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Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

E Johnson (View posts)
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Surnames: CURTIS, PRICE, BELVILLE, WOOD, plus others in Delaware
Here is a record of a marriage bond from Shrewsbury, Monmouth County NJ. I have several questions about this family.

#115; Lewis ELLISON of Shrewsbury in the County of Monmouth, and Robert MORRIS of the same town and county... [bound to]... William Franklin, Governor... 500 pounds... 27 Jan 1766. ... Lewis ELLISON... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Elizabeth PRICE of Shrewsbury... [w] blank **

Does someone connect to either of these here?
Who were Lewis ELLISON's parents?
Does someone know where they were married and where the children were baptized?
Also see below for marriage bond of a possible brother or cousin,
Thomas Ellison.

We have one Lewis ELLSION who died in Feb. 1789, whose wife was "Lydia." Is this the same man? Was he widowed and remarried? Or is "Lydia" an alternate name for 'Elizabeth' above?

Does someone have a burial for "Elizabeth ELLISON", nee PRICE --who had died between 1766 and 1789?

Probable son of Lewis ELLISON and "Lydia" is Lewis ELLISON (2) --per family bible records --born 10 Sept 1789, in Burlington County.

Recently received info suggests that his father, Lewis ELLISON (1, above) had died in 1789, intestate, in Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.
Inventory of property (£199.9.1) had been made by Garret Longstreet and Abraham Osborn. Letters of Admin were not granted until 1793; Lydia was still a widow then (had same surname).

But if Lewis (2) is son of Lewis (1), then he was born 23 years after the marriage shown above. This does suggest that there might have been a second marriage for Lewis Ellison (1), which took place sometime before very early in 1789. Family info suggests that the wife's surname had been CURTIS. Does anyone connect with that surname?
Where can that marriage record be?

The amount of property left here (£199.9.1) suggests that Lewis Ellison would have made a will, so he might have died nexpectedly.
And if he is the father of my Lewis ELLISON said to be born in Burlington County, he left an expectant wife who soon moved.

Assuming that to be true --Does someone have an ELLISON (or ALLISON) family who had moved in the period between 1766 and 1789 from Shrewsbury to somewhere in Burlington County?

Did Lydia ___ Ellison, widow of Lewis, remarry someone who lived in Burlington County?
Does someone have an expectant Lydia who moved in with relatives in Fall 1789?

If someone connects or can comment on any of these questions, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. I have more info down the line, including a connection to St George's and Pencader Hundreds, New Castle County, Delaware.

My ancestor of Lewis ELLISON the son, is Curttis Bennet ELLISON, (1809 - 1886) who married Mary Frances BELVILLE, d/o Dr Thomas BELVILLE and Sarah WOOD, of New Castle County, Delaware. C.B. ELLISON & Frances had 12 children; I have surnames of spouses for 8 of these & more info about some.

Thanks very much,
Liz J

#102; Thomas ELLISON and Thomas THOMSON (TOMSON), both of the County of Monmouth... [bound to]... William FRANKLIN, Governor... 500 pounds... 15 May 1764. ... Thomas ELLISON... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Margrat MITCHELL of Shrewsbury... [w] Tho: LEONARD, Mary LEONARD **

**both from "New Jersey Marriages" transcribed from film copies of
original marriage bonds in possession of NJ Dept. of Education,
Division of State Library Archives & History:
With thanks to the transcriber.

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Sally Jensen (View posts)
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My Grandmother Anne May Amelias Brother was Thomas Romeo Ellison 1897 I have a Thomas O Ellison 1918, Thomas
Ellison 1631 has a son Thomas Ellison 1670
I have been looking for Benjamin Franklin Ellison my ggrandfather who was married to Nancy Ellen Stone, daughter of Felix E Ellison who married Nancy Jane Thomas.
any Help at all or any for myself
Thank you Sally

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

E Johnson (View posts)
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Thank you Sally.

Where did your Felix ELLISON and your Benjamin Franklin ELLISON live? And what dates?


Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Sally Jensen (View posts)
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Benjamin Franklin Ellison My Great Grandfather
1864 Mt Cove Wv
married Nancy Ellen Stone
My grandmother Amelia May Ellisons parents
His father
Felix Ellison 1830 Virginia
married Nancy Jane Thomas her father is Jesse trying to find them
his father
H Felix Ellison 1807 Virginia Died 1860 ?
Married Mary Ann Carnifix Bn 1814 Virginia

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

E Johnson (View posts)
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Thank you, Sally.

I am not aware of any of my line of ELLISONS going to VA or WVA. But that doesn't mean some didn't; I don't have the names of all of his children.
There had been nine or ten children living in his h/h as of the 1830 census.

Lewis Ellison's grandfather was Thomas ELLISON, of Monmouth Co. NJ. He had married Elizabeth TOMSON (1707-1766).
Their children were:
Lewis ELLISON (1742-1789) married Elizabeth PRICE.
Elizabeth, b. 1735, married Robert MORRIS

Thomas' son Lewis had a son also called Lewis, (my Lewis II), who had moved from Burlington Co. NJ around 1810, to Pencader Hundred, DE. I still need the names of his children, so for now, this is the best I can do.

I wish this was more help for you. But I'll remember, and will write again if I find yours. And if you ever see a connection to DE/MD or back to NJ, please write back.

Thanks again,

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

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Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Sally (View posts)
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is there any way I can get a copy of the Bible and will
Let me know how much it would cost me.
They are my Grandma Amelia Ellisons family

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Liz (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I would love to hear about Grandma Amelia Ellison's family. Lewis ELLISON jr., youngest chiild of Lewis ELLISON, is my ancestor.

I don't know if this is the same bible, but there is one bible called the "Pearce-Price Bible" which has parents, children and dates for one family of ELLISONs who had lived in Monmouth County, NJ. The article about this bible was called "Pearce-Price Bible Records" Contributed by Edward J. Raser. The article was published in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3/4, July/October 1953; Pub. Genealogical Society of New Jersey, pp. 54, 55.

Records in the article are "were copied by Mr. Raser late in 1952 from an ancient Bible owned by Miss Helen Osborn, 308 East Main Street, Manasquan, N. J. The Bible formerly belonged to her sister, M. Iris Osborn (Mrs. Harold P. Collins), who had made a number of entries in it."

The ELLISON part of this bible has records of the Lewis ELLISON family and about the family of Elizabeth PRICE, his first wife. He was born 16 July 1742 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ; died there about 1789. He seems to have been married twice --his first wife was Elizabeth PRICE; second was Lydia CURTIS. The Asher-Perace bible has dates for Elizabeth PRICE:
born12 November 1744; died 23 July 1774. I would like to know where she is buried.

Lewis ELLISON family from the Asher-Pearce Bible [Children of Lewis ELLISON born 1773 and before are Elizabeth's; born after 1774 are Lydia's.]:

Lewis Ellison was Born July ye 16cd 1742. [Marginal note by Mrs. Collins: married 1766, Jan. 27]

James Ellison was Born September ye 27cd 1766.
Elizabeth Ellison was Born November ye 5cd 1769
Mary Elleson was Born December ye 20 1771
Rebeckah Ellison was Born October ye 13 1773
David Ellison was Born March ye 1cd 1776 [March 4? "4" written on top of "1".]
Ann Ellison was Born January ye 18cd 1778
Lydia Ellison was Born April ye 20cd 1779
Sarah Ellison was Born October ye 24cd 1780
Deborah Ellison was Born April ye 4cd 1782
Rachel Ellison was Born December ye 15cd 1783
Catherine Ellison was Born August ye 29cd 1785
Lewis Ellison was Born September ye 10cd 1787.

Mary ELLISON, above, married Asher Pearce (b. 1768); info about his family is also in the bible. Also info about Elizabeth PRICE's family is in it.

The article about the Asher-Pearce records was transcribed by David Tourison in 2005; other records of ELLISON in NJ from various sources were also complied by David and are on my hard drive here. I have a lot to go through yet but finally have gotten this far.

I hope this is helpful.

Liz J

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Liz J (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Sally, do you know who was Felix ELLISON's father?

I just posted some info about the Monmouth County NJ family of Lewis ELLISON. What was left out of that info is that his youngest son, Lewis ELLISON jr., born 1787 in Monmouth County NJ (Parents Lewis ELLISON and second wf Lydia CURTIS) moved, probably sometime around 1812, to either Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware, or somewhere in Cecil County, Maryland, very close to the DE-MD border.

Lewis ELLISON jr was married to Mary LARKIN, probably daughter of Jonathan LARKIN and Mary ____ of Burlington County NJ.

In Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series; Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, Volume XLI; Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc., Volume XII, 1810-1813; Edited and Indexed by Elmer T. Hutchinson; Bayonne, NJ, 1949., p. 361, Lewis Ellison, Michael Earle and Samuel Stockton are listed as witnesses to the will of Stacy Stockton, of Springfield Twsp., Burlington Co.; will date 27 May 1811, proved 15 Sep 1811. -- File 12544 C.
--The above places Lewis ELLISON in NJ as late as 1811. But according to the 1850 census, their daughter Sarah was also born in NJ, so the family must have moved after 1820.

Lewis ELLISON Jr.'s family was raised in Pencader Hundred, Delaware. As far as I can tell now from census records, this is an outline of his family:

1. Possible older son? ca 1807
2. Curtis Bennet 1809-1886 [b. NJ; Married Margaret BELVILLE of Odessa, Delaware]
3. another son ca 1811
4. Jonathan ca 1813
5. daughter ca 1815
6. son ca 1817
7. son 1818
8. Sarah 1820

Since census records before 1850 did not have names of the wf or children, I can't tell if every individual listed on the census record was a child of the family or another person.

The possible older son born ca1807 would about have to be the oldest because Lewis ELLISON was 20 in 1807.

Clearly I could use some help filling in the blanks here. But I can provide more on Curtis Bennet ELLISON's descendents.

Here are some census records:

Lewis Ellison appears as Lewis ALLISON in 1830 census for Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co., Delaware. Series M19, Roll 12, Page 142:
Males: One, 5<10; two, 10<15; two 15<20; two 20<25; one 40<50.
Females: One, 10<15; one 15<20; one 40<50.

1850 census for Pencader Hundred, DE. Series M432 Roll: 54, Page: 317.
Lewis Ellison is 63; wife Mary is 64. Both born New Jersey, as is daughter Sarah, single, age 30, living with them.

I think this the article concerns their son Jonathan --and it shows how close on the border between Delaware and Maryland these people lived:
From "The Cecil Whig" (Elkton, Cecil Co., MD) -- Saturday, September 9, 1882: "Jonathan Ellison, Esq., a prominent citizen of our neighbor State, Delaware, died at his home just across the State line, on Friday last, after a long and painful illness of internal cancer. His remains were interred at Bethel Cemetery on Sunday last, in the presence of a large company of friends and relations. The deceased was in the 69th year of his age."
[Jonathan's b/d would be 1813; he would have been named after Jonathan LARKIN, his mother's father.]

Does any of this help? Or maybe this is helpful to Jim? Please let me know what else I can do. If your ELLISONs connect back to NJ, I have more in notes. Also, I lost contact with another ELLISON researcher after a h/d crash a while back; hope he finds this.

Best wishes to all,
Liz J

Re: Lewis ELLISON, Monmouth Co and Birlington Co, NJ

Sally Jensen (View posts)
Posted: 1152982897000
Classification: Query
Hi Liz
you are so far ahead of me
My grandmother is Anne Amelia May Ellison, she was born 7 Jan 1902. her dad was Benjamin Franklin Ellison, born 1964
his dad was Felix E. or A. Ellison and was married to Nancy Jane
Children Mary Emmaline J Ellison/Jacob Webb
James W Ellilson 1852-1874
Morris Bailey Ellison,/Sarah Ann Wood I have lots on him
John William Ellison/Amice Jane Wood Divorced
Clarisa Anna 1858
Rebecca J 1859
Susan Ellison 1861
Wooton J or Woodson Ellison 1862
Benjamin Franklin Elllison 1864 my G grandfather
George H 1865
Joseph F 1870
Charles M Ellison/ Mary Lewis 1873
Pinky Ellison 1875
Lonnie E Ellison she was born 1880

His father was H Felix Ellison 1807 (a minister)/ Mary Ann Carnafix
married 15 Dec 1850
Felix A Ellison
John Ellison
William G L Ellison
Mary E Ellison
Samantha A Ellison
Adrian D Ellison
His father was James Ellison III 1757/ Mary Ellander Callaway
I live in Salt Lake City and close to the Family History Center
I can look up anything in the genelogy center if you want
Sally Jensen
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