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family in Slovenia & Croatia

family in Slovenia & Croatia

Mary (View posts)
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Surnames: Demsar, Lazar, Mihelcic, Mihelsic, Malnar, Molnar
DEMSAR & LAZAR families from Skofja Loka, Brezje, Idrija, Vrsnik areas of Slovenija. MIHELCIC, MIHELSIC, MALNAR, MOLNAR families from Lokve & Mrzla Vodika, Croatia areas (just east of Rijeka, Croatia, across the SW Slovenian border w/Croatia). Would enjoy hearing from anyone w/same name(s) or anyone w/tips on researching in Slovenia or Croatia (or helpfulresearching in the U.S.). All of my family emigrated to the U.S. around the turn of the last century. I'm in contact w/LAZAR family in Skofja Loka (wonderful people and country!). THANKS. Mary
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Surnames: Luzer, Luzar, Stika, Kuchar, Kuhar, Beranek, Svec
What area in the US are you researching you Lazar. In my search for the Luzer/Luzar name, I have seen and have some info with the Lazar name in the Chgo IL area.
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Surnames: LAZAR
I was wondering if any of your LAZAR relations could have immigrated to Canada. If so I'm presently working on my family history on the LAZAR side. Grandfather Alexander and Great Grandfather George who immigrated in 1903 to Saskatchewan from Austria. If that is of any interest please feel free to contact me.
God Bless

Lazar surname in Slovenia

Mary Jakimier (View posts)
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Surnames: Lazar, Demsar, Tusare, Mihelcic, Mihelsic
My family with the surname LAZAR is from northwest and southwest of Ljubljana (mostly west, in both cases): the Idrija and Vrsnik (sp?) areas. I don't know how common this surname is (if anyone out there knows, I'd be happy for the input!). The folks I know of immigrated to the Springfield, Illinois, and Michigan areas, although I know some also lived in Wyoming and Minnesota at different times. I'd be happy to talk with anyone "out there" about my family.

Lazar search

Christine Mary Magdalen Lazar (View posts)
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Surnames: Lazar
we are a group of 7 lazar children. born in wisconsin and michigan. father is george lazar (nmi) and leora marian (scullion) lazar. george, born in sharon, pennsylvania, 1918 to george (nmi) and theresa (lazar) lazar. theresa lazar was no relation to george lazar, different lineage. george only had one older brother, Louis Lazar, married to Mary Ardelean, who had no children and a half sister, name unknown, possible birth in 1921-22, (and is possibly a nun in california). we are looking for information about theresa lazar and her family. we are also looking for information about this half-sister. george lazar, who married theresa, came from Hungary in late 1800's. feel free to forward this information. please contact me at email.

Lazar family in IL (from Idrija, Skofja Loka, Vrsnik areas of Slovenia)

Mary Jakimier (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Lazar, Demsar, Demshar, Demser, Demsher, Tushare, Tusare, Mihelsic, Mihelic, Mihelsic
I have been looking in Illinois and Michigan, generally. I'm originally from Springfield, IL, and much of my family in the USA still lives there (or nearby areas), and near the Harietta, Michigan area. I do not know of specific LAZAR family in Chicago but, as mentioned below (last paragraphs), I don't know a lot about my Lazar side yet. I would not be surprised to find some in Chicago, given the proximity of the City to MI and IL.

Anyway, here is what my family looks like (LAZAR family largely described near bottom hereof):

1. My maternal Grandmother (Mary Lazar Mihelsic, b. 1/31/1918) married Leo Mihelsic (changed from Mihelcic, b. 7/24/1911).

2. Siblings to Leo Mihelsic were Mary, Stevana and George.

3. Parents of Leo Mihelsic were Mary Malnar and Steven Mihelcic.

4. Mary Malnar was from either Mrzla Vodica or Crni Lug, Croatia (both are very small towns near Lokve which is just a bit east of present-day Rijeka). Her
parents were Simon (or maybe Samuel) and Ursula Rauker. Her siblings: Pauline (Pepa), Margaret (Meta), Ludvic (Luke), Frances (Frana), and John Daniel (he is
the only sibling we KNOW of who came to the USA, too; both he and his sister Mary Malnar settled in the Springfield, IL area (central IL)).

5. Steven Mihelcic was from Lokve, Croatia. He had 1 sister (name unknown) and a brother, William (who also came to the USA).

6. I know that my maternal Grandfather, Leo Mihelsic's brother George's middle name was Matthew (George Matthew Mihelsic), but I don't know where the
Matthew comes from. It is VERY possible it was George's father's (Steven) brother's name (the only brother I know of for sure is William because I know he came
to the US and I know his descendants in Springfield, IL). I would think it strage that Steven and William were the only brothers and had only 1 sister (whose name I
don't know); families were usually much larger than this then.

7. I visited my maternal Grandmother's family in Skofja Loka, Slovenia, in 1995 (Lazar, descendants on her father's side -- her father was John Lazar, married to Mary Demsar Lazar).

8. John Lazar (b. 2/28/1886) was the son of Mary Turcek and Matiose/Matevi Lazar, and was from the Idrija/Vrsnik area which is south and west of Skofja Loka. John had at least 1 brother and 1 sister that I KNOW of: Frank (b. 7/132/1888) and a sister who I know nothing about (other than that she existed and probably never came to the USA). A male uncle (their father's brother) or cousin likely accompanied them; the male relative settled in MI and William and John settled in the Springfield, IL area, where their descendants still live. I'm still in touch with the Lazars in MI today.

9. Mary Demsar Lazar was the daughter of Agnes Tusare and John Demsar, and was from the Skofja Loka area. I know Mary had at least 1 siser named Frances, and I know there were other sisters and brothers but I don't know their names. Mary was the youngest of about 7-9 children and her parents died when she was young. She went to live with her eldest brother in Skofja Loka and, I believe, met her
husband, John Demsar, there.

My husband and I have been planning a return trip for this year but are now 5 1/2 months pregnant with our first child so don't think we'll go this year. I am not in
direct contact with my Mihlesic family in Lokve, Crni Lug and Mrzla Vodica but know they exist (and was planning to visit them during the same trip this year) and
am in the process of translating a lot of my info. into Croatian and sending it to suspected family in all 3 villages. We'll see what response(s) I receive.

If you've done research in Slovenia, I'd love to hear about it. I'll keep you in mind as my research continues. You're welcome to email me directly at: JAKIMIER@FWBC.COM Happy hunting and thanks again for writing. Would be happy to hear more from you.


Anton Demsars in my family

Mary Jakimier (View posts)
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Surnames: Demsar, Demshar, Demser, Demsher, Tusare, Tushare
No Anton Demsars that I know of although that's not saying much since I know little about my Demsar relatives. They were from the Vrsnik, Idrija, Brezje and Skofja Loka areas (mainly the 1st 3 areas) in Slovenia. My maternal grandmother is Mary Lazar Mihelsic. Her mother was Mary Demsar Lazar (b. Nov. 3, 1890, d. April 8, 1962). HER mother was Agnes Tusare Demsar, married to John Demsar. They lived in Brezje or thereabouts and Agnes was a female barber. They had 7-9 children of whom my Mary Demsar Lazar was one of the last; when her parents died (she was young) she went to live with an elder brother (in the Skofja Loka area, I believe). I know the name of only 1 of her sisters: Frances (her favorite sister, of whom I have a wedding photo and a photo of Frances with 1 of Frances' daughters). I have several other Demsar-related photos but we don't know who the people are. Mary Demsar Lazar came to the USA about 1913 or so.

I don't know John Demsar's father's name or the names of any of his brothers, male cousins or sons. Soooooo, there easily could be an Anton and I just don't know it. Sorry I can't be of much other help than that for now. Sure WISH I could!

Please tell me more about your family, if you'd like. Always happy to hear of more Demsars; you never know when, down the line, something may click for one of us (to show relationship or to help the other person)!

Thanks for writing! You're welcome to email me directly at: JAKIMIER@FWBC.COM.


Demsar surname

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Surnames: Artac, Lusina, Merlak, Gosar, Remsgar, Pivek
Do you have any Anton Demsars in your tree? They would be from the area around Vrhnika and Sinji Gorici.

Re: Demsar surname

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I have 2 Anton Demshars in my family tree, a father and son! The father was born in June of 1861 and is the son of Lucas Demshar and Mary Kilyan or Calish. As far as I can figure he was married three times. Once to Barbara Lesner, then Inez Copple and finally Jessie May Fridell. His son is named Anton Lesner Demshar and is from the first marriage. He was born 30 October 1880 in Selca, Yugoslavia.

Does this match anything you have?

Re: Demsar surname

Mary (View posts)
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Surnames: Artac,Lusina,Merlak,Sajovic,Polansek,Nagode,Gosar,Remsgar,Pivek,Cuden,Dolenc,Rupnik,
I don't have much on the Demsar name. This family would be from Sinja Gorica a little southeast of Vrhnika. My Grandma Artac nee Lusina's sister Marija married Franc Sajovic. Frank and Mici had a daughter named Julija b. October 4, 1876 and she married Anton Demsar Sr. They had children named Anton Jr.; Nada m. Savli and had a child named Bernadette Savli; Milena m. Franc Lorencic and had triplets named Carmen, Theodora, Romanca and a son named Tony. I have written to Carmen two times but have gotten no response from them. I have some pictures of the Anton Demsar family on my web page at on the Artac/Lusina/Merlak page. My other page is These photos were taken by my dad at the end of World War II.
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