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William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Surnames: Hendrick
Dixie, I didn't know if you have got the info you needed yet, since this was an old message. I have some info on that Hendrick family even though it is not my line. I have William Hendrick 7-22-1792-Louisa Co., Va. d) -3-17-1849 in Natchitoches La. married Mary (Polly) Mansfield on 2-16-1818 in Barren Co., Ky. She was born abt. 1798 in Ky. and died 12-24-1861 in Natchitoches. The father of William was James Hendrick born abt. 1858 in Louisa Co., Va. who married Kesiah Gardner. The children of James and Kesiah were as follows:
John B. who married Susannah Carpenter
Nella who married Reuben Claypool
Ursula (Nettie) who married John H. Smith
Temperance Gardner who married Stephen Haynes
Mary (Nancy) Ford who married Daniel Parish
Martha(Patsy) Duke who married William (Joe) Bolin Smith
Elizabeth ( Betsy) who married John Lowry
Sarah Marie who married John H. Smith
Kesiah who married John Fisher
William who married Mary (Polly) Mansfield
James A. who married Elizabeth Ragsdale Walker
I have more, just let me know what you need. These sources are not verified, I have got most of my info through different sources over the last 10 years.... Thanks pat

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Surnames: Hendrick/Hendricks
I have just started my research in my family tree. You mentioned a female named Nella, I have no record of a Nella but a female named Eliza who was born abt 1797. Do you know if this is the same person? Also is John H. Smith the same man for both Sarah Marie and Ursula or are they different spouses completely.

Thank you for helping me identify the spouses of all of James Sr. children. I really do appreciate this.

Stephen Stuart

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Sorry, but I have all of my information on my computer (stupidly without backup) and my computer crashed. Now I can not get to any of it. If I find out any of what you needed , I will write you back....

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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This Hendrick family descends from the Pamunkey Neck, VA line that is well researched. I have much info on the descendants of James & Keziah Hendrick & will compare following & earlier posts with my notes.

Robert Hendrick
Monroe, LA

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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I believe this question had better be asked of Patricia who posted that extensive answer to my Hendrick query. I really don't know about the family she listed with the exception of William and Mary "Polly" (either Mansfield or Clark... I believe the jury is still out on which).

I do wish you great luck in your research.

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Not familiar with these names. Sorry

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA

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Surnames: hendricks, mansfield, clark
Fortunately, for those of us researching this line, the jury is back and we have a verdict.

The William Hendricks that married Polly Mansfield is indeed from the line that connects to Robert Hendrick who also posted in this thread.

Through dna testing, it has been proven that I am a direct descendant of William Hendricks (and so is Dixie who started this thread). In fact the dna testing has connected us to William's father, Daniel H Hendricks who married Mary Sabina Crouse, William's grandfather, John (little h) Hendricks and William's great grandfather, James Hendricks referred to as James of Crane Creek.

The marriage bond for the marriage of William Hendricks and Polly Clark has permission given from Daniel H to William and from William Clark, the father of Polly Clark. There was a John Clark who I believe to be Polly's brother who was a surety on the marriage bond along with William Hendricks

William Hendricks gave power of attorney to his "venerable father", Daniel Hendricks in Barren County so Daniel could deal with a property issue in William's absense.

William and Polly had moved from Kentucky before October 1822 after the birth of their first two sons. They were next spotted in Mississippi for the birth of their third son, James Daniel.

For the record, all of the times I have found, the William Hendricks that married Polly Clark, always signed documents as Hendricks, not Hendrick. That "s" comes and goes in our line from generation to generation. In fact, before our William, documents signed by Daniel H, John (little h) and James Hendricks of Crane Creek, had the "s".

I have much documentation on this line. and am willing to share.

At one time, I was also positively convinced that my William was the William that married Polly Mansfield, but the dna testing has ruled that out completely. That revelation took the wind out of my sails for about a year, I was so convinced of the Mansfield connection.

I have much documentation which proves the connection between William and his father Daniel H and William and his connection to Polly Clark. If anyone wants to talk about this, you can email me directly at or call me. I don't think we're supposed to post phone numbers on here, but if you call information for Longview, Texas and get the phone number for Eyeglass Repair Shoppe, you can contact me via phone. I'd love to talk to you about this. As I said, I have much documentation and am willing to share.

Rod Hendricks

Re: William Hendrick (1798-1860) KY->MS->LA - Retraction

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OK, I went back and doublechecked and my statement that all of William's signatures spelled the last name Hendricks is incorrect. It's actually about half and half. Half Hendrick, half hendricks, so that perpetual argument now has new life and can continue on unabated by me. My deepest apologies for my incorrect statement.

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