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McColough McCollough Parkes

McColough McCollough Parkes

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I am a newbie to this mailing list but I have been searching for my roots for many years.

I have found one record of a ship with McColough's aboard from Warrenpoint a town some 80 km North of Dublin near Newry around 1808 leaving for Nova Scotia. The family records seem to say they went to Nova Scotia In small groups sometime between 1780 and 1810?

The Census records of Nova Scotia are excellent and the family have stated they come from Ireland,(no town or county). Folk law says we come from Armagh.

I have seen grave stones with the name McColough on a church in Dromore near Belfast.

While some of the family stayed in Nova Scotia and become successful farmers others migrated to America in the Massachusetts and Connecticut areas while others my direct line migrated from Nova Scotia to Melbourne, Australia, in 1852. As Australian shipping records were good at that time I can trace the journey and arrival accurately.

I have tried for DNA matching and searches of graves but have yet to find proof that the McColough's existed for any length of time in any part of Ireland or if they changed their name. It would seem on the surface they just disappeared no trace of them exists in Ireland at this time that is known.

If anyone can point me in the right direction regarding shipping from Warrenpoint, or the surname McColough or place of dwelling or any time line of events at that time that may lead me to further my research I would appreciate the gesture.

for more information on my family see w w w mccolough dot net

Graham McColough

Melbourne Australia

Re: McColough McCollough Parkes

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I have a list of McCulloughs who arrived in upstate NY. All looked Irish though at least one family was from Connecticut. Mullybrach and Toberhuney, Co Armagh near Lurgan and Magheralin townlands like Kilfullert and Dollingstown had McCulloughs. Presbyterian John McCullagh had Mary baptized in 1754 and Robert McCollugh had son Richeson born Oct 5, 1763 in Lurgan, Co Armagh. The spelling will vary from McCulla to McCulloch, but I don't know if McCollum?mcCallam is a variation.

Many of the dates I have go back as far as 1840 births, however, I have a gravestone of Samuel and Mary "late of Portadown" and children who were buried at Seagoe graveyard around 1817, 1815, 1819,and 1830.

Do you have a religion or family names which could guide a search?

Re: McColough McCollough Parkes

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Thanks for your effort; "rconard" while i have collected many of the NY names they have been dismissed.
I have proof they arrived and stayed in Nova Scotia long enough to have 13 children.
As for many of the Irish place names mentioned i must confess my lack of knowledge but again I have proof of Archibald McColough, being born in Armagh in 1787 also his wife Jane Parkes also come from an area nearby possibly Dundalk (believed to also be in Armagh
The family attended Presbyterian Church in Nova Scotia but they seemed to change over the years possible due to proximity of church?
First names of oldest child was always Archibald other first names were common James, Robert and John were used for subsequent children also the wife’s family name also appeared as a second name in subsequent generations.
Regarding the Surname McColough the family appeared to be literate enough to write long letters and sign their names McColough this includes Archibald born 1787 but it is obvious that officials used derivatives. The ships log for the trip to Australia made the name almost unrecognizable and was only found due to the fact they named the first house built in Kangaroo Flats after the ship that carried them to Australia.
My next step should be to try and tie the McColough and Parkes families together and look for a derivative of McColough that used as a fist name Archibald.
Is there any other advice?

Re: McColough McCollough Parkes

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Surnames: McColough McCollough Parkes
Thanks for your detailed response.
At this stage i find it almost impossible to continue the search, do i take the most numerous name and put a lot of effort into that one name study and hope i am on the correct track.
I do not think the family was Catholic does that mean they would normally be church of Ireland? They seemed to change their religion a couple of times once they were in Canada. It is assumed that was normal at that time?
Once again thanks for your reply sorry my messages got lost with a change of computers.


Once again thanks for your reply sorry my messages gotr lost with a change of computers.

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