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Milburn - Selheim, Home Hill and Ayr

Milburn - Selheim, Home Hill and Ayr

Posted: 1266314290000
Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
I decided to release this Data, possibly to help someone else, who may be seeing this Family, but also to "lift" the Profile of the particular Family Milburn, in Queensland. Naturally also to see if we ca get back to the oldest Ancestors else where.

The Milburn's are probably better know to the many, perhaps on the south side of the Burdekin River in Home Hill. The Milburn's were "ALWAYS", one of those very, Forever, Beloved Families. With not a bad one amongst the entire Family !

Selheim, for those who don't know was a small Township way back when, that was nestled on the Western Side of the Banks of the Burdekin River. You turned in to the right when traveling to Charters Towers. It was also an Australian Army Bivouac and Training Area.



1894/C6001 Milburn James William Margaret O'Connor

1892/C7360 Milburn William William Margaret O'Connors

1907/C7281 Milburn Theresa William Margaret Maria Theresa O'Connor

1891/C6645 Milburn Honora Mary William Margaret Connors

1904/C6854 Milburn Sydney William Margaret O'Connor

1902/C6730 Milburn Thomas Francis William Margaret O'Connors

1900/C7027 Milburn Timothy William Margaret O'Connor

1889/C6122 Milburn Edward William Margaret O'Connors

1888/C4789 Milburn Robert William Margaret Maria O'Connor

1899/C6151 Milburn Johannah William Margaret O'Connor

1895/C6966 Milburn John David William Margaret O'Connor

1897/C6533 Milburn Margaret William Margaret O'Connor

There are a collection of My Beloved Milburn Family Buried in Home Hill, and one or two on the other side of the Burdekin River in Ayr. I already have pics of their Headstones.

We will get to "where" the direct Couper Link is in a little while.

NOTE : It is already known and Documented that the Milburn Family began with it's Seat in >>>"Northumberland" County<<< England from early times !

Please see attachments to my Reply Posts, the very direct Couper Connection I'll try to put in my last reply, ancestry receiving server permitting.

This attachment to this topic post feature Our Own Known, William and Margaret Milburn in Sellheim North Queensland, Australia, in 1903. Our Margaret's Full Name was Margaret Maria Theresa Milburn NEE O'Connor. They are listed in the Australian Electoral Roll for Sellheim from 1903 right through to 1913.

There Beloved Son better known to the many Affectionately Called "Tim" [Timothy] is the Direct Connection to Our Couper Family in Australia. Our other known Close Connects are a small tangle up but known are Warren and Gibson, with Gibson connecting us together yet again. We'll leave all that for another day and other Topic Posts.

It would be nice think we could find every single connection and all prior Ancestors back to the Milburn beginnings. But even one, "New Ancestor", prior Unknown is a Total Blessing.

If you have any information on the Prior Ancestors of my North Queensland Milburn Family, Please Feel Free to Post a Reply, to this Topic Post. Many Thanks in Advance.

See My Replys for further Information and Attachments.

regard to you all,
pop john
ps. This Topic post, ended up some how in "Surnames", for God's sake. Foobar only knows how, or why, so "IF" you Posted "HERE" in the Qld Northern Region, and can't find your Topic Post try looking in "SURNAMES" !

Must be a bug somewhere in the Forum Posting System. Ancestry will sort it out. Error Occured Tue 16-02-2010 abt 7:55: PM AEST

Re: Milburn - Selheim, Home Hill and Ayr

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Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
Here is some more Milburn Info :

To "Corn Fuse" Everyone, inc Me, we have at least 2 William Milburn's both Buried Home Hill

William Milburn [Senior] Aged 79 Years Died on the 20th of July 1945. Late of Home Hill, Buried Home Hill.

William Milburn [Junior] Aged 89 years Died on the 28th of March 1982. Late of Home Hill, Buried Home Hill.

[There really is NO confusion at all, it's ALL in the mind !]

AND ...

A Margaret Marie Theresa Milburn Nee O'Conner Died in Home Hill on the 29th of June 1927. Buried Home Hill.

AND.. A Marie Theresa Percy Milburn Nee Couper Died on the 1st of February 1978 Late of Ayr. Buried Home Hill.

NOTE : Marie Theresa Percy Milburn Nee Couper was one of 12 Siblings of Percy Thomas and Laura Winifred Couper Nee NaughTEN [Wrongly Recorded as Naughton in Queensland !] Marie was Timothy [Tim] Milburn's Spouse.

Timothy [Tim] Milburn Aged 67 Died in Home Hill on the 4th of April 1968. Buried Home Hill. Timothy [Tim] Milburn was Marie Theresa Percy Milburn Nee Couper's Spouse

Ann Ruth Milburn Aged 43 Died in Ayr on the 4th of April 1961. Buried Ayr.

Ivy Sarah Milburn Aged 32 Died on the 25th of December 1936 Late of Home Hill. Buried Ayr.

James Milburn Aged 60 Died on the 14th of September 1954. Late of Ayr. Buried Ayr.

Thomas Francis Milburn Born Sellheim Aged 95 Late of Home Hill Buried Home Hill.

Elizabeth Maud Milburn Apparently Born Ravenswood Aged 97. Died on the 19th of January 2003. Late of Home Hill. Buried Home Hill

Lena Margaret Milburn Apparently Born Brisbane Aged 79. Died on the 26th of October 2004. Late of Ayr. Buried Home Hill.

Thomas William Milburn Born Home Hill Aged 74. Died on the 7th of August 2001. Late of Home Hill. Buried Home Hill.

NOTE : All of the above is 2nd Sourced and I Can Not Guarantee it's Accuracy !

Also a late find was a Clifford Milburn Born Childers Aged 64 Died on the 9th of February 1993. Late of Home Hill. Buried Home Hill

NOTE : I have nothing on Clifford Milburn being Connected to our Sellheim - Home Hill - Ayr Known Milburn Family yet !

Of some interest is the following Qld BDM BIRTH Index Listing :

1913/C11874 Milburn Walter Percy Cooper Emily Milburn

NOTE : No Male Parent is shown !
Unfortunately i haven't yet had time to explore the Entry further. There may be NO connect to our Milburn or Couper Families. Anything with Percy and Couper and it's Misspellings is always of some interest !

Timothy [Tim] and Marie Theresa Percy Milburn Nee Couper are Recorded in the Electoral Rolls of Home Hill from 1925 through to 1949, and in Ayr in 1954.

If you have any further Information on the Milburn Family or those above feel free to Post a Reply. Thanks in Advance.

The Attachment is of Tim and Marie in Home Hill in 1925 Electoral Roll

NEXT : The Marriage

pop john

Milburn - Couper - The Marriage

Posted: 1266315386000
Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
Attached is the Image of the Certified Queensland Marriage Certificate of Mr Timothy better known as Tim Milburn and Marie Theresa Percy Couper.

Marie was one of newly found 12 [TWELVE] Sibling of Percy Thomas and Laura Winifred Couper Nee NaughTEN [Wrongly recorded in Queensland as Naughton]

If you have further firm Information or you are Researching My Northern Milburn Families, Please do, post a Reply. Thanks in Advance. Have a good one.

pop john

Milburn Couper - Headstone Images

Posted: 1266315826000
Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
Here a Link for our Milburn Couper Headstone Pics, just click on the Camera and Right Click on the photo / image and choose to Save [the dot jpg] to your PC's HDD.


pop john

Re: Milburn - Selheim, Home Hill and Ayr

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Classification: Query
I hate to say it but this post might be moved to the Surname Board also...

These boards are more for lookups and people needing help..
The surname boards are where people connect and discuss family names and chat about stuff like in a forum.


Re: Milburn Ancestors Continuing Research !

Posted: 1266490682000
Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
Hi Folks,
Just to make things VERY CLEAR...

* The Original Topic Post "WAS NOT MOVED" !

* This Topic post "WILL NOT BE MOVED"... particularly to Surnames !

The First Milburn Topic Post was the Victim of an "instant" Code Bug, or old or new "instant" Hacked Forum Code Bug or Violation !

The Bug was attached to the "Post Button Code" and or Database Code for this part of The Ancestry Forum, when you Clicked on the Post Button, it was "INSTANT" an the Post immediately appeared in the "Surnames" part of the Forum !

That is why, I reposted in this the CORRECT PART OF THE FORUM for this Type of Post and Research !


There does need to be further Research on the Milburn Ancestors in Queensland done. This "IS" the correct part of the Forum for that !

Unfortunately some Members don't seem to know the proper Usage of these "Area" parts of our State of Queensland as Opposed to using the Surnames part of Our Forum. Which has a "Limited" Usage, and you Mileage may vary greatly. I rarely use the Surnames Section at all, having been a Free Member for Years and a Subscription Member for over 12 Months !

So pull out those Dusty Old Family Bibles, Diary's, old Photos with Names and Dates on the back and lets do a real number on the Older Milburn Ancestors, right back to the first here !

Please feel free to add any further Information you have involving Our Milburn Family Ancestors !

Thanks in Advance, for any earlier Qld Milburn Family History. Just understand this Milburn Research "will" continue !

Kind Regards
pop john.

Re: Milburn Ancestors Continuing Research !

Posted: 1283829771000
Classification: Query
Walter Pery Cooper MIlburn
is the son of Emily Milburn and Walter Cooper of Rockhampton who was the daughter of John James Milburn and Ellen Howard. John James was born on the Isle of Man

Re: Milburn Ancestors Continuing Research !

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OMG,,,,,,you have issues...

Yup it is safe here until someone reports it...
or until a million people want to post the same on all message boards (that'll fook ancestry)

All we need is over a few hundred million poeple all posting life stories on Ancestry lookup boards....

You are just lucky noone come in here much...because if they did have an issue.

These boards are for lookups.....not family history time.


Re: Milburn Ancestors Continuing Research !

Posted: 1284482950000
Classification: Query
Surnames: milburn
Hi Mac,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to Your Good Self, I've been in Recovery Mode from Long Term Illness. They say Age does not Weary Them, I chucked in the Towel Years Ago. After almost loosing My Life in the Saving of another Adult Persons Life. I was forced into a Rest of Life Retirement and Constant Pain 24/7/365 such is Life [chuckles on this end].

Now down to Business...

You mention in your Reply to My Topic Post a Gentleman by the name of Walter Pery Cooper MIlburn Who is the Son of Emily Milburn and Walter Cooper of Rockhampton.

You have some Data or Docs that Link the Walter Pery Cooper Milburn to the Milburn Family Ancestors, My Original Topic Post referred to, Mac ?


Walter Cooper {Milburn} and Emily Milburn of Rockhampton ?


John James Milburn was born on the Isle of Man ?

Sorry, but i don't seem to have any Prior Researched Data or Tie Ins, that is that I can easily find to any of the above Persons, well, at this very point in time. That's not to say the Milburns You have mentioined are not Connected, Mac.

Can You supply any Direct Link between the Milburns You mention and any of the Milburns I mentioned in My Original Topic Post ?

Perhaps, there is more than "One" Blood Milburn Tree, Mac. Failing an Aussie Connection, I guess they "could", be connected over on the UK !! ???

Right or wrong, good or bad, I have a vast Queensland Based Tree, We've never ever disclosed Publicly anywhere. But I've only had the time to get to the most visable of them all, save for a few of the Families.

Ooops nearly dun forgot, would You be so kind to "Clarify" this :

[quote] Walter Pery Cooper MIlburn
is the son of Emily Milburn and Walter Cooper of Rockhampton[/end quote]

Did you do my little trick when constantly overloaded with new data from paid searches by State and Territory Historical Societys and miss out the "Milburn" Family Name.

So what You meant to write in Your kindly reply post was, Walter Pery Cooper Milburn is the son of Emily Milburn and Walter Cooper "MILBURN" of Rockhampton". Otherwise We have a Cooper sharing in the Birth of a Milburn, if you see my point !

Probably just a Typo Error Mac, We all have them, just imagine with this Aussie lot in decades to come... Wholesale Illiteracy !

Don't worry Cobber I leave "Perfectionism", to Perfectionists Who most of Us know, only "think", they are !

We are ALL "allowed" to make Bloopers in here. Thank You for Your Reply, it will be interesting indeed "IF", You have found a "New Connection"..... WOW !

Oh don't worry as soon as I get through this ruddy pile of new A4 Envelopes from various State Based Historical Societys I'll jump into doing some study into Your mentioned Milburn Family Names Myself. I had better warn you though, it could take several Months at this time, to clear the Incoming Data Back Log, NON Milburn, We already have !

So the Moral of this Milburn story is, don't be put out, offended, or feel neglected, because I don't get back to in short order. Miracles take a a little longer, or come out of "The Snake Pit" (Studio A) in Detroit USA !

I am a Long Term "Subscription Member" of Ancestry and other NON Ancestry NON LDS Genealogy Subscription Services, by the way. These New Subs Non ancestry dot com, are collectively costing Me a Fortune in hard won $$$$. Again such is Life. Even while I was Ill, so I thought I would get the odd bit of Help from Ancestry Members and made a few Posts up. But it seems, that some seem to have this crazy idea that our General Forums are only for Look Ups, that will come as News to the Majority of Free and Subscription Members.

Wait till I spread the Word, including to Ancestry Management, and certain Stolid Church Groups, Aussie Wide, and My Cerditable List of International Connections !

As a Long Standing Member of I AM NOT AMUSED !

Many thanks for Your Reply, and Kindly Effort. Gotta go, I'm a Researcher on Go Go Gadget EXTRA Rocket Skates, now. Oh God I hate getting behind with Research, You just never catch up !

Please Understand this I was NOT Ignoring You, I don't Ignore Reply posters in ANY Forum. Sadly something else I discoved some time back was that the ancestry dot come email alert system had fits of falling over, it was just "by accident" I revised an older Topic Post of Mine and saw a ruddy Reply. I wasn't advised by alert email about, sort of shocked Me a bit.

I try to Reply "speedly" to Replys, as most of Us well heeled, and Seasoned Members of ANY Forums, We are Members of do. Occasionaly I have had a MS Windows OS based PC go Down under this roof, which delayed a Reply, but.... that's Life with Mr. Microsoft Pty. Ltd. INC. ! Lucky I was a Computer Related Pro for Decades [rolls eyes !] !

Swoooooosh, I'm gone for a little while, well it's almost ruddy Midnight.

Cheers for now

Ooops it's well now after Midnight !
I'll be baaaaaaaaaaack !

Re: Milburn Ancestors Continuing Research !

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Classification: Query
No John, what I meant is that Walter Percy is the son of Emily MIlburn who was not married to Cooper. Emily Milburn is part of the families of John James Milburn born Isle of Man 1840 dying Rockhampton 1905. Appears on Qld BDM as Melbourne, Milburn and Milbourne. He "married" three times and had families to all three ladies. They lived in the Ravenswood and Rockhampton districts. Christina Milburn marrying a Peter Calligeros and living on a cane farm in Home Hill. JOhn James had 2 brothers who as far as I know did not come to Australa. One settling in Whitehaven cumberland.
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