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Tree Owners

Posted: 1381012115000
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Is there a mechanism in FTM latest version for linking a Tree Owner to their tree?
In other words, if you know the Tree Owner, having previously visited their tree, how is it possible, or what is the easiest way, to revisit their Tree? It seems the only way is to look up a person you recall being in their tree, search for that person and then select the Tree Owner required from the list of relevant Tree Owners.
I would have thought FTM would have a simple mechanism for finding a tree by means of searching the Tree Owner?

Re: Tree Owners

Posted: 1381032561000
Classification: Query
You asked "if you know the Tree Owner, having previously visited their tree, how is it possible, or what is the easiest way, to revisit their Tree?"

There are two places where you can copy and paste urls of an Ancestry Member Tree:

1) Create a source citation for the tree to a fact of a person and copy and paste the url of the desired ancestry tree for that person to the Web Address Box.

2) or use the Web Links tab in the row of tabs in the Person tab, below the facts and above the notes. Give the Web Link a title and paste the url there.

If you want to know the tree owner, it is near the top of the assoicated Ancestry Member Tree page that your url is linked to.

Re: Revisit Tree Owner

Posted: 1381139602000
Classification: Query
Thank you silverfox.

You have been helpful and generous with your time, as on previous occasions for me.

As I understand it, the two options you suggest would require the url to be recorded at the time of viewing the Ancestry Member Tree.
I find on many occasions that I "surf" many Member Trees and it is often the case that I realise sometime (days) later that I require to go back and revisit that tree. This often occurs well before I realise that I wish to record information from that tree.
So having seen the tree previously the only way I can find that tree again is to re-undertake the original search process that led to that particular tree being found. This is very tedious.
Often I have noted the tree owners name after printing a page of their tree, or I have corresponded with them via a message.
I am surprised Ancestry does not have a "search by tree owner's name" function.
Perhaps there are privacy reasons?

Re: Revisit Tree Owner

Posted: 1381149281000
Classification: Query
Another workaround I have used is to add the URL to my 'To Do List'.

I have found if using Mozilla, the history works like a charm as well. I rarely if ever clear my history (ya never know when you will need that strange link you found weeks ago). Once I have found that tree again, I bookmark it and save it to a folder I had created specifically for 'tree links'.

You are correct - there should be a way in ACOM to do the same thing but alas.. :)

Not perfect, but it works for me. I would 'think' it would work on IE as well. It's been a while since I have used IE.

Happy hunting!


Re: Revisit Tree Owner

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From the Ancestry home page choose Community - Member Directory. This brings up a tabbed box. If you know the Ancestry user name go to the Basic Information tab. If you know the surname choose the Research Interests tab. You can use wildcards in the user name if you aren't quite sure what it is.

From the search results list you can then go to the profile which should have links to any trees they have.

Re: Revisit Tree Owner

Posted: 1381397573000
Classification: Query
Thank you Chris Rickaby and BertaPep for your helpful suggestions, and in particular the recommendation to use the Member Directory - Basic Information tab.
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