maine, June 10, 1905 and second, Evelyn Myshrall at Moose River, Maine October 28, 1926. His only child, Iona Gladys (duaghter of Charles Wallace and Sadie M. Mayo) was born June 17, 1906, at Hartland Maine. My Grandmother. I have a lot more information if anyone.

Re: Mayo family from Maine

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my mother and father are both from milo my mother was a cooley and grandmother a bickford/mayo her mothers side i will try to find out what my great grandmother fist name was.
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